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Delang English Source Notes
zagitt noun archer Latin
Zagizentex name Sagittaurius Latin
zalmo noun salmon Latin
zankt noun holy Latin
zankti verb holy Latin
Zaxi name Zaire
zazzi verb sit English
zifaq noun computer, number cruncher, supercomputer
zifaqi verb compute Arabic
zifex noun number Arabic
zifexi verb count Arabic
zile noun sky, cieling French
zindex noun ashes French
ziqli verb turn Greek
zitex noun lemon Latin
zitexin noun clementine Latin
ziti verb read Russian
ziwau noun belly
zizex noun scissor Latin
zizexi verb cut Latin
zizexin noun cut Latin
zizko conj too (not as in also) Russian
zjanti verb sing French
zjaunapp noun orange
zjaunappin noun mandarin
Zjaunjo name China Mandarin
zmerti verb laugh Norwegian parody
zozi verb sew
zup under
zuvxi verb suffer Latin
zuvxin enough Latin
zuvxiqi verb endure Latin
zwanz noun tail German
zyntakz noun syntax Latin

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