katian verbs
verb verb form "fą"form "fą" meaning
to be mamumi mamufą a way to be
to want bymi byfą a wish
to look, to show, to see, to watch midami midafą a look, a show, a view
to eat, to consume dabemi dabefą food, resources
to go ikimi ikifą a trip
to strugle, to fight tatami tatafą a fight, battle or war
to hear, to listen kakumi kakufą a sound, a noise
to speak,to talk, to say, to comment hadami hadafą conversation, a talk, comment
to love lami lafą love
to write źatmi źatfą writing, typing
to plan ztatmi ztatfą a plan
to desing hećmi hećfą a desing
to have hami hafą possesion
to do, to make, to build śimi śifą process
to be able, can kami kafą ability
to kill koromi korofą murder
to know śęmi śęfą knowledge
to try soumi soufą a try
to word (to speak a lot) kotomi kotofą a word
to letter (to speak too slow or to little) letrimi letrifą a sentence
to laught to death or too much destratemi destratefą something very, very funny
to laugh dasemi dasefą a laugh
to cry gogomi gogofą a cry
to stop tami tafą interruption, stop
to continue hitsumi hitsufą progress
to like sumi sufą a like
to draw, to paint egami egafą painting and drawing (as arts)
to play yogami yogafą a game
to read miźami miźafą a reading
to begin, to start dami dafą beggining
to permit, to allow sakumi sakufą permission
to travel bikotomi bikotofą a travel
to take care simami simafą care taking
to feel kanźimi kanźifą a feeling
to think pitami pitafą a thinking
to believe śinźimi śinźifą a believe
to prefer śokiami śokiafą a preference
to hate nikami nikafą hate
to change karami karafą a change
to act hayomi hayofą an act
to recieve, to get mukakmi mukakfą something you recieve
to give atemi atefą a gift
to plese śuanmi śuanfą a favor
to enjoy yorokomi yorokofą joy
to join źoimi źoifą union
to worry, to care keretmi keretfą a worry
to smell ninetmi ninetfą a smell, an odour
to take, to catch takmi takfą a catch
to be born sekaemi sekaefą a born
to happen, to happen to.. pazemi pazefą a happening
to turn on entenmi entenfą a turn on
to turn off blaćimi blaćifą a turn off

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