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General informationEdit


Consonants - (C1)Edit




    Nasal       Plosive      Trill   
Alveolar Z S         R    
/z/ /s/ /ɾ/
Bilabial M B P
/m/ /b/ /p/
Dental T
Glottal H
Labio-dental V F
/v/ /f/
Post-alveolar Dj* C L N D
/ʒ/ /ʃ/ /l/ /n/ /d/
Uvular X
Velar G K
/g/ /k/

Compound consonants - (C1C2)Edit

B Bl /bl/ Br /br/
General General
C Cl /ʃl/ Cx /ʃχ/
Initial Initial
D Dj /ʒ/
F Fl /fl/ Fr /fr/
General General
G Gl /gl/ Gr /gr/
General General
K Kh /k'h/ Kl /kl/ Kr /kr/
Initial General General
P Ph /p'h/ Pl /pl/ Pr /pr/ Ps /ps/
Initial General General General
T Tc /t͡ʃ/ Th /t'h/ Tj /d͡ʒ/ Tl /tl/ Tr /tr/ Ts /ts/
General Initial General General General General
V Vl /vl/
Z Zl /ʒl/

Vowels - (V)Edit

Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Open a /a/
Near-open ê /æ/
Open-mid é /ɛ/ à /ʌ/ ó /ɔ/
Close-mid e /e/ o /o/
Near-close ü /y/         ë /ʏ/
Close i /i/ î /ɨ/                       u /u/
Degree -1 Degree 0 Degree +0.5 Degree +1 Degree +2
à /ʌ/ a /a/
ë /ʏ/ e /e/ é /ɛ/ ê /æ/
i /i/ î /ɨ/
o /o/ ó /ɔ/
u /u/ ü /y/

Modifier - (m)Edit

B Suppression Plosive – non-pulmonic bilabial /ɓ/
C Distortion Fricative post-alveolar /ʃ/
D Suppression Plosive – non-pulmonic alveolar /ɗ/
F Distortion Fricative labio-dental /f/
G Suppression Plosive – non-pulmonic velar /ɠ/
J Decay Approximant palatar /j/
L Distortion Lateral Approximant post-alveolar /l/
M Distortion Nasal bilabial /m/
N Distortion Nasal post-alveolar /n/
Q Distortion Approximant post-alveolar /ɹ/
R Distortion Trill post-alveolar /r/
S Distortion Fricative alveolar /s/
W Rise Approximant labio-velar /w/
W Decay Aproximante labio-velar /w/
X Distortion Fricative uvular /χ/
Y Rise Approximant palatar /j/
'S Post-distortion Fricative alveolar /s/

Final Kodas - (K)Edit

kh Velar Aspirate Plosive
ph Bilabial Aspirate Plosive
th Dental Aspirate Plosive

Compound Vowels - (Vm)Edit

B Ab Àb Eb Éb Ib Îb Ob Ób Ub
C Ac Àc Ec Éc Ic Oc Óc Uc
D Ad Àd Ed Éd Id Îd Od Ód Ud
F Af Àf Ef Éf If Of Óf Uf
G Ag Àg Eg Ég Ig Og Óg Ug
J Aj Àj Ej Éj Êj Ij Oj Ój Uj
L Al Àl El Él Il Îl Ol Ól Ul
M Am Em Ém Ëm Im Om Um Üm
N An En Én Ën In On Un Ün
Q Aq Àq Eq Éq Ëq Iq Îq Oq Óq Uq Üq
R Ar Er Ér Ir Or Ór Ur
S As Às Es És Ës Is Os Ós Us Üs
W wA wE wI wO wU
W Aw Àw Ew Éw Ëw Iw Ow Ów Uw Üw
X Ax Àx Ex Éx Ëx Ix Ox Óx Ux Üx
Y yA yE yI yO yU


Letter Name Phonetics Role
A A /a/ Vowel
B Ba /ba/ Consoant Modifier
C Ca /ʃa/ Consoant Modifier
D Da /da/ Consoant Modifier
E E /e/ Vowel
F Fe /fe/ Consoant Modifier
G Ge /ge/ Consoant Modifier
H He /he/ Consoant
I I /i/ Vowel
J Ej /ej/ Modifier
K Ki /ki/ Consoant
L Li /li/ Consoant Modifier
M Mi /mi/ Consoant Modifier
N Ni /ni/ Consoant Modifier
O O /o/ Vowel
P Po /po/ Consoant
Q Oq /oɹ/ Modifier
R Ro /ɾo/ Consoant Modifier
S So /so/ Consoant Modifier
T To /to/ Consoant
U U /u/ Vowel
V Vu /vu/ Consoant
W Wo /wo/ Modifier Modifier
X Xu /χu/ Consoant Modifier
Y Yu /ju/ Modifier
Z Zu /zu/ Consoant Modifier



