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This language is an OSV language, hailing from old english. If you don't know what an OSV language is:

Just like this it sounds. Lazy dog the fox jumped over. Yoda it sounds like.

Why OSV?

Because it sounds cool, that's why.

Why no kays?

Because. I don't want kuh kuh krink krak krek in my language.

A few things to point out are that no words are allowed to end in vowels, r's are pronounced ar as in car not ah as in cah, and it has slow syllables, just like english.


Dictionary so far: (Not Organized in any way)


Nullagot = 0

Oneegot = 1

Dovagot = 2 (and so on and so forth)








-Vim = Ten (ie, Thaedoevim =  15)

-Gen = 20

-Treed = 30 (and so on and so forth)






-Dovim = 100 (ie, Oloedovim = 108, Thaedoeweevdovim =  145, Chrivafeserdovimhevergot = 753)

-Chaevim = 1,000

-Wesavim = 10,000

-Gefavim = 100,000

-Godgot = 1,000,000


Iem = me, I

Vaeg = you

Baeg = far away land

Soon = go to

Waen= Build

Graen = Sowly destroy

Dast = Destroy

Baiyaed = life

Denteg = terminate senses

Dieyal = Time

-ees = multiple (ie, Vaegees for y'all, Aegees formdays, etc.)

-yet = past tense

-riv = doing

-waes = going to do

-Aeg = Day

-eean = noun, place

-Lan = noun, place

-og (ohg) = masculine, name/place

-eeg (eeg) = feminine, name/place

-ed (ehd) = no gender, name/place

-en (ehn) = title

-oar = title

-grif= city, town

-Geiyur = citadel

-gein = no/not/anti

-gūj (gooj) = good/pro

-Oegan = before/pre

-Gevan = after/post

-ow (ohw) = makes object

-gaw (gaw) = makes abstract

bloeg(bloge) = book, script

gonol (gohnohl) = true statement

liad (lee add ) = story, tale

bef = like, similar

Gwol = Day

Dweer = Night

Gweer = Afternoon

Dwol = Morning

Oegandwol = Sunrise

Gevangweer = Sunset

Gael = Language

Gwevoargael = This language

Gwevoar = One who speaks Gwevoargwael

Oeneeg = Tribe

Weeyr = Bed

Thoew = Sleep

Yar = Tall, large, high position

Laend = Land

Woard = Ward

Woed = Sad

Nieb = Bad

Leoeg = Light

God = Big, Large

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