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This is the concise Keva-English dictionary.

A Edit

ađađah: swim on back

ađađesen: lie on back

ađađitesen: fall backwards

ađalat: pacify; soothe; calm

ađases: back and forth; to and fro; travel back and forth

ađat: deals to him/her; distribute (playing) cards to

ađaves: flounder

ađenje: worse

ađenjes: worse

ađet: form eddy; back water eddy

ađevas: freckled face

ađeves: say goodbye

ađo: goodbye; always; each time; every time

ađođeđises: imitate the sounds of a squirrel

ađođes: squirrel

ađom: sand; beach sand

ađomahan: prayer; religion; story; news; report; message; discussion

ađomaje: talk to each other; discuss; negotiate

ađomas: pray

ađomeđat: pray for; pray for

ađomovat: tell to; report

ađon: blanket; cane; staff; walking stick

ađonkevat: provide clothing; clothe; provide household goods

ađonkomen: strawberry

ađoses: pace back and forth

ađotezek: walk back and forth; kick back and forth; go in and out

ađotezekovat: walk back and forth; kick back and forth

ađovahan: story; tale

ađoveđoveje: meet on water(by canoe); come together (by rowboat)

ađoves: tell story

ađovevat: tell story to

ađoveveno: storyteller

aeđes: deal

ah: and

ahalađevemat: says it in English; speak English to

ahalađevises: speak the English language

Ahalađevo: English person; Englishman

ahanđeves: observe Sunday

Ahanđevom: Sunday

ahanđevote: week

ahatapas: half·witted

ahatapes: half intoxicated; somewhat intoxicated

ahate: half

ahavekalat: hide; conceal

ahavekat: hide; conceal

ahjekate: shade

ahopes: hidden and sitting

ahote: hidden; hidden area

ahovohomvases: make turn; veer off

ahovohomvaz: make turn; veer off

ahovohonhe: at bend; at turn

ahtankeah: half·full (dry ingredient)

ahtankis: half·full (dry ingredient)

ahtapah: midnight

ahtape: half·filled (with liquid)

ahtapes: half·filled (with liquid)

ajases: gone for good; unable to return

ajejes: small

ajejijes: tiny; very small

ajejis: tiny; very small

ajekunis: bleed to death

ajelases: be a hinderance; hinderance; in the way

ajelaz: hinderance; in the way

ajelesen: lie in way

ajemat: make speechless; outtalk

ajente: unable to stop crying

ajepuven: have much more than

ajepuvenaje: have much more than

ajermes: unable to stop laughing

ajermortenkevi: grain of rice

ajerpes: sit in way

ajerpokove: stands in way

ajerpokoves: stand in way; hinderance

ajerte: in the way; hinderance; in an odd place

ajes: small

ajeskopelahan: bandage

ajeskopelat: bandage

ajeskoper: bandage

ajetoh: out of breath (as a result of a tantrum); out of breath

ajijolat: encourage

ajijotoh: encourage (lifestyle); encourage (virtue); encourage (behaviour)

ajilur: better than

ajiluses: better than

ajismos: black duck

ajohjijes: tiny in girth; slender; thin

ajohjis: small in girth; slender; thin

akađevalat: hire

akađevatoh: hire; to pay for the use of; lease

akađeves: enlist; sign up

aketemes: cry; weep

aketemulat: cause to cry

akivas: wrinkled (of head and neck)

akivate: wrinkle

akvalat: untie

akvases: become untied

akvatoh: untie

akvaz: become untied

ala: that; there

ala tet: way over there

alađoves: wade about

alae: shirt

alaeah: wear a shirt

alaemes: have a shirt

alah: swim about

alahami: snowshoe

alahtekes: sail about

alalat: go around with; go out with

alaluve: float around; float about; dance about

alaluves: float around; float about; dance about

alamat: look around for

alamez: mass

alankovalat: peddle about; sell

alankovas: shopping

alankovetoh: peddle about; sell

alankuses: peddle; sell

alapelahan: knapsack; carrier

alapelavenkevi: stretcher; briefcase

alapes: look about; look around

alasemas: walk around with light; use a light

alases: go about

alasontekes: wade through snow

alat: look around for

alatejases: scurry about; bustle about; walk about

alatoh: have it with you; carry with you

alaven: cloth

alavi: pea

alavolalat: carry on back; carry around

alavolat: carry on back; carry around

alavoles: carry on back; carry around

alaz: go about; spread around (as sickness)

alazmes: relax; rest

alazmulat: rest; allow or give rest

alazmutekes: take break; take rest

alekevo: clothing; clothes; garments

alezekat: feel around for

alezhopat: have in mouth; chew

alezhot: chew

aliđoves: go about bent over; go about bent over with buttocks up; go about with buttocks stuck out

alipoloves: ride horseback

alo: cloud

alohoman: grape

alohomanahse: grape vine

alolat: guide (by boat)

