"Belíma cór Moca ba Dírich" (Teachings on the Truth of Words)Edit

la On bhoc me cím ba ít cór di pon éloc té dírich cór ít, té théchím ét bhoc dó bhén bér ganén rel én con me moca cór lú fhén cur ébhécibh gír me rí.

I As it comes to me, for the reason of its being true, that it is evident when we speak that from a greater aspect than any one thing comes the words themselves.

le In té níl bhér ít, té ét ne té én chímén cór con nu ét ne té én ra chímén dó ét tel dén cím én me rí 'ce cór con.

II Without this higher good, things would either lack any quality at all or would hold no common property to make them intelligible.

lo Ach té dén níl mhoca at cu ét ne té ét lé me tol cona cóbh níl bér pon níl bér ét té cun ít me bér ít?

What other case can be made for the commonality of things which is not that all things strive both for and after some higher good which resembles this?

li On té ít, cún cuc níl bér ba én chím dó gír me rí...

IV As this is the case, we must take our first glance of higher good from language...


ra An ne cím ni gír bhén rel ditol moca ítibh me rí cur ébéci gír me rí.

I Yet, when we speak cannot say or understand more than these words themselves.

ro On tel té con ét té ít cór írím cu ét gír ít cé rí, Cún chím ít dó ditol moc me di, tel cím én con me rí cór ít.

II Although something may exist within an object distinct from what we speak of, if we are to understand it at all, we must understand it from the word itself.

ru On té írím ítíbh ét dén bhén dó cíné rel ganén, Bhé moc ét té írím dó ganéna cu ít me rí.

III It is from this distinction which makes the whole more than parts that grants us a word for a thing distinct from its components.

re In té ít, té ditol moc cór bér mhocéna na té.

IV Were it not, then great poems would be mere words.

ri Téchím thé bér rel con ítíbh cu moca.

V In words it is manifest that there is some greater thing in them.


na On té tol ítibh, gír me rí cé bér, gír me rí cé chon ét té írim rel díra na ganéna me ít.

I Thus when we speak of Good, we speak of a state distinct from any action or trait.

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