In the listings of the Elder Nobuzyanese dictionary, words are presented in the following manner:

(type): translation; translation; 
  1. sense 1
  2. sense 2


The abbreviations for types used in this dictionary are the following:

  • Nouns
    • n1.: Nouns of Class-1
    • n2.: Nouns of Class-2
    • n3.: Nouns of Class-3
    • n4.: Nouns of Class-4
    • n5.: Nouns of Class-5
  • Genders
    • masc.: Masculine
    • fem.: Feminine
    • com.: Common Synthetic
    • dyn.: Dynamic
    • stat.: Static
    • neu.: Neuter Synthetic
  • Cases
    • nom: Nominative
    • acc: Accusative
    • dat: Dative
    • ins: Instrumental
    • loc: Locative
    • gen: Genitive
  • Pronouns
    • pers.: Personal pronoun
    • rflx.: Reflexive pronoun
    • rel.: Relative pronoun
    • int.: Interogative pronoun
  • Verbs
    • v1.: Verbs of Class-1, –AR
    • v2.: Verbs of Class-2, –AN
    • v3.: Verbs of Class-3, –ON
    • vmod.: Modal auxiliary
    • vcop.: Copular auxiliary
    • tr.: Transitive
    • itr.: Intransitive
    • dtr.: Dative transitive
    • ctr.: Complex transitive
  • Other types
    • adj.: Adjective
    • adv.: Adverb
    • art.: Article
    • num.: Number
    • pn.: Pronoun
    • prep.: Preposition
    • prop.: Proper Name

Elder Nobuzyanese

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