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Elene: Unit 1 Lesson 2Edit

Expressing Interests; QuestionsEdit

Vocab 1.2Edit

For help with Learner Pronunciation, see here.

Elene Learner Pronunciation English
laù law to like
oy to love
unggà to play (games)
unggÿolò ung.gyo.lo to play (sports)
talaù to play (instruments)
è  e to hang out
ne nye with
uilio(v) friend(s)
silifo art
gaunlu science
matemav ma.che.mav math
iqqolò ik.ko.lo to exercise
imÿaqù i.mya.ku to draw
furuińa fu.rwi.'na history
poleteqia politics
vullu religion
solstaminav sol.sta.mi.nav animals
hõv hoov dogs
meuv mewv cats
ilo i.lo or
alfalè al.fa.le to write
unggana(v) o atjaq o a.chak board game(s)
unggana(v) o vidio o vi.ji.o video game(s)
aÿolunu(v) sport(s)
ameriqe fõtballa American football
fõtballa football / soccer
tenisa tennis
golfa gol.fa golf
basqetballa basketball
beisballa baseball
otalanga(v) instrument(s)
flutju flu.chu flute
pianu piano
hitara hyi.ta.ra guitar
violina violin
imi i.mi good
emÿe e.mye bad

Verb ReviewEdit

laù - to like

laû laûe
laût laûte
laûos laûose

oì - to love

oît oîte
oêis oêise

unggà - to play (games)

unggâ unggâi
unggât unggâte
unggâus unggâuse

unggÿolò - to play (sports)

unggÿolô unggÿolôi
unggÿolôt unggÿolôte
unggÿolêus unggÿolêuse

talaù - to play (instruments)

talaû talaûe
talaût talaûte
talaûos talaûose

iqqolò - to exercise

iqqolô iqqolôi
iqqolôt iqqolôte
iqqolêus iqqolêuse

imÿaqù - to draw

imÿaqû imÿaqûe
imÿaqût imÿaqûte
imÿaqûos imÿaqûose

alfalè - to write

alfalê alfalêi
alfalêt alfalête
alfalâis alfalâise


Word order does not change if a sentence becomes a question. The distinguishing features are:

  • Rising pitch on the main verb.
  • The diacritic on the first conjugated verb is changed to an acute (´) [or double acute (˝) in the case of ỗ→ő].
Iqqolôt Iqqolót?
ik.ko.lot ↗ik.ko.lot
You exercise Do you exercise?

Practice SentencesEdit

Translate the following questions. Answers below!

1. Steve laûos imÿaqù. 
2. Eme laû è ne uiliov.
3. Alfaláise?
4. He plays sports
5. Do you like board games?
6. You guys are good with dogs.


The Vowel I

I is pronounced in IPA as [i]. It is similar to the ee in sweet. Try to say:
asitta uli imi

The Diphthong IU and Digraph ŸI

IU is pronounced in IPA as [jy]. This is similar to saying "yee" in English, with the ee having rounded lips.
ŸI is pronounced in IPA as [iː]. Try saying meet, holding the ee longer.
qiu pÿì

The Consonants F and G

F is pronounced in IPA as [f], just like in English. Like f in fly.
G is pronounced in IPA as [g], exactly like English goat. If it used in the digraph NG, it becomes IPA [ŋ], like the ng in sing
falè govmò lang

Practice AnswersEdit

1. Steve likes to draw.
2. I like to hang out with friends.
3. Do they write?
4. Assa unggÿolêus aÿolunuv.
5. Ette laú ungganav o atjaq?
6. Ête imi ne hõv.

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