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Example-Eternal iwap blocker.

Eth ein son gath ti cos enigian,eth ein gath ti sinamo.Kolsa nwa ethra slisna. - You-eth / Are-ein / Not-son / There-gath / To-ti / Make-cos / Friends-enigian / Learn-sinamo / Focus-Kolsa / On-nwa / Your-ethra / Studies-slisna

Example-You are not there to make are there to learn.Focus on your studies.

Si coi eth. - I-si / Love-coi / You-eth

Example- I love you.

Besudiv su tuuk eterno lewp suyi codir basc kun,ti eth. -Because-Besudiv / My-Su / Path- tuuk / Always-eterno / Leads-lewp / Me-suyi / Right-codir / Back-basc / Here-kun / To-ti / You-eth

Example- Because my path always leads me right back here,to you.

Suker - Plant with healing properties and the ability to bring someone back from the brink of death.Has to be mixed with Ethtrian blood.Side effects include glowing blue veins.

Fera per gor frena loga. - Heart-Fera / Of-Per / The-Gor / Frozen-Frena / Sea-Loga (this is a sea lantern on their planet that they make into necklaces)

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