alosoleves: have measles

alosor: measles

alotases: hint; insult; throw; guide (by boat); fishing guide

alovalat: find unsatisfactory

alovamat: find unsatisfactory in appearance; find unattractive

alovasases: shadow; fade in and out of view; appear and disappear

alovat: find the appearance unsatisfactory; find unattractive

alovatoh: find unsatisfactory

alukvalat: follow around; accompany

alukvat: follow around; accompany

alulat: row about

alusah: lean tissue; lean meat

alusas: skinny; lean

aluveah: become cloudy; cloud up

alza: glide around; float about; fly about

amađas: act foolish

amalamat: looks weak; appears inadequate

amalat: looks weak; appears inadequate

amaleđes: crochet; fancy knitting

amaliđes: carve; whittle

amalisat: carve; wittle

amaliz: carve; wittle

amapas: have mental deficiency; retarded

amapezmas: act foolishly

amarđes: whittle; jig sawing

amarđoves: raccoon

amarkas: dance

amarkevahan: dance

amarluvalat: decorate

amarluvat: decorate

amartahalat: decorate

amartahatahan: decoration; design

amartahatoh: decorate

amartahavikaz: embroidered; mixed design

amartahiđes: embroider

amartahisat: sew a design on; embroider

amartahiz: embroider

amasapes: far·sighted

amase: far

amasejes: quite far; some distance

amases: silly; foolish

amazakinat: weaken; torture; deprive

ameken: rub with rubbing compound; massage with rubbing compound

amekenat: rub with rubbing compound

amekenoses: rub on self

amekensote: massaging oil; rubbing compound

amenzođe: somewhat rational; partly sane

amepolat: rub

ameposes: rub it on; rub against

amepotoh: rub

amesezekovapovah: slightly muddy water; somewhat muddy liquid

amezek: retrieve; return from getting it

amezekovat: retrieve; return from getting

amike: bit cold; somewhat cold; bit cold; somewhat cold

amikes: bit cold; somewhat cold

amilur: sort of good; somewhat good

amiluses: sort of good; so·so; somewhat precious

amipezetahanas: slightly deaf; somewhat hard of hearing

amis: silly; foolish; becoming metally ill

amises: slightly warm; somewhat warm

amite: slightly warm; somewhat warm

amlakeđatas: add milk (to tea, coffee or drink)

amlakeđoh: milk container; milk bottle; milk pitcher

amlakeđome: butter

amlakes: milk

amnah: not yet (takes negative verb)

amo: bee

amos: yes (in contradicting negative statement); necessarily so

amospa: must; have to; necessary

amovesose: beehive

amveđađes: first person; first one

amveđas: first one; oldest one

amveđi: first one; first one

amvez: first; first time; in the past

Amvez Elokotem: Monday; first work day

anahan: checker

anahan vikases: checkered; checked

anahan vikaz: checkered

anahani: checker board

anankevi: checker game

anape: lean·to

anapekan: lean-to; brush camp

anapevo: by the side; beside

anapo: on one side; a side

anas: play checkers

anavte: cheap in price; inexpensive

anavtes: not paid much; cheap in price; inexpensive

anđe: unfortunate; too bad

anđetermat: feel sorry for; feel bad about

anđetet: regret; feel bad about

aneađeđođo: female penitent; female who sacrifices; female saint; female missionary; nun

aneađeno: penitent; one who sacrifices; missionary

aneađolat: punish; make do penance

aneamuves: suffering for past wrongs; punishment for past wrongs

anemat: talk about; report on

anhađapo: cormorant

anhavanjis: spoon

anjah: spread on

anjahalat: smeer

anjahamas: spread on; smeer

anjahamovat: spreads something for him; smeers something for him

anjahamu: colors smeared together; mix of colors

anjahamuses: colors smeared together; mix of colors

anjaharses: smeer something on self

anjahat: spread on; smear on

anjahtoses: dab self with perfume; sprinkle self with powder

anjemohpes: stuck

anjemohte: stuck

anjemohtesen: caught and stuck

anjemohtez: caught and stuck

anjemohvalat: stuck inside of hole (pipe); stuck and laying down

anjemohvases: stuck; unable to move

anjemohvatoh: cause to be stuck

anjepes: tipsy

ankamat: look at; view

ankanses: look at self; examine self

ankansotei: mirror; looking glass

ankat: look at; view

ankonalat: cover; encase; enclose

ankonatoh: cover; encase; enclose

ankot: take care of; care for; look after; bring up; raise

ankovalat: give additional amount; give extra

ankovatahan: supplement; extra; something extra; a little extra

ankovatoh: adds additional amount; adds extra

ankovovi: fur

anot: talk about; relate what happens; confess

ansahtahsa: floor

ansalases: do wrong; go wrong

ansalaz: go wrong

ansalemat: insult

ansaleves: angel

ansamo: shad

antakoves: black man; black person; African-Canadian person

antakovesves: black woman; African-Canadian woman

antasoh: ledge; cliff; slate

anvivat: take care of; care for; look after; bring up; raise

anzađe: delicate

anzađetermat: unsure of its safety

anzađetet: unsure of it's safety

anzamas: hear about vaguely; hear about partly

anzat: hear vaguely; hear portion

anzatavpes: unsafe position

anzatavte: unsafe; unsafe position

anzođat: overhear

ap: again; repeat

ap ite: another

apađokvalat: follow back

apađokvat: follow back

apađos: inshore; short distance offshore

apahsa: sea; off shore

Apahtokevas: European

apajases: come back; return

apajaz: come back; return

apajeah: result of; outcome; return; comeuppance; penalty; reward

apajiđalat: reconcile; take back

apajiđatoh: take back

apajihvamaje: reunite

apakemat: send back

apaket: send back

apankeđat: pays

apankeđovi: payment

apanket: pay for

apanketatem: pay day

apapah: returning tide

apape: rope; fishing line

apapis: thread; twine; string

aparhahames: chipmunk; ground squirrel

aparkas: walk back; stride back

apatat: hit back; win back; send back

apate: win it back

apatemas: win back a loss

apatesen: spring back

apatez: spring back

apatoses: break even

ape: net; fishnet

apeah: using a net; fishing with a net

apemes: have net

apeponses: spend winter; pass winter

apetah: rises (as dough); swell; bloated; proof (dough)

