These verbs have a few common verbs, which alternate vowels between e-a-e.  The 'a' is long, and you'll notice in an open single syllable it's doubled, while in the two-syllable or closed syllable forms, it's only 1 vowel.

Example: spreken

present sg. - pl.
Ic spreke wiȝ sprek
þu sprikst ȝiȝ sprek
he/scie/it sprik hje sprek
past sg. - pl.
Ic spraak wiȝ spraken
þu sprakst ȝiȝ spraken
he/scie/it spraak hje spraken
present perfect sg. - pl.
Ic habe gesproken wiȝ hab gesproken
þu hafst gesproken ȝiȝ hab gesproken
he/scie/it hafþ gesproken hje hab gesproken


  • bidden to pray; biddeþ, baad, gebeden
  • breken to break; brikþ, braak, gebroken
  • drepen to strike; dripþ, draap, gedropen (also gedrepen)
  • etten to eat; ittþ, aat, geetten
  • forgetten to forget; forgittþ, forgaat, forgetten
  • fretten to devour; frittþ, fraat, gefretten
  • fricgen to ask, inquire; frigþ, fraag, gefregen
  • gefeen to rejoice; gefieþ, gefaah, gefeen
  • gefen to give; gifþ, gaaf, gegefen
  • genesen to be saved; geniesþ, genaas, genesen
  • getten to get; gittþ, gaat, gegetten
  • kneden to knead; knidþ, knaad, gekneden;
  • kweðen to say; kwiþþ, kwaaþ, gekweden
  • lesen to collect, gather; liesþ, laas, gelesen
  • licgen to lie down; ligþ, laag, gelegen
  • meten to measure; mietþ, maat, gemeten
  • pleen to risk; plieþ, plaah, gepleen
  • screpen to scrape; scripþ, scraap, gescrepen
  • seen to see; sieþ, saah, geseen
  • sitten to sit; sitteþ, saat, geseten
  • spreken to speak; sprikþ, spraak, gesproken
  • swefen to sleep; swifþ, swaaf, geswefen
  • þicgen to receive, accept; consume, take food, poison, medicine; consume; þigþ, þaag, geþegen;
  • treden to tread; tridþ, traad, getreden; (present typically pronounced 'tritt')
  • wefen to weave; wifþ, waaf, gewefen
  • wegen to carry; wigþ, waag, gewegen
  • wesen to be; is, was, is gewesen
  • wreken to avenge; wrikþ, wraak, gewreken

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