Elene: Unit 1 Lesson 4Edit

Places; Present Tense ConjugationEdit

Vocab 1.4Edit

For help with Learner Pronunciation, see here.

Elene Learner Pronunciation English
zhe to go
anù to be able
sa sa to
on on at
yiata zhi.a.ta home
toumat to-.mat house
qratta krat.ta mall
yotte o faulav zhot.che o faw.lav department store
yotte zhot.che store
sunà to sell
yolà to buy
yotella market
yotella o rotja o ro.cha grocery store
yotella o omittala o book store
yotella o sjallav o shal.lav jewelry story
omittjotella library
mõvi'v moo.viv movie theatre
iqqolota ik.ko.lo.ta gym
doÿata do.ya.ta place of worship
doifalè doy.fa.le to worship
templata chem.pla.ta temple
tjurtjata chur.cha.ta church
sinagogata synagogue
mosqata mos.ka.ta mosque
plottuta plot.tu.ta swimming pool
plottù plot.tu to swim
duneta du.nye.ta school
dunjuè du.nyu.e to learn
sautò to teach
omittalè to read
rotjata ro.cha.ta restaurant
vagota va.go.ta work
vagotà va.go.ta to work
alat? where?
ÿata ya.ta here
nata na.ta there

Verb ReviewEdit

yè - to go

yêe yêi
yêt yête
yês yêse

anù - to be able

anûa anûe
anûat anûate
anûas anûase

sunà - to sell

sunâ sunâi
sunât sunâte
sunâus sunâuse

yolà - to buy

yolâ yolài
yolât yolâte
yolâus yolâuse

doifalè - to worship

doifalê doifalêi
doifalêt doifalête
doifalâis doifalâise

plottù - to swim

plottû plottûe
plottût plottûte
plottûos plottûose

dunjuè - to learn

dunjuê dunjuêi
dunjuêt dunjûete
dunjuâis dunjuâise

sautò - to teach

sautô sautôi
sautôt sautôte
sautêus sautêuse

omittalè - to sell

omittalê omittalêi
omittalêt omittalête
omittalâis omittalâise

vagotà - to work

vagotâ vagotâi
vagotât vagotâte
vagotâus vagotâuse

Present Tense ConjugationEdit

Elene verbs are conjugated according to person. The other tenses are formed by use of auxiliary verbs or particles. All infinitives, the unconjugated verbs, get grave diacritics and end in à, è, ì, ò, ȍ, or ù. Conjugated verbs get a circumflex diacritic. Depending on the verb vowel ending, it changes according to the subject of the sentence or phrase.

Person Singular Plural
1 I We
2 You You guys
3 He/she/it/xe Them

Person Singular Plural
1 â âi
2 ât âte
3 âus âuse

Person Singular Plural
1 ê êi
2 êt ête
3 âis âise

Person Singular Plural
1 î îe
2 ît îte



Person Singular Plural
1 ô ôi
2 ôt ôte
3 êus êuse

Person Singular Plural
1 ỗe
2 ỗt ỗte
3 ỗus ỗuse

Person Singular Plural
1 û ûe
2 ût ûte
3 ûos ûose

Practice SentencesEdit

Translate the following questions. Answers below!

1. Emitte êi yè lȍn as e omittjotella.
2. Assa sautêus as duneta.
3. Alat és e mosqata?
4. I work here.
5. Do they like swimming pools?
6. You guys are going to sell at the market.


The Vowel E

E is pronounced in IPA as [e]. It is similar to the e in bed. Try to say:
yêi ne poleteqia

The Diphthongs EI and EU, and Digraph VN

EI is ponounces in IPA as [ei]. This is similar to the ay in English "hay".
EU is pronounced in IPA as [ew]. This is difficult to express in English sounds, but would be like saying "eh-oo" in one syllable.
VN is pronounced in IPA as [n̩]. It is just like saying "nnn" in English, like a hum without the breathy sound.
tei sautêus toltimivnà

The Consonants M, N, and Ń

M is pronounced in IPA as [m], This is exactly like m in English "man".
N is pronounced in IPA as [n], like English "nun". If it is followed by I, E, or J it becomes [ɲ], like English canyon or Spanish ñ. Before velar consonants G, H, or Q it becomes [ŋ].
Ń is pronounced in IPA as [ʔn], like stopping one's breath before continuing the English n sound. The same properties are retained like un-accented N.
emÿe anù inè unggà furuińa

Practice AnswersEdit

1. We are going to the library.
2. He teaches at school.
3. Where is the mosque?
4. Eme vagotâ ÿata.
5. Asitta laúos plottutav?
6. Etitte ête yè lȍn omittalè as e yotella.

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