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This lexicon has all the words of Iwar Gopa (new) language.

English Word Type Iwar Gopa Word IPA
beautiful adjective  pichav
(Un)Holy adjective (Ir)Iwar
ancient(s) adjective Agav(o)
Vice adjective Ahir
old adjective Apazve
Northern adjective Dériao
Almighty adjective Goé
new adjective Iapazve
Opposite(s) adjective Ilér(n)
Free adjective imp
simple adjective Jdagar /ʤagaɾ/
Female adjective Lhi/Lli
Male adjective Lpi
Equal adjective orta 
Wise adjective Ssarpna
Great adjective ssir
Great adjective Ssir/Shir
Queries Command Verb  Fhérshis
Oblivion Command verb Ãpiros
Execute(s) Command Verb Ézve(s)
Execute(s) Command verb Ezves /ezves/
} Command verb Mme
{ Command verb Mmo
to let Command Verb pikés
Exists Command verb Pingiou
to pass Command Verb piou
Its (Possessive Determiner genderless/unknown) Determiner Aque /a'kwe/
Its Determiner Aque /akwe/
(Ye) Determiner Lopin /lopin/
(Thee) Determiner Lunir /luniɾ/
Our Determiner Oque /ɔkwe/
Your(Plural) Determiner Quae /kwae/
Their Determiner Quap /kwap/
Your Determiner Quãp /kwãp/
Their(genderless) Determiner Quav /kwav/
My Determiner Quép /kwɛp/
Her Determiner Quiv /kwiv/
His Determiner Quov /kwɔv/
Very Modifier agaké
Beginning(s) Noun A(n)
Season(s) Noun Ag(o)
Atlas(noun) Noun Agthas
Heaven Noun Apalv
rules(law) Noun apiri
Arcadia Noun Aravea
North Noun Dér
Life/Lives Noun É(s)
thought(s) Noun eopiri(s)
Earth(Planet) Noun Épga
Ruler Noun Épi
Mithra(name)(Oath Pact) Noun Équer
President Noun Érhipar
Elemental(s) Noun Farst(o)
bottomless pit Noun fãta
Republic Noun Forinni
Ground(s) Noun Gan(o)
Soil(s) Noun Gar(n)
shaft Noun giaia
Fall/ Autumm Noun Gol
Death(s) Noun Hi(s)
Gate(s) Noun Hibe(s)
Night(s) Noun Inilv(o)
Right(law) Noun ipirl(n)
Wind(s) Noun Jdi(s) /ʤi/
Water(s) Noun Jdun(o) /ʤun/
Fire(s) Noun Ka(n)
Corpse(s) Noun Ma(n)
Rose(s) Noun Maqu(s)
Summer Noun Miv
Name(s) Noun Naé(s)
Day(s) Noun Nilv(o)
Rock(s) Noun Nin(o)
God(genderless) Noun O
Ocean Noun Opék
Sea Noun Oriã
Ocean of Aravea Noun Oripéke
Key(s) Noun Piat(o)
Star(s) Noun Pité(s)
Comet(s) Noun Pitév(o)
Mirage Noun Quãpirinav
Silver Noun Spare
Gold Noun Spire
Archipelago(s) Noun Ssaria(n)
Isle(s) Noun Ssarpinie(s)
Aravea Isle Noun Ssoria
Spring Noun Tel
People Noun Theria
Winter Noun Tou
Tree(s) Noun Wa(n)
Forest(s) Noun Wan(o)
Man/Men Noun Wéq(a)
Wood(s) Noun Wia(n)
World(s) Noun Wole(s)
Creation(s) Noun Zurge(s) / /
1 number Bakv / bakv /
3 number Bérk / bɛɾk /
1,000 number Giak / giɐk /
7 number Haptia / hap.tiɐ /
6 number Likuo / likuɔ /
5 number Lipka / lip.kɐ /
100 number Mik / mik /
100,000 number Mik Giak / mik  giɐk /
9 number Notzvo / nɔt.zvɔ /
8 number Oitiv / ɔitiv /
10 number Optiak / ɔp.tiak /
10,000 number Optiak Giak / ɔp.tiak  giɐk /
1,000,000 number pitékria /pitɛ.kɾiɐ/
2 number Sékv / sɛkv /
0 number Shikba/Ssirkba / ʃ
4 number Sikév / sikɛv /
Its (Possessive Pronoun genderless/unknown) Pronoun Aquol a'kwol
Its Pronoun Aquol akwɔl
It(genderless/ unknown gender) Pronoun Aquq
It (Personal Pronoun genderless/unknown) Pronoun Aquq a'kwk
Ye Pronoun Lo
(Ye) Pronoun Loiur lɔ.juɾ
Thee Pronoun Lun
(Thee) Pronoun Lupir lupiɾ
Ours Pronoun Oquol ɔkwɔl
We Pronoun Oquq
You Pronoun Quã kwã
Yours(plural) Pronoun Quaép kwaɛp
Yours Pronoun Quãl kwãl
Theirs Pronoun Quar kwaɾ
They(Genderless) Pronoun Quarl(Normally for God or superior entity) kwaɾl
They Pronoun Quarq kwaɾk
You Pronoun Quãs kwãs
Mine Pronoun Quépér kwɛpɛɾ
I Pronoun Quér kwɛɾ
She Pronoun Qui
She Pronoun Qui kwi
Theirs(genderless) Pronoun Quiia kwi.ja
 Hers Pronoun Quit kwit
He Pronoun Quor
He Pronoun Quor kwɔɾ
His Pronoun Quot kwɔt
Anxious State of Mind cankin
Sad State of Mind khizvar
not Suffix Ir
to see Verb  legv
to stay verb  ning
to pass Verb  zvapi
to be Verb Eg ɛg
to activate Verb Egiv ɛ.giv
Exec Verb Év
to born Verb genir
to say Verb gopa
to give Verb iagav
to fall Verb izvo
to sleep Verb op
to remain Verb sawe 
to create Verb zu
so (increase adjective)  gig
 (mode that expresses the feelings of the speaker  Ipér
if  Ophalhia
moment  Ssukaspe
maybe captia
Mode of speech that doesn't exist in English Épér ɛpɛɾ
maybe not icaptia
Please Ipei ipej
While Iuvo
to izvan
and La
however Lag
but Lar
of Le
for Leg
by Li
at Liga
as Lin
the Lu
in ol
from zvan

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