General (C1(C2)) V (m(c))
Final (C1(C2)) V (m(c);K)

C1 - Simple Consonant 

C1C2 - Compound Consonant 

V - Vowel 

m - Modifier 

c - Additional Modifier 

K - Final Koda

V Opened General
Vm Opened General
Vmc Opened General
VK Opened Final
C1V Closed General
C1Vm Closed General
C1Vmc Closed General
C1VK Closed Final
C1C2V Closed General
C1C2Vm Closed General
C1C2Vmc Closed General
C1C2VK Closed Final


Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No No Yes No No No Yes
Nouns No No No No No No No No
Adjectives No No No No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns No No No No No No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No


Number Pessoa Mode Gender Nominative Accusative Dative
Singular 1st Standard Neutral Iw Ihu Ihu
Reflexive Neutral Ima Imma Inma
2nd Plain Neutral Lu Luhu Luhu
Standard Neutral Lun Lunu Lunu
Humble Neutral Lér Leré Leren
3rd Standard Neutral San Sana Sana
Male Feq Fehé Fehe
Female Moq Mohó Moho
Plural 1st Standard Neutral Inclusive Liw Lihu Lihu
Neutral Exclusive Yu Yuhu Yuhu
Neutral Embracing Lyà Lihà Lihà
2nd Plain Neutral Low Lohu Lohu
Standard Neutral Lon Lono Lono
Humble Neutral Lór Loró Loron
3rd Standard Neutral Ür Ühu Ühu


Article Type Number Mode Gender Nominative Accusative/Nominative
Definite Singular Standard Neutral a lal
Male el lel
Female ol lol
Plural Standard Neutral an lan
Male ane lane
Female ano lano
Partitive Neutral aix laix
Dual Neutral ajli lajli
Indefinite Singular Standard Neutral vid vidda
Male ved vedda
Female vod vodda
Negative Neutral navid navida
Plural Standard Neutral vif vifa
Negative Neutral navif navifa
Partitive Neutral afi afix
Dual Neutral àj làj



There are four tenses in Fartud: the triplet past-present-future and, sometimes seen as aspect in other languages, the aoristic. These four tenses can be conjugated in up to 7 aspects.

Past Present Future Aoristic
Simple Paxfe I Fucur I Etéqnum I
Immediate Eskontinwu Kontinwu Imecyato Etéqnum II
Uncertain Thawbéj Etéqnum III
Neutral Paxfe II Fucur II
Recurrent Pretérum Prazén
Remote Paxfe III Fantazye
Single Paxfe IV Lajtà

1) Simple Aoristic - Etéqnum I Edit

This verbal form is the same as the verb nominal form. The tense does not specifies the moment that the sentence takes place. The Simple aspect shows that the event is certain; in this case, independent on when it happens.

Ex.: "Rexad" (to find) -> rexad. "Lér rexad lyi'f" (You, sir/madam, will find love, if you have not found it yet).

2) Recurrent Present - Prazén Edit

The Prazén tense-aspect represents an action or state the recurs in the present time.

Immediate Present - Kontinwu Edit

Simple Past - Paxfe I Edit

Simple Future - Fucur I Edit

Immediate Past - Eskontinwu Edit

Immediate Future - Imecyato Edit

Recurrent Past - Pretérum Edit

Neutral Past - Paxfe II Edit

Neutral Future - Fucur II Edit

Uncertain Future - Thawbéj Edit

Immediate Aoristic - Etéqnum II Edit

Uncertain Aoristic - Etéqrnum III Edit

Remote Past - Paxfe III Edit

Remote Aoristic - Fantazye Edit

Single Past - Paxfe IV Edit

Single Aoristic - Lajtà Edit

Paxfe I He ate yesterday
Pretérum He have been eating since yesterday
Paxfe II He has eaten
Eskontinwu He has just eaten
Paxfe III It has been so long ago, but he ate in that time
Paxfe IV He has eaten only once
Prazén He uses to eat
Kontinwu He is eating
Fucur I He is going to eat next week
Imecyato He is going to eat right now
Thawbéj He may eat someday
Fucur II He will eat
Etéqnum I He shall eat, if he hasn't eaten yet
Etéqnum II He eats since he has been existing
Etéqnum III He may have already eaten or, probably will eat
Fantazye It is unlikely that he will eat even once during his life
Lajtà When he does not exist anymore, he will have eaten only once



Example textEdit

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