Finden - to find

_ sg. - pl.
Ic finde wiȝ find
þu findest ȝiȝ find
he/scie/it find hje find

And the past:

_ sg. - pl.
Ic fand wiȝ fanden
þu fandest ȝiȝ fanden
he/scie/it fand hje fanden

Subjunctive 2:

_ sg. - pl.
Ic fænde wiȝ fænden
þu fændest ȝiȝ fænden
he/scie/it fænde hje fænden

Present Perfect:

_ sg. - pl.
Ic habe gefunden wiȝ habeþ gefunden
þu hafst gefunden ȝiȝ habeþ gefunden
he/scie/it hafþ gefunden hje habeþ gefunden

akwinken to vanish

beginnen to begin

binden to bind

drinken to drink

gelimpen to happen

finden to find

grimmen to rage

grinden to grind

hlimmen to resound

hrinden to push

klimban to climb

klingen to shrink

krimmen to insert

kringen to fall, succumb

krinken to fall, succumb

linnen to cease

onginnen to begin

rinnen to run, flow

scringen to shrink

scrinken to shrink

singen to sing

sinken to sink

sinnen to meditate

slinken to slink, creep

spinnen to spin

springen to leap, jump

stingen to sting

stinken to stink

swimmen to swim

swinden to disappear

swingen to swing

swinken to toil

þinden to swell

þringen to throng, press

þrinten to swell

winden to wind

winnen to toil, fight

wringen to wring

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