Example Children's Book on How to ReadEdit

Hier sind þie Farben: rosa, redd, orange, ȝelwe, grœn, blau, purpur, braun, blækk, græȝ, hweit Light: berht- very light: gaal- Dark: swart-


  • þat grœne Hus. Hwilc Hus? Þat Grœne. It is grœn.
  • þie wlitige Frowe. Hwilce Frowe? Þie Wlitige. Scie is wlitiȝ.
  • þe intelligente Werr. Hwilc Werr? Þe Intelligente. He is intelligent.
  • Þis Hus is gaalgrœn - this house is very light green

Wikibooks for Kids in Niw EngliscEdit

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