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The Kineun Hanshoji, or 키는漢制字, is a list of Chinese characters separated into groups based on concepts. 

Below, is a simple list of 66 漢制字 separated into groups based on colors, time, emotions, and directions.

Colors Meaning Time Meaning Emotions Meaning Directions Meaning
黑 (효) Black 時 (씨) Time 愛 (아나루`) Love 上 (상) Up
白 (씨바) White 早 (히쿠) Early 恨 (향다) Hate 下 (샤) Down
灰 (푸`인) Grey 遲 (센치) Late 怒 (누) Anger 左 (조손) Left
銀 (인) Silver 久 (쿄)  Long 恐 (콩) Fear 右 (미손) Right
藍 (할) Blue, Indigo 日 (니) Day 悲 (밴) Sadness 前 (켄) Front
青 (체) Dark green, blue 月 (슨) Month 怕 (바) Fear 後 (후배) Behind, back
綠 (로) Green 夜 (예) Evening 喜 (씨) Delight 中 (추우) Middle (of)
金 (킨) Gold 晚 (완) Late (night) 樂 (태토우) Happy 間 (칸) In(side)
黃 (황) Yellow 晨 (친) Morning 疑 (니이) Doubt 外 (왜) Outside
橘 (쑤) Orange 午 (우) Noon 迷 (미에) Confusion 近 (캉) Near
橙 (도) Orange 期 (키) Week 敬 (킹) Respect 遠 (은) Far
赤 (치) Crimson 古 (쿠) Ancient 悶 (문) Boredom 東 (토우) East
紅 (쿠레`소) Red 春 (횬토) Spring 寂 (수이) Lonliness 南 (남) South
紫 (씨수) Purple 夏 (하씨) Summer 感 (산) To Sense  西 (씨) West
光 (관) Bright 秋 (쿄초) Autumn 覺 (국) To Feel 北 (피) North
暗 (안) Dark 冬 (동새) Winter 情 (치) Emotion 方向 (효헨) Direction
色 (소) Color 季 (치) Season

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