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Humili!: Be quiet!; Shut Up!

Haχ tore rapè hume: I won't talk to you anymore. (I've stopped speaking with you)

Sin ie humili!: Don't talk about this!

Ik humili!: Don't say that!


Qos fèbel polete: I know where you are.

Süldenek polete: I can (I'm able to) swim.


Süldenek rebøgade: I can (I'm allowed to) swim.

Süldene fèba rebøgadente: It is allowed to swim; It is possible to swim.

Lädori: The direct object is what is talked about, the indirect object (with ha'χ) is to whom.

Tok 'ha'χ ie su lädorie: I will speak with him about you.

Ik 'ha'χ tore su lädorie: I will speak with you about him.

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