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The Hispanian Language Family is a language family that comprises several languages families spoken around Newosweik, all derived from the it's respective protolanguage (see Spanish as a reconstructed protolanguage). Currently, 4 main branches in the family are generally accepted, organizing it's descendants like this:

  • Spanish protolanguage
    • Esupanyá group, derived from Esupanyá
      • Southern Group
      • Northern Group
    • Epeó and it's descendants
      • Western Dialect Continuum
      • Etryeméo
    • Ifpañul and descendants.
      • Suriñu
      • Khustiñyu
    • Minor Dialects

And some linguists classify Traditional Spanglish as part of this language family but also part of the Anglic one, along with all it's descendants.

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