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Classification and DialectsEdit

The Eagalian language is a rather unique type of language used exclusively in the Northern areas of England. Eagalian is its own language. Eagalian, in sentence terms, is used to send a strong message to the talking partner.


For males, The Eagalian Language is mainly used to maintain threatening and bad relationships between the male using Eagalian and the talking partner. For females however, it is mixed. Females may use Eagalian in a friendly or enemy attitude.



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Epiglottal Glottal
Nasal m hann n cha-pan ha-ker fid-dar chan bul ha-nul xarad pan muel
Plosive k chel o gorii tujj hanui ko ha-rue


hojo mur kan
Fricative q r q men- husad ka kudar mehe wor men jhan opa husad
Affricate ji ram maad bhu ren


mura be-jab ha-man eard muhm dar
Approximant quey que-mur taj-jar gro ba fa jese han que rehd kro shee
Trill zu ha-ho hur kal san angu lo neho ju juve resan
Flap or tap t hu han-lan av khan ghan darm da delih da-san xan ler
Lateral fric. zag ha paq pil mudu ja-nan hi heha dhan he-ho hi-ha qwan
Lateral app. brey chad qui han ful qwan-ha baab be ovul fha mihr owul
Lateral flap chun ka-ba


san cha ja-nul helee tok cra bey kho fhan


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
High ha hun haa hur haah
Near-high jo juh jojo jun joh
High-mid del dul delle dehl duul
Mid gal gul gallo gel guhl
Low-mid faq


faqul feq fuuq
Near-low heh hah hehur heh huuh
Low hul hal huhl hil hūul


Use strong language to send a clear message to talking partner

You do not have to be polite of aggressive when using Eagalian at any time

As a continuous rule to the first rule, back up your strong language with facts

Writing SystemEdit

Letter মূম বো
Sound a b c d e f gh hu i j k l
Letter নো তেওঁ সম সুৰ


m nuh o p q r s t u veh wam


Grammar ExamplesEdit

Nouns = হয় (Baad) (Boy), হৈছে (Hadan) (House), ৰোগ (Dag) (Dog)Edit

Verbs = বেগিন (Begahn) (Begin), বেতন (Beegan) (Began), বেগুন (Behun) (Begun)Edit

Syntax = (Inncorect) গো ত হোৱাৰ (Gah Toh Ward) (Go To War), (Correct) ৱে চৌলে গো ত হোৱাৰ (Wea Shaf Gah Toh Ward) (We Should Go To WarEdit


The Eagalian Speakers have they're own dictionary called the "Myori Gaffar" that has all the Eagalian words in it.

Example textEdit

"মী নামে ইছ চমণ" "Meh Nume Lis Chuman"

"My Name Is Chuman"

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