apetapove: waterlogged

apetapoves: waterlogged

apetas: bloated; swell; rises (as dough)

apetatahan: baking powder; baking soda; rising agent; yeast; leavening

apezetanevse: marten

apiđat: change diaper

apijelo: skunk

apijelutat: skunk (in a game like cribbage)

apijis: mouse

Apinajes: February

apis: fish with net

apisiđat: forgive; pardon; overlook offense

apohates: woodpecker

apohomate: assistance; help

apohomatem: assistance; help; assisting time; helping time

apohomovat: help; assist

apotazakalat: turn upside down

apotazakatoh: turn upside down

apotazakeah: flip; flip over; flip back

apotazakis: fall back; flip over

apotazakivalat: turn over (using a tool)

apotazakivat: turn over (using a tool)

apotazatesen: flip backwards; flip over

apovalat: thaw; warm

apovatoh: thaw; warm

apuje: soon; after a while

apujen: warm up by using body

apujenat: warm up by using body

apusat: warm up by applying heat; warm up by using body heat

apuz: warm up

arđes: go about to beg; go about to collect donations

arđovas: make sound of footsteps

arhohve: float about

arhohves: float about

arjas: stagger; stumble about

arkenđes: walk softly; tiptoe about; sneak about

arkopes: sit about

Arman: German

armanđevo: overseas person

arnahanat: wooden handle; axe handle

arnantođes: feel way around (as blind man)

arpa: really! (emphatic particle); completely!; totally!

arpa jekavo: all gone!

arpa mo: not even (takes negative verb form)

arpađojis: small boy; young boy

arpađoz: young man; unmarried man

arpat: mouths; gums

arpatođes: be a boy

arpatos: boy

arsa: some

arsen: glide about; float about; fly about

arsomat: have control of; own

arsomuvas: flee; escape

arsoses: boss; boss; supervise; direct; oversee

arsosote: authority; self-determination

arsot: own

arsotahan: posession; personal property; owned thing

arta: have in mouth; to eat

artahanat: walk about on leash; go about holding hands

as: that; mince; cut into small pieces

asalat: reduce the size of; make smaller

asamajalat: do fancily; do elegantly

asamajatoh: do fancily; do elegantly

asamaje: fancy; elegant; overly fussy

asamate: fancy

asapas: have small head

asarhivajijes: have tiny eyes; have small eyes

asarhivas: have small eyes

asarhunas: have small mouth

asat: mince; cut into small pieces

asatoh: make smaller

asaz: cut into small pieces; minced

ase: on the other side; in the next room

aseđes: small stitch knitting; fine·weave

aseket: instigate; stir up trouble; goad; incite

asemat: stir up; egg on; instigate; goad; incite

asesapekes: crawl over

asesases: go over something

asesekes: throw over

asetas: have small feet

asetatekes: revenge; reciprocate; pay back

asetelolat: reply; answer back

asetemat: reply; answer

asezepes: over; across

asezete: over; across

asezhonas: have small nose; have narrow nose

ashatekes: chop kindling; split to make thinner

asi: other room; other side

asijas: have small buttocks

asisat: reduce the size by sewing; alter to smaller size

asitnas: have small hands; have small paws

asiz: to make smaller by sewing; alter to smaller size by sewing

asma: right at; exactly

asohomađoves: wade across in water

asohomah: swim across

asohomapekes: crawl across

asohomases: cross over

asohomaz: cross over

asohomipes: run across

asohomizmalat: push across

asohomizmatoh: push across

asohomohtesen: fall across

asohomohtez: fall across

asohomotahan: ferry; boat

asohomutekes: ferry across

asohonekatas: skinny legged; slim legged; thin legged

asoses: boss; boss; supervise; direct; oversee

asotekan: doll; gift; present

atahanes: starve

atahat: stay permanently

atajis: unable to release a hold

atapah: wind up; turn

atapahat: wind up; turn

atapekijes: turkey

ater: just now; a while ago

atesen: stuck

atez: stuck

atezetoh: cause to get stuck; stuck

atezmat: cause to get stuck

atinases: work hard; strain; laborious; work to limit

atinaz: work hard; laborious; work to the limit

atlamalat: smother; block off air from

atlamatoh: smother (fire); block off air from

atlame: stuffy; suffocate

atlames: suffocate

atlansen: lose breath (in gale)

atlovas: hold breath

atohvađekes: fish for trout

atohvaso: trout

atohves: lean (by holding on to something) to walk; use for balance

atpokoves: unable to move while standing from standing too long

atzhah: lock up; lock in

atzhamovat: lock out; lock in

atzhat: lock up; lock in

atzhatat: lock up; lock in; lock out with quick motion or accidentally

atzhate: lock up; lock in; lock out with quick motion or accidentally

atzhin: key

avađevat: awkward in handling; inexperienced in handling; incompetent in operating; incompetent in handling

