Irregular Weak VerbsEdit

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These verbs involve a vowel change in the past tense while adding a d/t suffix as well, as bring/brought and think/thought do in modern English.


Present tense:

_ sg. pl.
Ic bringe bring
þu bringst bring
he/scie/it bringþ bring

Present subjunctive:

_ sg. pl.
Ic bringe bringen
þu bringest bringen
he/scie/it bringe bringen

Past tense:

_ sg. pl.
Ic brohte brohten
þu brohtest brohten
he/scie/it brohte brohten

Past subjunctive ("would bring"):

_ sg. pl.
Ic brœhte brœhten
þu brœhtest brœhten
he/scie/it brœhte brœhten

Participles: bringend, gebroht

List of VerbsEdit

infinitive definition past past participle
bringen to bring brohte gebroht
bycgen to buy bohte geboht
dreccen to afflict dræhte gedræht
dwellen to hinder dwalde gedwald
kweccen to shake kwæhte gekwæht
kwellen to kill kwalde gekwald
læken to seize læhte gelæht
ræcen to reach rahte geraht
ræken to seize ræhte geræht
to seek sohte gesoht
sellen to sell salde gesald
stellen to place stalde gestald
streccen to shake stræhte gestræht
tæcen to teach tæhte/tahte getæht/getaht
tellen to count talde getald
þenken to think þohte geþoht
þynken to seem þuhte geþuht
weccen to awake wæhte gewæht
to work worhte geworht

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