/i u e o a/

V > Vː _CV (except aspirates), _C+voice#,  _# and stress

eː > eɪ̯

oː > oʊ̯

Cː > C

eɪ̯ > aɪ̯

oʊ̯ > aʊ̯

Vh > Vː

short V > V+lax

uː > yː _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

ʊ > ʏ _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

oː > øː _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

ɔ > œ _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

aː > æː _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

a > æ _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

aʊ̯ > ɔʏ̯ _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

aɪ̯ > æɪ̯ _(C...)iː, ɪ, j

iː > yː _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

ɪ > ʏ _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

eː > øː _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

ɛ > œ _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

aː > ɔː _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

a > ɔ _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

aɪ̯ > ɔʏ̯ _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

aʊ̯ > ɔʊ̯ _(C...)uː, ʊ, w

uː > oː _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

ʊ > ɔ _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

iː > eː _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

ɪ > ɛ _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

eː > æː _(C...)ɔː, ɔ,  aː, a

ɛ > æ _(C...)ɔː, ɔ, aː, a

oː > ɔː _(C...)ɔː, ɔ,  aː, a

aɪ̯ > aɛ̯ _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

aʊ̯ > aɔ̯ _(C...)oː, ɔː, ɔ, ɛ,  aː, a

ɔː > ɔa̯

V > Ø unstressed

V: > V+short +lax unstressed


w > v

p > f V_V

pʰ > p͡f V_V

b > v V_V

t > s V_V

tʰ > t͡s V_V

d > z V_V

k > x V_V

kʰ > k͡x

g > ɣ V_V

q > χ V_V

qʰ  > q͡χ

sj > ʃ

zj > ʒ

t͡sj > t͡ʃ

tj > t͡ʃ

tʰj > t͡ʃ

dj > d͡ʒ

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