The verb va means "to be" and it is the only irregular verb in Halɵ. There is no passive conjugation for this verb.

Realization Expected Conjugation Meaning
Affirmative va va yes
Marked Affirmative zavɵ zava yes, on the contrary
Negative dovɵ deva no, not
Present va va to be, is, are, am
Past vagı vagi was, were
Future vasıra vasıra will be
Present Perfect vanca vanaca has/have been
Present Progressive vampa vapanta to be/is/are/am being
Present Perfect Progressive vapança vapanaça has/have been being
Past Perfect vagınaca vaginaca had been
Past Progressive vainga vaginta was/were being
Past Perfect Progressive vaginça vaginaça had been being
Future Perfect vasınaca vasıranaca will have been
Future Progressive vasınta vasıranta will be being
Future Perfect Progressive vasınça vasıranaça will have been being

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