avahin: crooked knife

avamelases: plays poorly

avanahis: incapable; not able to do

avane: awkward; inexperienced; incapable of doing; lacks ability

avanejes: awkward one; unskilled one

avanevzkes: fishes poorly; unskilled fisherman

avankerjes: read poorly

avanluves: unskilled worker; works poorly

avanot: operate poorly; handle poorly; handle awkwardly

avantađalat: forget about

avantađat: forget about

avantases: forget

avealosen: encircled with halo

aveđo: seldom; only once in a while

avejejes: scarce; rare

avejes: scarce; rare

avezen: hat

avna: instead

avte: road; trail

avtekes: make road; clear path; charge fee

avtes: on salary; being paid; cost

avtis: path; trail

azađokovom: church

azak: meet

azakajas: walk with a limp; limp

azakases: limp

azakatesen: limp

azakevat: causing hurt; aggravate

azakom: six; six (in counting)

azakom tesezekah: sixty; sixty (in counting)

azakot: harm; bother; annoy; disturb

azakovat: come across; meet; encounter

azakulapases: turns head around to look; turn head around

azate: chop small

azhađavo: steel

azhapantis: beginner; rookie; amateur

azlan: low·bottomed wagon

azlaz: slab (of wood)

azmaneđes: is a soldier

azmanez: soldier

aznape: shoelace; shoestring

aztapokovalat: stand aside

aztapokovatoh: stands it aside

aztar: finished eating

Đ Edit

đahan: ball

đahanat: baseball bat

đajikes: throw out

đalat: tiresome; frustrate; tired of; take outside or let out

đapes: look out (from inside)

đarhalat: take out in the open; remove from

đarhatesen: dislocated; popped out; fall out

đarhatez: dislocated; popped out; fall out

đarhatezetoh: shake out; dislocate

đarhatezmat: shake out; dislocate

đarhatoh: take out of; remove from

đarhe: dislocated

đarheah: bulge out; spill out, stick out, or protrude

đarhis: bulge out; spill out, stick out, or protrude

đas: play baseball; play ball

đatar: eat out; eat in restaurant

đatas: sweeten his/her food; sweeten his/her drink; use snuff; chew tobacco

đatejemat: drag out

đatejetoh: drag out

đatekes: tiresome; boring; pest

đatezekovat: chase out

đatoh: take or put out

đavalis: grasshopper

đave: day; daylight

đaves: sound loud; talk loudly

đavez: rain hat

đavi: chewing tobacco; snuff

đavitezekovat: kick out

đavuvas: long·haired (of man)

đe: lonesome

đeahan: dye

đekeah: curve outward

đekes: throw out; toss away

đeket: throw out; toss away

đekis: curve outward

Đelevom: Christmas Day; Christmas time

đepes: slouched over; hunched over; hung or drooped over

đer: almost

đet: narrows

đete: slouched over; hunched over; hung or drooped over

đetez: candy

đevo: female fowl

đevoje: so many years old; have such age

đevses: move out; vacate

đezeđove: break up (through action of water)

đezeđoves: break up (through action of water)

đezekalat: break; break in (horse)

đezekatoh: break

đezekeah: shred; come apart; break up

đezekenalat: rip or tear apart

đezekenatoh: rip or tear apart

đezekis: come apart; break up; shred

đezekohses: break up (in fire); come apart (in fire)

đezekohte: break up (in fire)

đezetames: destroy by gnawing; break up by gnawing

đezetat: pound or hack to bits

đezete: pound or hack to bits

đezetezetoh: smash

đezmos: female dog; bitch

đinas: ill; listless; feverish

đioh: female mammal

đipahat: married out (off the community)

đis: go outside; exit; become impatient; frustrated; bored; fed up

đit: deformed or crippled hand or arm

đitezekovat: kick out

đitnas: have deformed or crippled hand or arm

đizmalat: push out

đizmas: tired of waiting

đizmatoh: push out

đođat: lonesome for

đohpes: stick out

đohte: stick out

đojis: little daughter! (term of affection for child)

đolames: exhale

đoman: beech nut

đomose: beech tree

đon: cranberry

đopen: pint dipper; cup

đosate: house extension; porch; shed

đot: lonesome for

đote: window

đotezekovat: awaken abruptly; wake suddenly (by sudden movement); wake suddenly (by making loud noise)

đovahan: marker; blaze (on tree)

đovalat: wake up

đovatin: letter (alphabet); symbol; mark

đovezetahan: yeast

đovezmon: pillow; cushion

đovinat: wake up by repetative action

đovis: wake up; awaken

đoz: daughter! girl! (term of affection)

