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Hikiyo is a language spoken by about 300 million people in the region of Naekki, or Himeto-jisho. It is a Japanese creole, but the grammar is distinctively related to austronesian languages.


Hikiyo is a VSO language, unlike its origin. There are no dialects today because the former dialects merged about 300 years ago. Today, those other dialects are lost.

Basic GrammarEdit


Hikiyo articles and pronouns are based mostly on Austronesian formats with Japanese influence here and there. Many times, articles are removed from the sentence, reflecting Japanese origin.


	Absolutive	Ergative	Oblique

Common singular da No Ni Common plural dakara nokara Nikara Personal singular ka de Nie Personal plural kakara gakara Kanie

	Absolutive	Ergative	Oblique

1st person singular wata Ku Niwa

2nd person singular Omai, kimyo Ta, kya Nimo, nikya 3rd person singular Kari, Ashima, Hesa Ri, sa Nika, nisa 1st person plural inclusive bokka Ka Nibo 1st person plural exclusive boyo Yo Niyo 2nd person plural anka Kan Nian 3rd person plural karyo Ryo Niryo


Hikiyo has three basic tenses: Future, Progressive, and Complete. The language conjugates for aspect. There are eight foci: Two agent foci, Patient, Instrumental, Reason, Collective, Locative, and Benefactive.

	Future		Progressive	Completed

Actor Focus1 -o CV- -tta, tte Actor Focus2 -a iCV- -da, de

Collective -an CV--an -anta, ante Object Focus1 -wo CV--wa -wonta, -won, -nta

Locative Focus -kae CV--kae -kaeta, kaete Benefactive Focus i—ko CV--ko -kota, kote Instrument Focus Na- CV--ra -nata, nate Reason Focus Shiki- shiCV- -shita, shite


Adjectives are very subtle in that they are used as they are, straight from the dictionary. However the word for 'that', 'go', is added to show adjectival quality. Also, a ligature, 'n' is used a lot. It can be placed either at the end of the modified noun, or at the end of the adjective itself. Like so:

Boshijon aka - Only Son


Akan Boshijo

((((wait for the rest))))



Example textEdit

This is a poem about America:


Sunde nikara entebisa, Inzo kein sasama, sochubbin, dadanke, Kura se rameku nisa, Bigogo, igogon kahashicha, Punshi no karaku, Inshiri kabare no nyunoku, Yate dachiga no basho, Sate bibinantsuwakaikusa, Go niwa, Ayaitsukusa, Ayaitsukusa kafume yo donjiosa, Sate ndaku manyo ni bassoku, Bigogo, bigogo, wakai eigan basso.


Bashon enentohi ne yaneku go sada yo onjie ni ogomoi yo tataido. Fuyuntaryo kude ni yuifu yo zende kopo wazaezu ni ijiiji ni koniji no jujakan. (Sedzu Izen no Bashoashon Hyuku no Entohin Tataido)

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