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Elene Learner Pronunciation HelpEdit

For Elene lessons, Learner Pronunciation is the simplified  pronunciation to help learners pronounce words of Elene easily. Syllables are divided by periods (.).

Learners Pronunciation English Example IPA
a between father and cat a
e bed e
i /i- sweet / same but held longer i
wi between why and young ɥi
o / o- quote / same but held longer o
u boot u
uu like sweet, with lips rounded y
oo book ʊ
b belt b
ch change t͡ʃ
d down d
f fall f
g give g
h like Scottish loch x
hy hue ç
j jump d͡ʒ
k keep k
l let l
m money m
n nun n
ng sing ŋ
ny like canyon ɲ
p pin p
r like Spanish rolled rr r
s sell s
sh sheep ʃ
t tip t
v vine v
w wind or bound w
y yet j
zh close to vision ʐ
' stop in uh-oh ʔ

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