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General InformationEdit

Ehigi (/ˈɛhiːdʒiː/, native Edhṙ Èçigi) [ɛ̀dʰɚ́ ʔɛ̂çìɟī] is a language spoken by the Tùçigi ethnicity in the Ràçigi constituency of the United Federation of Usheira (Rauçeyṙat).



alveolar dorsal radical glottal
nasal n ŋ~ɲ
stop held t d~dz k g q (ɢ) (ʔ)
aspirated tʰ dʰ~dzʰ kʰ gʰ
fricative s z (ɬ) ɮ ç ʝ χ~ʜ ʁ~ʢ h
approximant ɹ j
flap ɾ ɾʰ
  1. The alveolars are laminal except for /s/, /z/, /ɾ/, and /ɾʰ/.
  2. /d/ and /dʰ/ are frequently pronounced with frication (i. e. as [dz] and [dzʰ]).
  3. /q/ is voiced intervocalically.
  4. A glottal stop is epenthetically inserted between adjacent vowels.
  5. The voiced aspirated consonants are typically pronounced with a breathy voice.
  6. /l/ is devoiced before a voiceless consonant or when phrase-final.
  7. The radical fricatives /χ/ and /ʁ/ are typically pronounced as epiglottal trills [ʜ] and [ʢ] by younger speakers.


front central back
high i ɚ ɯ
low ɛ ä ʌ

Pitch AccentEdit

Less than half of roots have a drop in pitch before one of their consonants. After the drop the words tone rises back to the middle.

On words without the drop, the word’s pitch rises straight up to the final syllable.


Native ScriptEdit

Ehigi is written with the same abugida as the rest of the languages of Usheira.

Usheiran Alphabet

The Usheiran Abugida

Native CollationEdit

consonants: t, d, th, dh, n, k, g, kh, gh, ṅ, q, qh, s, z, r, rh, ç, j, l, x, ċ, 0, h, y, ṙ

vowels: o, ṙ, i̇, u, e, a


A a Ç ç Ċ ċ D d Dh dh E e G g Gh gh H h I i
a ço ċo do dhi e go ghi haṙ i
/ä/ /ç/ /ʁ/ /d/ /dʰ/ /ɛ/ /g/ /gʰ/ /h/ /i/
J j K k Kh kh L l N n Ṅ ṅ O o Q q Qh qh R r
jo ko khi lo na ṅa o qo qhi ro
/ʝ/ /k/ /kʰ/ /l/ /n/ /ŋ/ /ʌ/ /q/ /qʰ/ /ɾ/
Rh rh Ṙ ṙ S s T t Th th U u X x Y y Z z
rhi se to thi u xo i othax zi
/ɾʰ/ /ɹ/, /ɚ/ /s/ /t/ /tʰ/ /ɯ/ /χ/ /j/ /z/
  • A grave accent is applied to vowels with a falling tone.


sg pl
1 ex neda tuneda
in azṙ
2 thṙ tuthṙ
3 lu tuṙu

ex. Kheqo neda "Edìlao Nuċayo". "My name is "John Doe"."


# name prefix example
1 person a/0- qa "man, person"
2 tool e- esàca "shovel"
3 animal ṙ- ṙkhoo "octopus"
4 nature ra- raju "swampland"
5 group zi- zìrhi "team"
6 extension lo- lodoca "fence"
7 abstraction
8 action o- othaxo "a pause"
9 inquorate I nu-
10 inquorate II
plural I u- ukhoo "octopuses"
plural II tu- tuqa "men, people"
plural III
  • For any example referring to a living thing, the translation is not accurate. As Aetho is a different planet, the translations merely suggest a similar niche filled.

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