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Type fusional
Alignment nom-acc
Word Order SOV
Head direction final
Tonal Yes
Declensions No
Conjugations No
Topic-Prominence No
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

Classification and DialectsEdit

Enthe is a language evolved from Enhe.


Sounchanges fromEdit

œy > oy
ø, æ, y > o, u, ɑ /_Consonant
ø, æ, y > e, e, i

ii > eɪ
Consonant[unvoiced] > Consonant[voiced /_Consonant[voiced]
Consonant[unvoiced] > Consonant[voiced /Consonant[voiced]_
h > /#_
Nasal > /[ljwr]Vowel_ !V_#
VowelNasal > /Nasal_ !#Nasal_
p, b, t, d > ɸ, β, θ, ð /Nasal_
p, b, t, d > ɸ, β, θ, ð /#_
h > θ /Nasal_
h >ç /_[iye]
h > /Vowel_Vowel
ɲ > nj /_Vowel
ɲ > /_Nasal and ɲ > /Nasal_
ɲ > n /_Consonant
C[unvoiced] > C[unvoiced]i /_² and C[voiced] > C[voiced]o/_²
s > ʃ !#_,_#
u > ʊ /Vowel_ !u_ and i > ɪ /Vowel_ !i_
o > ɔ /_C !#_
e > ɛ /_C and e > ɛ /_ɪC
æ > ɑ

ɑ > ɑɑ /Nasal_Consonant !#Nasal_ and ɑ > ɑɑ /Nasal_Nasal and ɑ > ɑɑ /C_Nasal !_Nasal#
u > ɔɪ /Consonant_ !_ConsonantVowel
Nasal > /_²
ɪ > j /_Vowel
> ˨˩ /NasalConsonantVowel_ !VowelNasalConsonantVowel_ and > ˨˥/ConsonantVowel_ !Vowel[ɸβθðxɣhszʃʒljwrçɾ]ConsonantVowel_
Nasal > /_ConsonantVowel !Vowel_ConsonantVowel and [ɸβθðxɣhszʃʒljwrçɾ] > /_ConsonantVowel !Vowel_ConsonantVowel
Stop > /_ConsonantVowel !Vowel_ConsonantVowel
˨˩ ˨˥ > ˩˧ and ˨˥ ˨˩ > ˩˧ 
ɣ > h /_Vowel !_[ieɛ]
ʒ,ɣ > ʲ /_Consonant
ʲ > /Consonant_Consonant
[ɔo]w > u
w[ɔo] > u
u > o /#_
Consonant > /Consonant_Consonant and Consonant > /#_Consonant and Consonant > /Consonant_#
Consonant[unvoiced] > Consonant[voiced /_Consonant[voiced]
Consonant[unvoiced] > Consonant[voiced /Consonant[voiced]_

[uo] > y /_ConsonantVowel
t, d  > tʲ, dʲ /Vowel_Vowel
ts, dz > tʃ, dʒ /Vowel_Vowel
t, d  > tʲ, dʲ /_#
ts, dz > tʃ, dʒ /_#
> j /[xɣh]_[eiyɛ]
Consonant[unvoiced] > Consonant[voiced /Vowel_Vowel
Consonant[voiced] > Consonant[unvoiced /_#

e > ɛ /ʲ_
e > ɛ /_#
o > ɔ /#_Consonant
ɑ > /ConsonantNasal_ɑ
θ > s /_#
θ > s /#_ !_i
[tθ] > ʃ /_i !Nasal_
[dð] > ʒ /_i !Nasal_
[iu] > /_#
r > ɾ /Vowel_Vowel
o > oʊ /_#
m > n /_[tdθðsz]
n > m /_[pbɸβ]
VowelConsonant > ConsonantVowel /VowelConsonant_#

Use this in the SCA2 to convert the ipa from ancient enhe (aka enhe) to modern enθe :

The SCA2 can also turn this ipa into the needed Latin orthography :

Or into the needed orthography used for fonts made for enθe :


Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p b t d
Fricative ɸ β θ ð ç x ɣ h
Fricative (palatalized) xʲ ɣʲ
Sibilant s z ʃ ʒ
Affricate ts dz tʃ dʒ
Approximant l j w
Trill r
Flap or tap ɾ


Front Back
Close i y u
Close-mid e o
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open ɑ


ipa on vowel ipa countour numeral contour
neutral ō ˧ (3)
rising ǒ ˨˥ (25)
low ò ˨˩ (21)
low rising o᷅ ˩˧ (13)


Writing SystemEdit

Letter A a B b D d E e F f G h H h I i J j K k L l M m
Sound ɑ b d e~ɛ ɸ ɣ h~ç y j~ʲ x l m
Letter N n O o P p R r S s T t U u V v W w Y y Z z Θ θ
Sound n o~ɔ p r~ɾ s t u β w i z θ
Letter Δ δ š ž ̀ ́ ̄
Sound ð ʃ ʒ ˨˩ ˨˥ ˩˧ ˧






Example textEdit

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