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From japaneseEdit

V >   /VC_ !_# (kanodʑo > kandʑo)
[i, ɯᵝ] >   /N_# (nani > nan) 
C >   /_² !V_V ![pp, tt, kk]
nn > n (onna > ona)
i >   /ɕ_ !#_ !(only vowel) (mɯᵝɕi > mɯᵝɕ)
ui > wi
ɯᵝ >   /s_ !#_ (karasɯᵝ > karas)
[bdg] > [ptk] /V_C
[szɕ] > t /V_C /_#
z > s
[dʑ, dz, ts, tɕ] > t /V_C
[ɽ~ɺ] > ɾ /V_(j/w)V (kokoro > kokoɾo)
[ɽ~ɺ] > l
ng > ŋg /V_V (manga > maŋga)
h > ɦ /_V !_[i, ɯᵝ]
h > ç /i
h > ɸ /_ɯᵝ
iwa > ya
ɯᵝwa > wa
only in verbs :
ɯᵝ > o /_# (final u turns into o)
(from here on the sound changes merge)

From koreanEdit

ɯ > ɯᵝ
[ɛ, ø] > e
ʌ > a /[k, k͈, kʰ, h]
ʌ > o
[p~b, t~d, k~g] > [b, d, g] (koŋ > goŋ)
[p͈, t͈, k͈, pʰ, tʰ, kʰ] > [p, t, k, p, t, k]
tɕ > dʑ
[t͈ɕ, tɕʰ] > tɕ
[s͈, sʰ] > s
l > ɾ /V_V
[sz] > ɕ /_i
[t, d] > [tɕ, dʑ] /_i
h > ç /_[i, u]
h > ɸ /_ɯᵝ
h > ɦ
only in verbs:
hada > ho /_#
da > o /_#
(from here on the sound changes merge)

Merged soundchangesEdit

d > j /V_V

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