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Iz is (say that five times fast) A small language having less then 15 letters. It is easily pronounced so you don't have to get to worked up on the pronounciation.


The alphabet has 12 characters. But there is one more for numerals/numbers. That character is " ~ " Enclose a number in it and it becomes the number. A better example of this is that "Ne" can be 1 or "what." To make "what" become "1," Enclose it in " ~ ." Like this. Ne=What ~Ne~=1 You pronounce " ~ " as "Shi." Not Sh-Eye, it's She. But it is still spelt as "Shi."

Now, for the alphabet

The alphabet consists of three sections. They are in groups of four letters. The sections are:

1. N W R Y/YI 2.K H NE T 3. A U O I

YI is the only character that has two sounds. Before we get to that, one thing; All the characters in section three can be pronounced any way. A can be Ah or Ay. But most people use this setup; Ah, Uw, O-h ( 'ah' without the 'h' and low pitched. It's not the letter, or 'Oh' it's 'O-h'), Ih. Now, YI. Y is a character that can be "YI" also. You still write Y, but you put a dash after it for it to become "YI." Example: Y=Y Y-=YI There is no plural or past-tense


Words is a work-in-progress. I will add some words every now-and-then. Ten at the least. What = Ne A = Koh Hi = Yakine *Say "Yakine" to a friend. Hello= Yokiko *Say "Yokiko" when you mean business, like, when buying a house. So = Neki Here = Ro

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