Tehya untaha sā? Tehya.
Do you sleep? Yes I do sleep.

Detehya untaha sā? Zatehya.
Do you not sleep? I do indeed sleep.


Auma mā hāuvon.
I hunt the animal.

Tanauma mā hāuvon.
I am hunted by the animal.


Jōma mā.
I drink.

Maimmagi mani.
We laughed.

Vāçasıra sā.
You will see.


Sūhwanaca tā.
He has sat.

Sūhwagunaca tā.
He had sat.

Sūhwasɵranaca tā.
He will have sat.

Dlūlahapanta sā.
You are singing.

Dlūlahagunta sā.
You were singing.

Dlūlahasɵranta sā.
You will be singing.

Sēnmapanaça mani.
We have been standing.

Sēnmaginaça mani.
We had been standing.

Sēnmasıranaça mani.
We will have been standing.

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