đukvalat: follow out or outside

đukvat: follow out or outside

E Edit

eađo: forever

eđahmas: beg; ask for favor

eđape: twitch

eđe: radiates heat; give heat

eđeah: leftover; remainder

eđeahan: dye

eđes: lie; sneeze; beg favor; request; radiate heat; give heat

eđevas: have freckles; freckled

eđevate: freckle

eđevote: sweat

eđi: maple tree; hard rock maple; sugar maple

eđis: leftover; remainder

eđohon: lie

eđojer: maybe; perhaps

eđokođi: scapular

eđovezmes: rest head on

ee: yes

ejahanjetezmas: wear out shoe(s) on one side

ejahjepes: squat

ejelalat: have no control; in no position to do otherwise; unable to help or assist

ejelatoh: in no position to change; unable to help; have no control over

ejepeve: easterly breeze

ejilakojen: head turned away

ejilalat: take away

ejilamuvis: fade away

ejilases: go away

ejilatejases: scoot; go away quickly

ejilatoh: take away

ejilekes: throw away

ejilevses: move away; change place of residence

ejilizmahalat: shove away

ejilizmalat: push away

ejilizmatoh: push away

ejirtat: strike or drive away; hit away; shoo away

ejirte: drive it away; hit it away; beat it away

ejohjemat: interrupt (in conversation)

ekađeves: race; win a race

ekađevezme: racer; race horse

ekah: arrive

ekalat: protect; defend; fight for; take side of; favor; release; let go; place; put

ekaneđeno: racer; horse racer

ekas: arrive

ekat: protect; defend; fight for; take side of; favor

ekatahalat: plant; sow

ekatahan: cultivated field; cultivated land; garden; yard

ekatahat: plant; sow

ekatahevat: sow for; plant for

ekataho: plant; put in garden; sow

ekatoh: place; put

ekekves: fall sick; in heat (said of dog); lose mind suddenly

ekemat: count; recite; read

eken: fertilize

ekenat: fertilize

ekenin: manure; fertilizer

eker: occasionally; once in a while

ekerjes: read

eket: recite; read

ekomatoh: anchor

ekome: anchored

ekomes: anchored

elađo: playing card

elađođat: prepare for; get ready for

elađolat: pack for; prepare for; get ready for

elađot: prepare for; get ready for

elađoves: wade in water towards

elah: swim toward

elahalat: hurl; throw toward (ball); let's go of

elahaz: fly toward

elaheđes: hollering

elahpelat: hang a cloth to cover; shield or conceal (with drape)

elahper: shield or conceal (with drape)

elahpes: spread out (bedsheet)

elahpolat: bind; lace

elahpotekes: bind; lace

elahpotoh: bind; lace

elahsen: fly toward; flying to

elahte: spread out (blanket)

elahtoh: fling; throw toward

elajes: get ready; prepare; pack

elakepolat: to cut with a saw

elakitoh: cut with a saw

elalat: take or bring toward; take to; bring to; adjust; reset

elamat: sight; look over; examine

elamoves: ladle out; dish out the food

elanhalat: fold

elanhate: beat (ash) into strips

elanhatez: shimmer (heat); flap in breeze

elanhatoh: fold

elanheejes: stomach wall of a cow; tripe

elankolaje: pile

elankotohro: piles things; stacks things

elankuses: go somewhere to peddle; go somewhere to sell

elapahtat: splash; squirts

elapahte: splash water on; spray on; squirt on

elapahtezetekes: cast (fishing line); mark (with a chalk line)

elapahtezmat: casts a line (as in fishing); mark (with a chalk line); throw a line; splash someone

elapahtoses: splash oneself; spray oneself

elapalat: splash with holywater; to use for the first time(slang); bless

elapatoh: bless using holywater; to use for the first time(slang); bless

elapenses: feeling one's body; massage one's self

elapes: looking towards; looking at

elapetesen: glance at

elapojen: lean head toward

elarhe: tunnel; long hole

elasontekes: wade through the snow towards; wade through the snow towards by foot

elat: look over; examine

elatar: eat

elate: walk toward with a cane; walk toward with a crutch

elatejases: scoot over; go over quickly; walk over quickly; rush toward

elatejemat: drag toward; pull toward

elatejetoh: drag over; drag toward; pull to

elatoh: make tracks toward; leave footprints to; take toward; bring toward; adjust; reset

elavles: lug or carry toward (on back)

elazakalat: point it towards; passes it towards; offers it to

elazakatoh: point towards; pass towards

elazna: hand over; hold in the direction of

elaznat: hand over (bottle); holds in the direction of

elazzmuves: curl up and go to sleep; reposition during sleep; lie down for a nap; lie down for a rest

eleah: goes

eleat: make; build; making

eleđahan: knitting

eleđalat: braid; knit (sweater)

eleđat: braid; knit

eleđes: knit; weave; braid

eleđoves: paddle toward

elekalat: spread out

elekepelaves: to drape

elekes: throw; release; play (a game); run (for office)

eleketoh: raffle (off)

elekeves: king; king in deck of-cards

elekeviđo: queen; queen in deck of -cards

elekolat: lay out (rug); spread out

elekotoh: lay out; spread out

elekovah: have grain (as of wood)

elekovalah: liquid dripping down from an opening; leaks

elekovalas: dripping down from; leaks

elekoves: have grain

elekunis: bleed profusely; bleed heavily

elemes: laugh

elenđat: singing it

elenesekunis: bleed down

elenheveses: rush over; scoot over; go toward on foot

elentoh: sing

elepolat: rub; stroke; pet

elepotoh: rub toward; push toward; brush toward; rub; stroke; pet

eletađalat: depend on; count on; trust

eletađat: depend on; count on; trust

eletases: depend on; count on

eletermat: expect; suspect

eletet: expect; suspect; think

eletoh: create; make

elevezetoh: talk

elezeđat: disobey

elezet: disobey

elezhalat: make limber; massage; put back in place (as joint)

