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Hymmnolik is the official language of the Hymmniel Clan of the fictional world Ari'Vecielm. This language is not used in songs, but rather in conversations and communications. This language is quite easy to use.

History Edit

The language is a descendant of Ve'Cyel, the language of the planets. It was created to serve as a part of the Hymmniel Clan's civilization, culture and style.


The language's letters are very similar to the letters of Hymmnos. The reason for this is being of an unknown event many years ago. A long time ago, a Moon Chanter from Ar Ciel, who traveled dimensions, found the Hymmniel Clan in the Ari'Ve Universe, and found their letters and dialects. The Moon Chanter and the clan made friends with each other, and the Moon Chanter returned to his homeworld. In honour of the Hymmniel Clan, he created the letters of Hymmnos, which bear great resemblance to the Hymmnolik letters, as a symbol of friendship. Therefore, Hymmnolik is the ancestor of Hymmnos in simple terms. Hymmnos can manipulate waves, but the Hymmnolik letters are more advanced because they can control each waves with each letter, and their language is incredibly spiritual.
Hymmnolik's Hymmniel

Letter SymbolismEdit

Each letter of the Hymmnolik dialect represents an emotion, object, concept or element. The letters were used as symbols to represent an element, and they were also used in Song Magic.

Letter Meaning Wave Representation Governed by~ Element Chemical Symbolisation
A Emotion, power, power of emotions, songs, Song Magic Hz-Wave Hope Psychic, Psyche Metamorphosis, Change, Alternation
D Space, matter D-Wave
H Psychic, psyche, mind, spiritualism H-Wave Knowledge, wisdom Spiritualism, Spirit, Soul, Anima
J Society, people, world, universe
L Light, divinity, Aether Tz-Wave Justice Divinity, Aether Sublimation
N Chaos, destruction, disorder, discord N-Wave Insanity, madness Darkness Disintegration
P Life, birth P-Wave
X Fire, heat Fire
Y Time, 4th Dimension Time

Emotion Edit

Due to the fact that the Hymmniel Clan are very emotional and open, emotions are included in the dialect.

1st Emote: Level of Emotion 2nd Emote: Emotion 3rd Emote: Desirability of Emotion
  • Aec- Trance-like
  • Ahi- Unwillingness, lethargy
  • Al- Fairly, at a balanced level
  • Ion- Very much
  • Nay- Mightiest, the most important of all
  • Zn- Negation, nothing at all
  • Afa- Curiosity
  • Alva- Sympathy, pity, empathy, understanding
  • Elenyy- Understanding, knowing, anticipation
  • Haqi- Confusion, puzzlement
  • Ifmim- Sadness, misery, sorrow, grief
  • Lapo- Discord, chaos, disorder
  • Npor- Anger, rage, wrath, hatred
  • Prrhana- Purity, goodness
  • Rrhapea- Knowledge, wisdom
  • Tysela- Love
  • Yao- Shock, surprise
  • Yawa- Happiness, joy
  • Zyab- Regret, guilt, remorse
  • Iciku- I never want this to happen again
  • Ier- I want this to stop
  • Ji- I don't mind what happens to me, I'm indifferent
  • Ya- I must protect/help/heal what makes me feel like this

Grammar Edit

The dialect's grammar is easy like English. It is written and read from left to right. It can be expressed normally if the emotions are not part of the matter/subject, or if they are not important. For example:

Ih hyel (I sing) (I)(sing, to sing)


Like all dialects, this language has numbers.

Number Pronunciation Number Pronunciation Number Pronunciation
0 Nil 9 90
1 Uni 10 Dec/de 100
2 Duul 20 1000
3 Trii 30 10000
4 Quas 40 100000
5 Penti 50 1000000
6 Hexa 60 11
7 70 12
8 Octo 80 13

Prefixes Edit

As always, prefixes are attached to the start of the word, seperated from the word by a (').

Function Prefix for word starting with vowel Prefix for word starting with consonant
Ownership Marker qu' aj'
Adjective Marker ri' an'
Adverb Marker zui' ar'
Destination Marker ma' au'
Tool Marker ui' es'
Verb-to-Noun Marker yul' ga'
Negation Marker zn' zi'

Descendant Dialects Edit

Clusternia Note- The language is a descendant of Hymmnolik, and is used in songs. It features a wide array of many emotion sounds.

Hymmnos- A descendant of Hymmnolik, because its letter structures are similar to Hymmnolik letter structures. This is because of a Moon Chanter meeting the Hymmniel Clan millenias ago.

Neonova Note- A descendant of Hymmnolik, it is a technical and programming language. It was designed to create influence on machinery and technology fluently.

Ve'Cyel- Rather than being the descendant, it is the ancestor dialect of Hymmnolik.

Tenses Edit

Tenses are used to show if the action is being used/performed in the future, past or present. To attach the tenses, take away the first letter at the end of the word and then join it with the tense desired.

For words ending with consonants For words ending with vowels
Normal (Past) nu ne
Normal (Present) (None) (None)
Normal (Future) i ja
Imperative (Past) ea ar
Imperative (Present) ze na
Imperative (Future) iz

Hypothetical (Past)

Hypothetical (Present)
Hypothetical (Future)
Desirative ua

Example Text Edit

Ion elenyy ya hyeua qu'hyma (Feeling deep understanding, I want to sing my song)

Lexicon Edit

To see the list of words of Hymmnolik, please visit this page. Hymmnolik/Lexicon Page

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