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Dialects of EleneEdit

Pronunciation DifferencesEdit


Depending on the speaker, the vowel sounds may differ from their standard sounds. These are arranged from most to least common.

Vowel/Diphthong Standard (IPA) Dialectic (IPA)
a ə, ä, ɑ, ɐ, ɒ
AU aw aʊ̯, æw
AI aj ai, aɪ̯, əj
I i ɪ
IU jy iu, ju, jɯ, iɯ
ŸI ɪj
U u y, ɯ
UI ɥi wi, ui, uj, ɯj, ɹi
E e ɛ
O o ɔ
OU ow, oʊ̯, ɔː
Õ ʊ ɤ, ʌ
ÕU ʊw ʊu, ɤw, ʌw
ÕI ʊj ʊi, ɤj, ʌj


Arranged from most to least common. Digraphs ending with J apply to all "Long" consonants.

Consonant/Digraph Standard (IPA) Dialectic (IPA)
DJ d͡ʒ ɟ
G g ɢ
H x χ
VL l̩ or ɫ w
N n ɾ̃
NG ŋ ɴ
Q k q
R r ʀ, ɣ, h, ɾ
TJ t͡ʃ c
Y ʐ ʒ, ʝ, z

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