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A Swadesh list for Fren'mfen.

English Fren'mfen
I iio
you (singular) diio
he niio
she niio
we (incl.) fiio
we (excl.) fiio
you (plural) fdiio
they fniio
this ken
that so
here obii
there ike
who qok
what qun
where qal
when qoch
how qolii
not 'm
all -arm, -rech
many -piisa
few -piis'm
other qas
big ujhii
long tel, piij
wide plet
thick gok
dangerous belii
harmless bel'm
heavy fosh
small iinii
short sech
narrow plet'm
woman viiok
man (adult male) piiok
Man (human being) iiglii
child iinii
wife sus
husband bron
mother teliis
father dob
animal kret
fish mag
bird vujh
dog dab
cat fuliin
snake giil
worm trok
tree aliient
forest aliientarm
stick aliiospariin
fruit jiim
seed kak
leaf aljosparsmu
root asklu
bark el
flower hofii
grass fiirdru
rope kim
skin lin
meat sukun
blood kruvii
bone haq
fat (n.) dev
egg tort
horn muliiq
tail po
feather sat
hair selen
head atak
ear liir
eye mii
nose slub
mouth am
tooth gelun
tongue ful
fingernail dibel
foot hor
leg pad
knee huch
hand driif
wing sub
belly prost
guts galumf
neck ilin
back tap
breast hjot
heart flodii
liver bekin
tower tril
drinking dov
eating tabel
biting les
sucking gogol
spitting pesh
vomiting turqlu
blowing inmelol
breathing hol
laughing apriish
crying dol
seeing mo
hearing lo
knowing anok
thinking olmen
smelling bes
sleeping fol
living lorm
dying hjilmnek
killing nakinek
doing so
fighting enfistru
hunting gruv
hitting lap
cutting fiin
scratching shand
digging shol
wanting iirch-
swimming jhond
flying hjan
walking kiik
coming dres
laying undul
sitting jhef
standing pot
falling grot
giving as
holding iish
going kiik
washing pasten
wiping doch
pulling hos
pushing hiiv
throwing bil
tying meg
counting endiir
saying to
singing ulos
playing jem
flowing garun
freezing sel
dancing tag
sun fii
moon ol
star duliien
water miis
rain spig'n
river ro
lake orii
sea miir
salt aso
stone boj
sand priit
dust skov
soil ard
cloud solon
fog gostrii
sky qandr'm
wind inmu
snow posii
ice sel
smoke afan
fire pii
ashes puk
burning epiir
mountain mordel
white edul
black romfol
night drum
day don
year ju
warm fal
cold ekintrii
full chach
empty naj
new gil
old garo
good opru
best optiiatrii
bad sme
worst smatrii
rotten fich
dirty on
straight shapun
round amos
sharp odel
dull odl'm
smooth egriion
wet miisii
dry enfii
correct gol
near ban
far tel
right sam
left jhasun
into ea
away from umd
with -amo
and ii
for iisii
if projh
because bodiij

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