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Helvoran Language
Langue d'Elvoir
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The Helvoran Language (Helvoran: La Langue d'Elvoir, IPA: læ læɲʒ dɛlvwæ), is a Romance language, spoken in the modern day Kingdom of Helvore, a fictitious nation between France and the United Kingdom, curving southward parallel to the west coast of France, before almost reaching the Spanish border on the south coast of the country. Helvoran is the official language of the Kingdom of Helvore, as well as all its overseas territories, and is estimated to have some 70,000,000 speakers globally, whether that be as a mother tongue or secondary language. Helvoran is a mostly fusional language, with a few agglutinative tendancies.

Demographics and Culture: Edit

Geographical Distribution: Edit

History: Edit

Aelvoran: Edit

Roman Conquest and Latin Influence: Edit

Old Helvoran: Edit

Middle Helvoran: Edit

Contemporary Helvoran: Edit

Cultural Significance: Edit

Helvoran Language Distribution

Global Distribution of the Helvoran Language. Dark Blue = Countries whose official language is Helvoran. Medium Blue - Countries where Helvore is a recognised regional language or secondary official language. Light Blue = Countries where Helvoran is an unrecognised regional language or minority language.

Phonology: Edit

Phonetics: Edit

Consonants: Edit

Vowes: Edit

Stress and Dialects: Edit

Notes on Stress: Edit

Dialects: Edit

Phonotactics and Spelling: Edit

Phonotactics: Edit

Spelling: Edit

Writing System: Edit

Alphabet: Edit

Diacritics: Edit

Grammar: Edit

Lexical Morphology: Edit

Inflectional Morphology: Edit

Noun Declension: Edit

Declension by Case: Edit
Declension by Gender: Edit
Diminutives, Augmentatives, and Despectives: Edit

Verbal Morphology: Edit

Inflection by Person: Edit
Inflection by Number: Edit
Inflection by Tense: Edit
Inflection by Aspect: Edit
Inflection by Mood: Edit
Other Notes on Verbs: Edit

Adjectival Inflection: Edit

Declension by Gender: Edit
Comparatives and Superlatives: Edit
Adverbs: Edit

Pronouns: Edit

Personal Pronouns: Edit
Demonstratives: Edit

Syntax: Edit

Noun Phrase: Edit

Verb Phrase: Edit

Forming Questions: Edit

Negation: Edit

Conjunctions: Edit

Subjunctive Clauses: Edit

Semantic Fields and Pragmatics: Edit

Semantic Fields: Edit

Intentions: Edit

Idioms: Edit

Colloquialisms: Edit

Pragmatics: Edit

Utterances: Edit

Intentions: Edit
Usage: Edit

Colloquialisms: Edit

Dialects: Edit
Vulgar Colloquialisms: Edit

Example Texts: Edit

Notes: Edit

See Also: Edit

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