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This is a list of basic words for the Niw Englisc Language

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Everyday lifeEdit

Nutrition and FoodsEdit


Basic conceptsEdit







At least three sentences on each of the continents


One sentence and the table on all countries in this list:




as well as a thorough history of all countries where the language of the particular Wikipedia is spoken as a native language.


Human issuesEdit

  • Human rights -> þie Mennscenrihte
  • punishment -> þie Wrake
  • abortion -> þe Beorðerkwalm (induced abortion), þe Misbyrd (miscarriage)
  • birth control -> þie Gebyrdkontrolle
  • peace -> þe Friþ, þe Griþ(truce, temporary peace)
  • racism -> þie Knoslhate
  • sexism -> þie Kynnhate
  • war -> þie Guþ

Religions Edit

Culture Edit


At least a five-sentence introduction to the major fields:








rocks, stone Edit

Elemental Metals in common useEdit

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Technology and InventionEdit



architecture Edit


mathematics Edit

Study of MedicineEdit

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Category:Time Edit

Months of the year (Julian/Gregorian calendar)Edit

Days of the week (Western system)Edit


Units of measurementEdit


  • to rain - reȝnen (reȝnde, gereȝnd)


  • to forget - forgetten (forgittst/forgittþ), forgaat, forgetten
  • to dream
  • to remember - gemunen (gemaan, gemaanst, gemaan), gemunde, gemunen
  • to wish - wyschen (wyscht), wyschte, gewyscht




Feelings and EmotionsEdit


Adpositions, coverbs etc.Edit

General list (dump) of words in alphabetical orderEdit

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a abandon able about account acid across act active actor addition adjutant adjustment admit adult adversity advertisement afraid after against again age agent aggressive agile agonize agony agreement air all alm almost alpine altar among amount amusement an anal analogy

apply approval arch Arctic ardent argument arid arm armor

  • army - þie Fierd, e; (foreign) þe Heer, e

arse art artist as assignment at attack attempt attention attic attitude attorney attraction auction audacious audience augment aura austere authority autochthonous autodidact automatic

  • avail - dugan (dæg), dohte, gedugen; to avail, be of use

available avalanche average awake award aware ax axis

b baby back backside backward bad bag bake bakery balance ball band bank bar bare barren base basin basket bassoon bat bath battalion batter battle be beat beating beautiful because bed

  • bee - þie Bee, n

before behavior behind behold being belch belief bell belt bend benefice bent berry best bet better between bid bicycle big bind birch bird birth bit bite bitter bit black blade bleak blood blow blue blur board boarding school boast boat boatswain body bogeyman boil boiling boisterous bond bone

  • book - þie Bok, þie Bœke

boot bottle bottom bow box boy brain brake branch brand brass brave breach

  • bread - þat Bread, er
  • break - breken (brikþ), braak, gebroken

breast breath brick

bridle brigade bright

  • broken - gebroken
  • brother - þe Broðer, þie Brœðer; (other uses) þie Gebrœðern
  • brown - adj brun; bruner, brunst-

brush bucket bud buddy building bulb bullet bundle burn burst bush business but butter buttock


cabbage cabin cabinet cable cacao cache cake camel camera candid candy cane canine caning canvas cape captain captive car card care cargo carriage cart cash cat catch cater cause cave caviar cavity cease cedar cede ceiling celebrate cell cello cement center central century cereal certain chain chair chalk chamber champion chance chancellor change channel chapter charge cheap cheek cheese chemical chemist chest chief child chimpansee chin church circle claret clarinet clean clear clock cloth cloud coal coat cock cocky

  • cold - adj kald, kælder, kældest-

collar colonel colour column comb come comfort committee common company comparison competition complete complex condition cone connection conscious control cook cope copper copy cord cork corn cotton cough country court cousin cover coverage covert covet cow crack cradle crave crazy credit crime cruel crush cry cub cube cup currency current curtail curtain curve cushion cut

dagger damage danger dark daughter day dead dear death debt decision deck deep deer degree delicate dependent design desire destruction detail detective development different digestion direction dirty disciple discipline discovery discussion disease disgust distance distribution divide division do dog doleful donkey doom door doubt down drag drain drawer dread dress drink driving drop drum dry dumb dust

early earth ear east edge education eerie effect

  • egg - þat Æȝȝ, er

elastic electric else embassy eminent end engine enough equal error event

every ever example excellency exchange existence expansion experience expert

  • eye - þat Eaȝe; (þes Eaȝens, þie Eaȝen)

face fact fade fail faint faith faithful fall false family fan fanatic far farm farmer fart fast fasten fat fatal fate

  • father - þe Fader, þie Fæder

fear fearsome feather feature feeble feeling female fern fertile fiction field fiend fierce fight figure finger fire first

