English Teu'ole Notes
to be (at a place) puu
person cixu
child wuo
chief kode xukode: the nobility
(salt) water ci

refers to water as a location or en masse

cici: out in the ocean, the great blue

fresh water fuve
saltwater cive
lagoon kołu kołuve: brackish water
bay nere
sky tezi
clouds ciko'a
fog puyie
island lovogo
spring, fountain wu
watering well omu
dog ji'i
pig fule
frog gomu
bird łiji
chiken sufu
seagull zeyi
penguin muneko
songbird, passerine goui
duck evui
ratite bird oneru
eagle ogogo
albatross emu
fish e'e
whale odeo
dolphin izefu
seal (animal) wuute
octopus u'udou
shark degoe
stingray cizio
urchin onezi
jellyfish ne'ekogo
sea snake zeogo
insect cifui
mosquito teso
fly 'unene
lizard he'edo
snake puniri
reef heo'u
a coral, coral plant komui komuive: coral
sea izepu
wind o'o vo'o: to blow
fire yisu
to see/watch yipuhe
to speak diu
to hear/listen gole
to sing goyi
to splash dipue
to flow vivi

vivi'i: stream

vivivivi: to downpour (a big rainstorm), to fall (of a waterfall)

to shine, glow, set alight komu komukomu: to glitter
thread vu'e vu'eve: cloth vovu'e to spin into thread
wave imu imuve: the surf
family ohene

e'oteohene: family crest

ohenekode: noble family

to swim iei
to dive mulo
red mune
because e'uci
to fly puufu
to jump, leap koko
to glide ñipuu
to eat teo
to sleep te'ii pote'ii: bedroom
berry wuwunee
tree hlutepu
forest nowu
grass recii
clearing puneze
pool (stream) kohluvivi
coconut rui
palm tree zeso
palm frond uezi uezihe: fan, palmate object
sun muone

muoneheve: gold

muonecio: hat (with brim)

moon kooyi kooyiheve: silver
to like, prefer 'uñi
to love teu
to walk kotevo
to run gone
to crawl tetere
to trip ro'o
to travel yinee
to follow voego oego: path, way
to write vooñi
to sit, be still go'uo goko'uou: auditorium,seating place
to stand, be upright do'o
to play fopulo fulo:game
to travel zee sotee: a trip
to party, celebrate pui kopui- party
music zefahli lezefahli: musician
village e'iyi xu'iyi: commoner, peasant, the peasantry
city hehe'u xuhehe'u: urbanite
mother ene
grandmother ñiñi
father/uncle/grandfather kopuñi
sunflower fuyi
sunflower seed u'ole xuu'ole: the teu'ole people
sunflower flour wue'e hovue'e: make sunflower flour
to grind, pulverize zeiru zeiruve: flour, powder
oil 'emu

fu'emu: sunflower oil

'ovemu: press oil

meat, flesh tekou

tekouhe: pulp, contents, substance

kovekou: prepare meat

star ñi
Polaris ñigo'uo
planet ñiiei
Mercury ñimuone
Venus ñikode
Mars ñiigo
Jupiter ñirukode
Saturn ñitevugoi
Milky Way ñivivi'i
nominalizer -'i suffix
collective/mass nouns -ve suffix
singularizer/isolative -so suffix
inhabitant of, person of ethnicity xu- prefix
diminutive -kone suffix
agent/maker tee
mirative ne- prefix
Changes a noun into the verb which produces it -ov- infix
-like, similar -he suffix
the lo default article, prefix clitic
predicate/comment marker i prefix clitic
inverse/object-focus marker -os- infix clitic
predicate/comment marker in dependent clauses go prefix clitic
locative/instrumental-focus marker -uk- infix clitic
out of (ablative) te preposition

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