elezhanapekatoh: cast on in knitting; cast off in knitting; weave base of basket

elezhatoh: put back in place (as joint); limber; massage

elezmases: change position (while lying)

eliđas: have a beard; have a mustache

eliđat: sew for

eliđes: sew

elihamulat: roll; slide

elihamutoh: slide

elijomovat: bent over towards; turn buttocks toward

elimis: boiling

elipes: rush toward

elipetekes: make basket splints; pound ash

eliptah: smoke; smoke drifts toward; smoke; steam

eliptas: smoking; steaming

elipuves: stagger toward

elis: goes

elisat: sew

elitokones: spend the night; pass the night

elivalat: scoop it towards; push towards

elivat: push it toward; pry toward

eliz: sew

elođat: impersonate; imitate

elođatames: spit

elođes: knead dough

elohnemas: have bad breath

elohomohvalat: wrap (as gift)

elohomohvatahan: wrapping paper

elohomohvatoh: wrap (as gift)

elohonkeat: fit handle on

elohosen: lying stretched out; lie prone

elohoz: laid out (pipe); cook; bake

elohsat: cook

elohses: cooking; sun-bathing

elohte: cooking

elohtezetoh: fell (pipe) towards; push down towards

elohtezmat: fell (tree) toward; push down toward

elohvalat: reposition lengthwise; place or put in proper position lengthwise; straighten out lengthwise; lay down

elohvatoh: lay down; reposition lengthwise; place or put in proper position lengthwise; straighten out lenghtwise

elokovat: work for

elolaje: take in groups; move

elolat: give a task; ask to do something

elovat: resemble

elovevalat: fool; trick

eloveves: quick·tempered

elovevinat: incites to wickedness; causes to be wicked

elovevis: crazy

elovimases: take oath; swear; make pledge

elovimasote: oath; pledge

elujen: bent(at waist) gaping toward; lean toward; crane toward

elukvalat: follow to; follow toward

elukvat: follow to; follow toward

elutoh: carry toward on back; carry toward on shoulder

elutolat: carry on back; carry on shoulder(s) toward

eluvalat: repair; prepare; fix; point at

eluvat: work; make work; repair; fix; point at

eluve: operating; work; point toward; leaning toward

eluves: something gets stuck in throat; choke (food); point toward; operates; work

eluvetoh: use it to work

elzemalat: lay down

elzemases: lie down

emalat: stick (needle) into; pierce; embed into; take home; take onward

emapejes: carrot

emapes: sit (set) forefront; be at forefront; located at forefront

emapokoves: stand at the forefront

emate: is (set) at forefront; in front

ematejalat: convey onward; drive home (in vehicle)

ematejatoh: driving onward; convey home (in vehicle)

ematoh: stick it into; pierces it into; embed in; take onward; take home

emavolalat: carry home; carry onward

emavolat: carry home on back or shoulder(s); carry onward on back or shoulder(s)

emaz: stick into; pierce; embed into

eme: penetrate into; pierces into; embedded in

emeah: goes home; goes onward

emejepes: sit facing the other direction; sit with back turned

emejete: set faceing the other direction

emekeah: falling of the tide; receding (tide)

emekemat: send home

emeket: send home

emekot: treat badly; abuse

emekotekes: treat badly; abuse

emepeđas: in process of entering; entering towards

emes: stick into; pierces into; embedded in

emet: flow away

emevatar: eat disgusting food; eat in a disgusting manner; messy eater

emeve: act improperly; act disgustingly

emevivat: treat badly; abuse

emezhapes: topless; naked on upper body

emezhases: strip self nude

emezhatesen: strip dance; stripped quickly

emezhe: naked; bare

emezholat: undress; strip naked

emiđovalat: keep company; visit

emiđoves: visit; stooped over facing away; bent over with buttocks up

emijepes: sits backwards; reversed

emijete: it sits backwards; reversed

emis: goes home; goes onward

emlames: gasp

emlejis: glass tumbler

emohtesen: stagger onward; stagger home

emresitmas: hear a ghost; see a ghost; apparition of a spirit; spooked

emrkas: walk onward; walk home

emukvalat: follow onward; follow home

emukvat: follow onward; follow home

en: lose

enahames: right·handed

enahan: right side

enat: lose

enđen: flag

enhađat: give a loan; lend

enhađikes: gives loan or credit

enhađiketoh: loan

enhađiketohor: use to lend out; lend him/her/it out

enhalat: halt; stop

enhanate: beneath surface

enhapes: standstill; stopped

enhases: come to a stop

enhate: at a standstill; stopped

enhatoh: brings it to a stop

enhaz: stop

enhen: scissors; pair of scissors

enjekapo: dirty water; used (scrubbing) water

enjeki: dirt; garbage

enkahan: measurement

enkalat: measure; weigh

enkat: scale; measure; weigh

enkejes: caterpillar

enkenkevi: measuring instrument

enkes: scale; measure (pertaining to wood)

