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Noun declension in Erytheian.

There are 5 declension patterns in Erytheian, depending on the root vowel.

First declensionEdit

Theme in -a. Example: colomba (pigeon).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative colomba colombe
Accusative colombâ
Ablative colombî

Second declensionEdit

The nouns in the second declension have a theme in -o. There are, however, three models: one for nominative in -û (hortû, garden), one for nominative with no ending (vir, man), and one for former neutra with plurals in -a (belo, war).

Type Full nominative Broken nominative Former neutra
Case Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative hortû horte ve vire belo bela
Accusative horto hortô viro virô belo bela
Ablative horto hortî viro virî belo belî

Third declensionEdit

Theme in -i or consonant. The nominatives are most of the times deliberate, though the rest of the declension follows some patterns.

Type dô (theme in -c) leo (theme in -n) nomen (former neutrum)
Case Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative ducê leo leonê nomen nomina
Accusative duce ducê leone leonê nomine nomina
Ablative duce ducibû leone leonibû nomine nominibû

Fourth declensionEdit

Theme in -u. It's being assimilated by the second declension, so it's not rare to find nouns from this one being declined as if they had a theme in -o.

Type frottû (fruit) former neutrum, corno (horn)
Case Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative frottû frottû corno cornua
Accusative frotto frottû corno cornua
Ablative frotto frottibû corno cornibû

Fifth declensionEdit

Theme in -e. It's being assimilated by the first declension, but this fact is frowned upon and not accepted in high spheres.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative diê diê
Accusative die diê
Ablative die diebû

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