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Kapanian Arabic
Morphological Type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic Alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Linguistic Head: Head Initial
Word Order: SOV
Made by: Maxseptillion77

General InformaitonEdit

Named after the Armenian province in which the small Arabic-speaking community migrated to. I know that this is highly improbable, but that's not the point of this. 



Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Laryngeal
Nasal m m n n
Plosive p b p b t d t d k g k g ʔ
Fricative f v f v s z s z ʃ ʒ ṡ ż x ɣ x ġ ħ ʕ ḥ ‘
Approximant w w l r l r j y


Front Central Back
Close i ɪ i e u u
Close-Mid ɵ~ə ă, ŭ
Open-Mid ʌ a



Verbs have five parts based in triliteral roots: the present tense, the perfect tense, the gerund, the active perfect participle, and the passive perfect participle. The sample verb g-t-b, to write, will be used for denoting vowel forms. 



Person and NumberEdit

Verbs have a suffix (or prefix in the first person's case) that agrees with the subject's person and number.

1st 2nd 3rd
Mas Fem Mas Fem
Singular ʔă- أَـ -ta ـتَ -te ـتِ -t ـة
Dual -tŭmă ـتُمَ
Plural nă- نَـ -túm ـتُوم -túnnă ـتُنَّ -ú ـوُ -á ـَا
Mood, Voice, and TenseEdit

Tense and voice depend on the arrangement of vowels in between the consonants. 

Present Perfect
Active Passive Active Passive
Indicative CCăCă- قْتَبَـ CáCCă- قَاتْبَـ CCeC(ă)- قْتِبـ
Subjunctive CCăC(ă)- قْتَبـ CCăCă- قْتَبَـ

Verbal forms merged over time, resulting in a more analytical tense and mood system using auxilary verbs. Subjunctives must be used with g-ā-n, to be, conjugated in the subjunctive followed by the verb conjugated as well in the subjunctive (g-ā-n's passive conjugation is only used when used as an auxillary for the subjunctive).

g-ā-n Present Perfect
Active Passive Active Passive
Indicative gún كُون gán كَان gín كِين
Subjunctive gúnă كُونَ gánă كَانَ

Sound ChangesEdit

Classical > Kapanian

C : consonant | V : vowel | % : intervocalic | ` : unstressed | ´ : stressed | P : plosives

q > g
{tˤ zˤ} > {dˤ sˤ}
{χ ʁ} > {x ɣ}
{θ ð} > {t d}
V̀ > ə / %
{a: i: u:} > {a i u}
w > v ! _C
dʒ > ʒ
Vr > rV
{à ì ù} > {ə ɪ ɵ̞}
á > ʌ
ə > ɵ̞
k > g / #_


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