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The Rider family consists of 25 languages derived from a language called Proto-Rider (the roots of which were developed from Insular Celtic languages, mainly Irish Gaelic and Welsh). The Riders had a vocabulary centered around the riding of horses, being the first on [un-named continent] to do so. Their language consisted of the following sounds:


b p k g d t h l r m n s (consonantal i)


a e i o u

Vowels cannot begin a word, so an h is placed before an initial vowel.

Here is the roots lexicon that I have so far:

PERSONS: dunen

person: dun-

adult: pir-

child: lim-

parent: had-

offspring: hias-

sibling: dir-

cousin: der-

grandparent: kurad-

grandchild: kurias-

_in law: _dil-

leader: rihdun-

teacher, scholar, wizard: muridun-

doctor: tur(dun)-

hunter: pigdun-

builder: deldun-

rider: kepdun-

deity: (kep)dao-

BODY PARTS: dedunen

head: kin-

arm: lum-

hand: lau-

leg: kos-

foot, hoof: trod-

ear: klas-

organ: kil-

belly: tar-

mouth: kab-

nose: ron-

eye: sul-

digit: dek-

hair, mane: kobil-

tail: pein-

NATURE: kanpuren

grass: pur-

tree: kan-

redwood: darkan-

oak: derkan-

apple tree: hulkan-

berry: kor-

blueberry: gomkor-

raspberry: darkor-

flower: blud-

rose: darblud-

lotus: husblud-

river: rud-

lake: lok-

star: rilt-

water: hus-, dur-

earth: krig-, han-

fire: grin-

air: huir-

light: gil-

ANIMALS: kepgadren

horse: kep-

dog: gadar-

prairy-dog: kin-

gazelle: pih-

mouse: lug-

ospre: uler-

fish: his-

fly: kil-

caterpillar: pilik-

lion: ruh-

gull: parin-

COLOURS: darbihgomen

red: dar-

yellow: bih-

blue: gom-

black: dub-

white: pun-

HOME: highem

house: hig-

blanket; plen-

bed: nid-

pillow: lib-

couch: nod-

mat: pur-

chair: kad-

door: bod-

window: hirbod-

fireplace: grin(tar)-

plate: hit-

pot, bowl: tet-

cup: kup-

clothing: gah-

spoon: bon-

knife: sin-

shovel: ban-

axe: tah-

arrow: peg-

bow: kug-


big: mor-

small: big-

good: med-

bad: don-

many: en-

much: ten-

very: hane-

some: neb-

more: gel-

most: per-

less: dongel-

all: pod-

light: gid-

dark: du-


and: gus

but: hag

or: noh

nor: ninoh


to: go

from: has

of: de

at: do

for: har

in: hi

out: hes

around: da

on: hir-

under: pi

up: lin

down: dus

with: hid

without: gan, nihid

before: rib

after: hed

during: pid

away: ger

YES: his

NO: ni


who: podun/dunpo

what: po(ral)

when: pogil/gilpo

where: popur/purpo

why: pohar/harpo

how: porud/rudpo

how many: pokim/kimpo

NUMBERS: kimen

0 nil

1 hin

2 dehu

3 drihe

4 keha

5 henk

6 suk

7 sipa

8 haket

9 naba

10 diga

11 din

12 did

13 didri

14 dik

15 dink

16 dis

17 dispa

18 dihak

19 dina

20 dega

21 den

22 ded

23 dedri

24 dek

25 denk

26 des

27 despa

28 dehak

29 dena

30 driga

40 kega

50 hega

60 suga

70 spaga

80 haga

90 naga

100 gata

1,000 gisel, enpil

10,000 digisel, dienpil

100,000 gatagisel, gatenpil

1,000,000 mun

VERBS: dinen

be: ta

have: kla

do: dinu

go: mi

say: dodi, kamti

speak: sira

walk: kere

run: rede

hunt: pige

ride: kepa

fight; pihe

learn: do

think: muri

feel: timla

see: kura

hear: kle

smell: rona

taste: bla

touch: ki

search: si

find: seri

make: ginu

beget: gitoru

love: karu

hate: hadu

remember: penu

forget: dime

allow: leta

be able: kona

have to: sale

want: hiso

need: hesi

give: ri

get: kile

take: kumi

count: kimu

steal: kido

eat: mani

drink: hipe

bring: bire

come: tara

leave: gadi, baridi

like: kopi

pass: boda

remain: rosa

change: hura

live: bo

die: maru, tuga

grind: turile

bury: nituga

destroy: niginu

believe: hara, koredu

grow: gela, gerba

diminish: nigela

separate: nigune, rutogi

teach: mura

thank: grade

ask: pela

beg: haste

rain (weather): pole

rain (cry): kriseka

rain (figurative): lobi

HELLO: hal

GOODBYE: selana

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