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Delis English
hase dog
guhal cat
kata cow
nap bird
hasøli rabbit
adrø pig
kavadro horse
mødim rat
pigal deer
qule fish
kiste ant
hilø spider
qate cricket
surakale bee


Delis English
nalme fruit
økilem root
surak seed, nut
peti leaf, green vegetable
put meat
düx egg

Common wordsEdit

Delis English
engo and
ha no (int.), not, no (det., with acc.), without (with caus.)
kon then, later, afterwards, next
høde also, too
patu now
esè -self, same (emphasizer)
bete much, very
hüte first (adv.)

Other wordsEdit

Delis English
detèle house
χaren plant
huqo tree
okädre sun
numa moon
sov cloud
misar star
salot to sleep
qerom to walk
køt to be happy
oxid to be sad

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