The author wishes to make it clear this project is currently undergoing significant construction or revamp.
By all means, take a look around. Thank you.

This page contains all the known and attested words in the Esbnitt language. It is arranged by word types then native alphabetical order- υ ϋ ε έ Ι Ϊ ο ό α ά κ ψ η τ Δ θ θ´ μ ν π β Ω ρ λ Ξ ς χ χ´ Γ φ.

Number name Edit

ςετ 1

κΙΔ 2

ςκΙΔ 3

ψΙΔ 4

γεν 8

ςλιδ 16

θος 32

λατ 64

κλατ 128

κιΔ-κλατ 256

ψιΔ-κλατ 512

γεν-κλατ 1024

ςλιδ-κλατ 2048

θος-κλατ 4096

λατ-κλατ 8198

κλατ-κλατ 16384

The ohigher numbers are obtained by prefixing.

This conlang is a work in progress. It will be expanded. Edit


κΙλ 64

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