Epirote is a southern Slavic language, related most closely to Aetolian, Thessalian and Macedonian Slavic. It shares many features with western Thessalian and northern Aetolian, but shares multiple isoglosses with Macedonian that its two other neighbours do not have. Epirote as a whole is made up of multiple dialects and speech forms that each have their own unique features; the article describes only coastal central Epirote that has taken hold as a prestige dialect.

Primary Changes (Core Southernmost Slavic)Edit

 ——> Qualitative tone levelling
 V́ V̄́ V̏$V > V̀ V̂ V$V̀ [kǫ́tъ > kǫ̂tъ; nȅvodъ > nevòdъ]
 V̄$V̂ > V̌$Ṽ [krīknêšь > krīknẽšь]
 ——> Havlík's Law
 ъ ь > e̱ o̱ / alternating, per Havlík [krě̀pъkъ > krě̀po̱kъ]
 ъr rь ъl lь > ṟ ṟ ḻ ḻ / only in liquid diphthongs [mъ̀rky > mr̀ky; !lъ̂žъ > lô̱žъ]
 ъ̀ ь̀  ъ̂ ь̂ > è̱ ò̱ ê̱ ô̱ [lь̀­go̱kъ > lè̱go̱kъ]

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