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Head direction
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders 3
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words of 1500
Creator [[User:|]]

Classification and DialectsEdit


Writing System Edit


A a

B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i J j K k
Sound /ɑː/ /beː/ /seː/ /deː/ /eː/ /ˈɛf/ /ˈdʒiː/ /ˈeɪtʃ/ /ji/ /ˈdʒeɪ/ /ˈkeɪ/
Letter L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r S s T t U u V v
Sound /ˈɛl/ /ˈɛm/ /ˈɛn/ /ˈoʊ/ /ˈpiː/ /ˈkjuː/ /ˈɑr/ /ˈɛs/ /ˈtiː/ /ˈjuː/ /'vaɪ/
Letter W w X x Y y Z z
Sound /wɑ/ /ˈɛks/ /jed/ /ˈziː/

Consonants and combinations of consonant lettersEdit

Spelling Value (IPA)
b, bb non-finally /b/
finally Ø
bh /b/
ç /s/
c before e, i, y /s/
initially/medially elsewhere /k/
finally Ø
ch /k/
d, dd non-finally /d/
finally /t/
dg /dʒ/
f, ff /f/
g, gg /g/
gn /ɲ/
h /h/
j /tʃ/
l, ll before an accuted é or diaeresised ë /ɾ/
elsewhere /l/
m, mm /m/
n, nn /n/
-ng /ŋ/
p, pp /p/
ph /f/
r /ɹ/
rr /ɾ/
t /t/
th before e, i, y /θ/
before a, o, u /t/
after a vowel /s/
ts /tsʰ/
s initially

medially next to a consonant

or after a nasal vowel

elsewhere /z/
sc before e, i, y /s/
elsewhere /sk/
sch /ʃ/
schr before o /ʃr/
elsewhere /ʃ/
ss /s/
st /st/
v /v/
x next to a voiceless consonant /ks/
next to a voiced consonant /gz/
next to a vowel /ɕ/
finally /s/
xc before e, i, y /ks/
elsewhere /sk/
z non-finally /z/
finally /s/
zh before e, o /tʂ/
elsewhere /z/
ñ /ɲ/

Vowels and combinations of vowel letters Edit

Spelling Value (IPA)
a /a/
â /ɑ/
ai /aɪ/
au /o/
ay finally /ɛj/
elsewhere /aɪ/
e after an unvoiced consonant /ɛ/
after a voiced consonant /e/
in the suffix -eum/-eas Ø
finally, after a velar consonant Ø
é /ɛ/
è /e/
ê /ɛ/
eau finally /o/
elsewhere /ju/
ei, eî /ɛ/
eu phonologically first/finally /ju/
elsewhere /œ/
i before a vowel, except u /j/
elsewhere /i/
î /j/
ï /i/
ie after an bilabial consonant /aɪ/
elsewhere /i/
o phonologically finally /o/
elsewhere /ɔ/
ô /o/
oe /oe/
oi, oie, oï /wa/
ou before an vowel /w/
elsewhere /u/
-oue /u/
-oux /us/
u before vowel /ɥ/
after vowel /ə/
û /yə/
ù /u/
ue phonologically finally
elsewhere /y/
y initially before vowel /j/
elsewhere /i/

Combinations of vowel and consonant letter Edit

Spelling IPA Value
am /ɑ̃/
aim /ɛ̃/
ein elsewhere
Finally /ɑ̃/






Gender Edit

Noun Edit

Musculine Feminine note
-çais -çaise
-é  -ée
-eur -ére
-enta -enté
-ird -irde
-illé -ille
-ir -iress Only when referring to an occupation.
-ire -ére
-ium -èum
-ism -isme
-ize -ise
-ment -mente
-ra -rau
-re -ress Only when referring to an occupation.
-re -réss
-oé  -oe
-or -oress Only when referring to an occupation.
-ord -orde
-teen -tine
-zation -sation

Number Edit

Arabic Cardinal (M) Cardinal (F) Ordinal (M)
Ordinal (F) Edit
0 zéro
1 senta senté prémire prémére
2 ols deuxième
3 tra trau troisième
4 sìre sìrteen sìrtine
5 cinta cinté cinteen cintine
6 séss séssteen sésstine
7 paué paue hepteen heptine
8 octo octeen octine
9 romé rome neuvteen neuvtine
10 dix dixième
11 élavoune élavouneth
12 touélv touélvth

Example textEdit

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