enkevat: to scale(pertaining to pulpwood or logs); to survey land

enseko: hay; grass

ensekovekate: hay field

ensekovekes: make hay; collect sweet grass

entat: hammer in; drive in; embed in

ente: drive in; hammer in; embed in

entejen: inch; thumb

entesan: youngest child born in a family; youngest born; last born child

entesen: stick into (unassisted); sticks into (when going along); penetrates by falling; pierces; embeds itself

entez: sticks into (unassisted); sticks into (when going along); penetrates by falling; pierces; embeds itself

entezekatar: eat fussily; finicky eater; fussy eater

entezekes: conceited; arrogant; vain; snobbish

entezekovat: chase onward; chase home

entezetoh: throw to penetrate into; stick into by force

entezmat: throw to penetrate into; stick (knife) into by force

entezme: snake

entoh: lose

entohvalat: worship

entohvat: worship

epađepes: set against something

epađete: set against something

epah: warm liquid

epahseje: warm (as in milk); luke warm

epakopokove: standing in contact with; standing leaning against something

epakopokoves: standing in contact with; standing leaning against something

epakvizmalat: push him/her against something

epakvizmatoh: push it(sofa) against something

epalat: seat

epases: sit down

epeđekes: go to seek a woman

epeđes: is a woman

epeđezme: womanizer; woman-chaser

epes: sitting; seated; placed; located; woman

epeteđes: becomes a young woman; menarche; enter womanhood

epeteđohamises: act like young (unmarried) woman

epetejis: young girl

epetez: young woman; unmarried woman

epetohses: groan; make moans

epezetames: using a piece of food dipped in

epinat: make bread; bakes bread

epines: bakes bread

epohe: slightly warm

epone: below; downstairs

eputahanas: have heartburn

er: too; also

erđekate: aboriginal community; Native village (reserve); first nations community

erđepe: native paddle

erđovi: run toward

erhe: coiled

erhes: coiled

erjah: spread; smear

erjahat: spread

erjohvalat: put right side up; place in order; set straight; settle

erjohvatoh: put right side up; place in order; set straight; settle

erke: cause soreness from sitting too long; cause body part to be sore (from being on it); temporarily misshapen by pressing against

erkeđekes: gather mushrooms

erkeđes: plow up

erkemat: send someone; send over; send there

erken: hoe

erkenđes: tiptoe over; sneak toward

erkesohon: plow

erket: send forth; send over; send there

erketekes: hoe; loosen soil with hoe

erketo: mushroom

erkez: till; plow up(ground)

erkođes: to climb

erkojen: face toward

erkomiđat: call out (for assistance)

erkopases: change position while sitting

erkotalat: pour on; pour into; pour toward

erkotatas: pour a drink for self

erkotatoh: pour on; pour into; pour toward

ermarhejis: small hole

ermarhi: hole

ermujen: bent towards something but away from speaker; bent away from; turned away from

ernem: besides; too; very; even

ernjohte: spread of food; setout (as table)

ernkalat: carry or pack on shoulder toward

ernkat: carry or pack on shoulder toward

ernkes: carry to on shoulder

erpaniz: drifted up against; drifts (usually snow)

erpelat: to send by rope or cable

erper: send toward by rope or cable

erpeson: anchor

erpesotolat: bundle up (with scarf); wrap

erpokovases: stand into position; change position while standing

erpovalat: want there

erpovat: want there

ersahatoh: cock (gun); set (trap)

ersen: construct or build with brick or cement blocks

ersenat: construct or build with brick or cement blocks

ersomat: sentence; make a decision about; place a judgment

ersomuvas: flee toward

ersot: judge; make a decision

ersotahan: trial; decision making

ersotekes: give orders; make decision; plan

ertađes: cut strips(for basket making); cut strips

ertahađevalat: prepare; organize; get ready (hunting or fishing); set up

ertahađevat: prepare; organize; set up

ertahah: spray; shoot toward

ertahalat: laying something long along a path; wind toward; string to; extend to; drag toward; chase toward

ertahatoh: string toward; drag toward; wind toward

ertaheah: something long lying along a path; wind toward; string to; extend to

ertahees: something long lying along a path; wind toward; string to; extend to

ertahtekes: weave; wire a message to

ertalat: shut; close

ertat: beat; strike; hit

ertatoh: shut; close

erte: beat on; strum; play(musical instrument); hit; knock; leads to

ertejalat: take by vehicle toward

ertejatoh: take by vehicle toward

ertejikes: slam shut

ertekes: shut quickly

ertemes: cry

ertesen: where one got struck; where one got injured; beat or move rythmically; dance; shake

ertez: beat or move rythmically; shake

ertezekovat: chase toward; kick toward

ertoh: make; build; earn

erven: steer; directs

ervenat: steer (by head); direct (by head)

erveto: female animal; female mammal

es: lost for right word; pausing to think; dye

esahtes: stove

esamoholat: give a drink to

esanhavas: drink

esat: send away; dismiss; banish; fire; heat; warm up; dye

esekes: dig for clams

esenkevi: fever

esenkeviases: becomes feverish

esentezek: pack down; stamp down

esentezekovaje: pack down; stamp down

esepolat: sharpen; file; grind

esepotoh: sharpen; file; grind

eses: feeling of hot body temperature; hot; ripe

esetejalat: move backward

esetejapekes: crawl backwards

esetejases: move backwards

esetejatoh: move it backwards

esetejaz: moves backwards

esetejepejases: enter backwards

esipu: morning

esipukovi: breakfast; item pertaining to morning; event pertaining to morning

esipuno: tomorrow morning

esipuvatarnkevi: item for breakfast; food for breakfast

esipuvevorvo: morning train, boat, etc.; morning vessel

esipuvis: early riser

eskos: squash; pumpkin

esns: indian agent

esvemas: sob

esves: hiccup

etahan: dish; plate

etahanokovom: china cabinet; cupboard

etamat: ask for something of him/her; ask; request

ete: be at; situated; placed; located; ripe; hot; hot temperature

etejizmalat: push backwards

etejizmatoh: push backwards

etenat: catch up with

etene: catch up with

eto: perhaps; should?

