The Delta-Mevevta is a family of indigenous languages. The name of the groups was based on their proto word for the word "human", deriving from del in Delisean and mevev in Meula and Kabean. The proto language is Proto Delta-Mavevta, PDM.

Some of the differences between the languages:

Delta-Mevevta Translation Originally Kab change Kab Kab Meula change Meula Delis change Delis
Nomin. English In PDM Sg Pl
ʔakad light starting 'a ʔa → ʔə → ʔɨ before losing ʔ yked yket lost ʔ in modern Meula akad- ʔa → ɔ okat
ʔibhak unk. animal starting 'i ʔi → ʔe̞ ebak ebakt lost ʔ in modern Meula iwak-
ʔoda prayer starting 'o ʔo → o̞ od ot lost ʔ in modern Meula oda ʔo → u ude
ezede to eat intervocalic /z/ kept ezd (verb) - /j/ ejet
shave cloud intervocalic /v/ kept saav saavt /β̞/ sawe kept sov
sighuh narrow intervocalic /ɣ/ kept sɣu sɣuxt /ɰ/ siģus /h/ sihux
alsuh place, local round vowel + h ending /h/ lost for sg. (also vowel if /u/), plural /Vɣut/ → /Vxt/ os osuxt -uh → -s als*** h → x as coda, kept as pl., but lost sometimes* ósux
pukah tooth a + h ending /h/ lost for sg., plural ht → xt pka pkaxt lengths vowel. /h/ lost puká


koʔaden man -n ending /n/ lost as sg.. plural -t is lost. koode kooden /n/ is lost koade kept køden
χalen seed intervocalic /l/ kept hale halen kept rale /ɾ/ χaren
noloa hand intervocalic /l + back vowel/ back vowel lost. nol nola back vowel lost. nola back vowel lost. nole

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