Iegmagnian is a language created as part as a "what if" scenario concerning Doggerland: what if the ice retreated enough so that parts of Doggerland were still exposed?

In its internal history, Iegmagnian is called Duninmegsa, litterally "Tounge of the Island of the Mixed", because Iegmagian has elements from Celtic, German and Latin.


Iegmagnian uses the following Alphabet:

A a (a)

B b (b)

C c (C)

D d (d)

Ð ð (D)

Ee (e)

F f (f)

G g (g)

H h (h)

I i (I)

Kk (c)

L l (l)

Mm (m)

Nn (n)

Oo (O)

Ø ø (2)

P p (p)

Rr (r\)

Ss (s)

Tt (t)

Þ þ (T)

Uu (U)

Yy (j)

Z (z)


Like many other Romance and Germanic languages, Iegmagian is inflected. There are two forms of inflection: noun and verb. Two examples are given below.


Nouns are inflected by word ending, gender and number. The 4 kinds of inflection are:


Example 1: Zancedemaz (wolf; literally: gray one who eats meat):

Nouns in -a-
Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative *zancedemaz *zancedeōs, -ōz
Accusative *zaancedemun *zancedeaz
Genitive *zancedeza, *zanxedeun
Instrumental *zancedeco


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