English Translation Explanation
Hello Bon ɹol 日+sol<hypothetical "rol"=woah!
Goodbye A re-kan re+ Chinese word for look
See you... A...
Tomorrow/In the Morning Mat-ten Maturing time
Monday Lhua-ɹol Smooth life-> shining-> moon?
Tuesday Mar-ɹol Dies Martis
Wednesday Pan-wik Calque of German Mittwoch
Thursday Dan-ɹol dian is Chinese for Lightening, attributed to Jupiter/Jove
Friday Gen-ten-ɹol Venus and Frigg- Godesses of Love
Saturday Shu-ɹol Shi is Chinese for time, represented by Saturn
Sunday Sen-wik-ɹol Day of the new week
Thank You Zeok Xie, Dank, Diolck
Welcome Beon lai! -