Nouns Edit

Word IPA Plural IPA English Word

Verbs Edit

Adjectives Edit

Others Edit

Word IPA Plural IPA English Word
Quae k'ʉɑə ---------- ---------- Your(Plural)
Quap k'ʉɑp ---------- ---------- Their
Quarq k'ʉɑɽk ---------- ---------- They
Quarl k'ʉɑɽl ---------- ---------- They(genderless)
Quã k'ʉæ ---------- ---------- You(Singular)
Quãs k'ʉæs ---------- ---------- You(Plural)
Quép k'ʉɛp ---------- ---------- My
Quéper k'ʉɛpɛɽ ---------- ---------- Mine
Quér k'ʉɛɽ ---------- ---------- I

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