ᚪ, ᚫ, ᛒ, ᚳ, ᛞ, ᚧ, ᛖ, ᚠ, ᚸ, ᚷ, ᚻ, ᛁ, ᛄ, ᛣ, ᛚ, ᛗ, ᚾ, ᚩ, ᛟ, ᛈ, ᛢ, ᚱ, ᛋ, ᛏ, ᚦ, ᚢ, ᚡ, ᚹ, ᛉ, ᚣ, ᛎ; additionally: ᛥ (st), ᛝ (ng), ᛡ (ia, io), ᛠ (ea), ᛤ (kk)

f u þ o r c; ȝ w h n i j; eo p x s t b; e m l ng œ d; a æ y ea ia k; kk kw st ð v z;

ᚠᚢᚱᚻ Furh (f) furrow

ᚠᚢᛋ fus (adj) ready, prepared

ᚠᚩᛏ Fot (m) foot

ᚠᛁᛋᚳ Fisc (m) fish

ᚠᛁᛖᚱᛞ Fierd (m) army

ᚠᛖᚱᛗᛖᚱ Fermer (m) person who supplies someone with food

ᚠᛟᛏ Fœt plural of Fot

ᚠᚪᛞᛖᚱ Fader (m) father

ᚠᚪᚧᛖ Fathe (f) paternal aunt

ᚠᚫᛞᛖᚱ Fæder plural of Fader

ᚠᚣᛥ Fyst (f) fist

ᚪᚪᚦ Aaþ (m) oath

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