  • fish - þe Fisch, e

fixed flag flail flame flat fledgling flee fleece flesh flight flock flog floor flower flute fly focus fog fold follow folly food fool foolish foot for force forge fork form formal formation formidable forum forward fowl fracture fragile fragment fragrance frail frame frank fraternity freak freckle free freeze freezer freight frequent fresh freshman friend fright frog from front frontal fruit fry full fun funny fur furious furnace furnish further future

gadget gag gage gain galaxy gale gall gallery galley game gamma gang gangrene gangster gap garden garlic garter gay gender general get giant gift gigolo gigot gin ginger girl give glass glove go goat gold gong good gore got government governor grain grass great green grey grill grind grip groin groom gross ground group growth gruesome guard guide gun gut guy

habit hail hair half hall hallow halve ham hamlet hammer hand hanging happen happy harbor hard harden hardware hardy hare harm harmony harp harpoon harsh haste hat hatch hate haughty have head healthy hear hearing

  • heart - þat Herte, (þes Hertens, þie Herten)

heat heaven heir hell

jar jelly jewel jockey join joke jolly journey joy judge jug jump jury

karat karma keep kettle key kick kid kind king kiss kitten knave knee kneel knife knit knot know knowledge

lamp land language lash last late laugh law lead leaf learning leather left leg legal letter let level liar library lick lie lieutenant lift light lightning like limit line linen lion lip liquid list little living lock long look loose lord loss loud louse lout love lover low

machine magistrate mahogany major majority make male manager man map market mark married mass master match mate material may mayor me meal measure meat medical meeting memory mercy metal middle *mile - þie Meile, n (5280 ft)

nail naked

  • oak - þie Aak, þie Æke

obesity obey object objective oboe observation off offer office officer official often oil old on only opal open opera operation opinion opposite orange ordeal order organization ornament or orthodox other out

pace pacific page pain painful paint pale paper parallel parcel part pass passage past paste pasture pastoral patent patron patronage patronize pauper pause pay payment peace peach pear peek peel pelt pen pencil penitence penitentiary perfect perfidious perform person pervert physical picture pierce pig pin pine pipe pit pitty place plane plant plate platoon play please pleasure plenty plough plum pocket point poison polar pole policy polish polite political politics poor port porter pose position possible potato pot powder power present prey price prick priest

quality question quick quiet quite

rabbit rabble race rack radiation radical radius rage ravage rail rain rake range rate rat rate raw ray razor reaction reading ready real rear reason rebel receipt recession record rectangle red reed refer referee reference reform refrain regime regret regular reign relation relentless relief religion relish rely rent replica reply report representative request resign respect responsible rest restrain resume reverse revival reward rhythm rice riddle ride rider riff rifle right rigid ring ripe river road rod

  • roll - wilten (wiltede, is gewilted)

roof room root rope rough round royal royalty rub rule ruler run rural

sacrifice sad saddle safe sail sale salt same sand say scale scar scarf school science scissors screw sea seal seat second secretary secret section seduce see seed seek seem seep selection self sell send sense separate sergeant serious servant service sex shade shadow shake shame shark sharp shatter shed sheep shelf shell ship shirt shiver shock shoe shop short shorts shot show shut side sigh sign silence silk silly silver simple sing sister size skate skin skirt sky slam slave sleep slick slip slope slow slug slum small smash smell smile smoke smooth snake sneeze snow so soak soap sob society sock soft soil solid some song son soothe sore sort sound soup south space spade spank spark special spirit spit sponge spoon spore spring sprite sprout spur squad square squeal squirm squirt stable stack staff stage stale stallion stamp stand star stare start state statement station stave stay steam steady steal steel stem step stick sticky stiff still stitch stock stocking stomach stone stool stop store story straight strange strap street stretch string strip stripe stroke strong structure stud stunning subaltern subject subjective subdue submission submit subordinate substance such sudden suffer sufficient suffocate sugar suggestion summer sun superb superior supervise supply support sure surprise suspect suspend swallow swear sweat sweet swell swim swing system

table tail take tale talk tall taste tax teach teacher teaching tell tendency test than that the then they theory there thick thing thin this thought thread threat throat throne through through thumb thunder ticket tiger tight till time tin tired

umbrella un- under uniform union unit unity up urine usage use usual utensil utopic utter

vacant vacation vaccination vacuum vagrant vague vain valet valiant valid valor valuable value valve van vandalize vane vanilla vanish vanity vanquish vapor variable variation variola various varnish vary vase vault vector verb verge verse version vertebrate vertical very vessel veterinarian vex view violent violate virgin virus vocabulary vocal voice voltage vomit

wadewag wage wager wagon waist wait waiter waiting walk wall war ward warden wardrobe ware

  • warm - warm, wærmer, wærmst-

warrior wash wasp waste watch water wave wax way weak wealth weapon wear weather week weight weird well welt west wet whack whale wheel whelp when where while whip whistle white who why wicked wide

wince window wind wine wing winter wire wise with woe woeful woman wood wooden wool word work worm worship worth worthy wound wrath wretched writing wrong

yacht yak yard yarn year yeast yellow yelp yesterday yes yet yew yoga yoke you young your youth

zeal zebra zero zest zigzag zinc zip zipper zodiac zombie zone zoo zoology zoom zygote