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Classification and DialectsEdit

Hjalma (native: CosiHjalma) is a language that is spoken by about 1,000 people on a small island in the Indian Ocean. The language has no writing system of its own, however, the Latin alphabet was adopted when Catholic missionaries discovered the island and it's inhabitants in 1833. Captain John Arvanis was the first to learn the Hjalma language and documented it extensively. 

Hjalma is a fusional language, much like Spanish. Verbs are affixed depending on who is doing the verb. 



B /b/

C /ts/

D /d/

F /f/

H /h/

Hj /hj/

J /j/

K /k/

L /l/

M /m/

N /n/

Nj /ɲ/

Ng /ɳ/

P /p/

R /ɹ/

S /s/

T /t/

Dj /ʤ/

Z /z/


A /a/

E /ɛ/

I /ɪ/

O /ɔ/

Ā /a:/

Ō /u:/


  • S is pronounced as /ʃ/ when preceded by a consonant. 
  • If both preceded and followed by a vowel, such as in the word 'dry' - Djangi - Ng is pronounced /n/
  • T is pronouced /θ/ when it ends a word. 

Writing SystemEdit

Captain John Arvanis was the first to adapt the Latin alphabet to write Hjalma. The natives called it Lading Listit.






Example textEdit

CosiHjalma was the language of our ancestors, and their ancestors, all the way back to the beginning of the world, when Lafi, the God of the Sun, created the tree of life. It is the fruit of this tree that sustains us to this day. The Coconut Palm. 

CosiHjalma nat tsunghu anj paretangot hjo djal paretangot, haha fālsa ak djensasa anj jalat, eh lāfi, Mongaci Bsim, belōngtis ābālinsi ngofi. Haki sfukti anj ābālinsi hjimbilkit ahjalma ak nselmse. Ābānukāfi. 

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