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An Article in Hatarian(I made this language):

  • " 's"means /sh/ in transcript</span>

Hamurti sa gi neyiwkar e neyiwvomillar mop Orobazia.Mayijat najyir kosli neyiwa's e neyiwvomille's. Se mu me's* ki'sy,gormati osmu kaldira gi Germani neyiwvomill, herkal osmu kaldira gi Slavona neyiwvomill, cerm osmu kaldira​​ gi Romanal neyiwvomill, lihcerm osmu kaldira Finugrial neyiwvomill, halov osmu kaldira gi Baltar neyiwvomill,dorgorma osmu kaldira Shqiparis neyiw, lihhalov osmu kaldira Grecal neyiw, oran osmu kaldira gi Arabpa e Turka neyiwvomill,indigo osmu kaldira gi Kawkaza neyiwvomill e burnu osmu kaldira gi Homni Aziak Neyiw e Neyiwvomill.

A translation in English:


This is the language and language families Eurasian map. It shows different languages and language families. As you can see,the red represents the Germanic language family,the green represents the Slavic language family,the blue represents the Romance language family, the light blue represents the Finno-Ugric language family, the yellow represents the Baltic language family, the dark red represents the Albanian language,the light yellow represents the Greek language,the orange represents the Arabic and Turkish language family, the indigo represents the Caucasian language family and the brown represents the other languages and language families in Asia.

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