etohalat: leave in care of somebody; leave for safekeeping; temporarily custody

etohat: leave in care of somebody; leave for safekeeping

etohtalat: roast; bake; cook

etohtases: roast

etohtat: roast; bake; cook

etohtes: roast; bake

etorkomes: hold or carry something under arm

evat: use; make use

evejalat: immerse; dip into the water (or liquid)

evejapalat: dip the head into the water (or liquid)

evejatoh: immerse; dip into a liquid

evekalat: loosen

evekat: make use; needs

evekatoh: loosen

eveketoh: make use; need

evekezekarses: stretch; loosen up bones and muscles

evekezekatoh: break in; loosens

evepes: loose

evete: loose

evik: write; mark down

evikas: build house; make camp or dwelling

evikeke: write

evikekes: write

evimovat: write a letter to; write to

evit: mention; name

evitat: mention; name

evjolaje: transport

evjotohor: transport

evlamuses: be peaked; sickly in appearance; run down in appearance

evlamvis: become peaked; become sickly in appearance; become run down

evlanzan: tornado; gale; hurricane

evlapeves: have a sad expression; look sad; look wan; look sickly

evleđahan: poverty; hard times

evleđeno: poor person; forlorn person

evlejes: unfortunate; needy; poor; poor condition

evles: poor; poor condition

evnađapalat: confuse; drive crazy; make dizzy

evnađapetesen: dazed from a fall; confused from a head injury

evnađetesen: dizzy caused by a blow or fall; dazed caused by a blow or fall; confused caused by a blow or fall; dizzy caused by a lot of head movement

evnađis: dizzy

evnasases: misconduct; misbehave; act foolish

evnaseah: gone awry; mixed up; topsy turvy; confused

evnasemnaje: pick up in a disorganized way; pick in a muddled manner; choose in a jumbled way; pick up hurriedly

evnasemnases: gather or pick up in a disorganized way; select illogically; choose in a random way; pick up hurriedly

evnasemner: pick up in a disorganized way; select illogically; choose in a random way; pick up hurriedly

evnasesen: lie awkwardly; lie in uncomfortable looking manner

evnasis: confused; gone awry; mixed up; topsy turvy

evne: blue; foggy

evneah: turn blue; get foggy

evo: use; make use

evpazak: sit on

evsađat: make threatening motion; feign threatening motion; lift hand in a threatening motion; raise fist in a threatening motion

evsemat: joke; bluff; kid

evsenpas: feign sleep; pretend to sleep

evsetot: show off

ez: heat; warm up; clam

ezeđalat: set crooked

ezeđatoh: do or make crooked

ezeđe: crooked; uneven

ezeđekatas: have clubfoot; clubfooted

ezeđekes: crooked; uneven; dishonest

ezeđopes: sit crooked

ezeđosat: cut crookedly; cut unevenly

ezeđote: set crooked

ezeđoz: cut crookedly; cut unevenly

ezeke: green; not dryed(firewood); uncured; raw; uncooked

ezekepat: wait; expect

ezekepetoh: wait; expect

ezekes: green(of foliage); uncured

ezekohses: undercooked; left untouched by fire

ezekohte: undercooked; left untouched by fire

ezekonenes: have dry tuberculosis

ezekotezmat: he/she broke all but one; keep one unbroken

ezepat: eat raw

ezepe: leak

ezepes: sit (or set) up high; high on drugs (slang); leak

ezepises: use high·sounding language

ezepokovalat: lie to

ezepokove: stand tall; stand on higher plane

ezepokoves: stand on higher plane; stand up high; hold high rank

ezeporhe: deep hole

ezet: eat raw

ezetames: eat raw food

ezete: sit (or set) high up

ezetnekevi: cucumber; something to be eaten raw

ezke: just like

ezken: wild potato; ground nut; Indian potato

ezkenahamose: wild raisin bush

ezkermen: seed

ezkertahan: valued and protected; precious; someone held dear; something animate held dear; something held dear

ezmalat: wait for

ezmas: await; wait; keep own space hot; maintain dwelling at a high temperature; have own place at high temperature

ezmat: wait for; feed

ezmohon: slime

eztemos: ghost

H Edit

halepes: shovel

hoh: last fall

honaso: person who lives common·law

hono: next fall

hopes: twin

I Edit

i: present; be there; be there (sicknesses, days)

imovat: give to; allow; permit

imovetoh: give away

inđikan: rafter; gable

inkin: hook; fish hook

irđii: pertaining to natives; belongs to first nations; of aboriginal; pertaining to natives; belongs to first nations; of aboriginal

irđises: speak native language; speak aboriginal language; speak first nations language

irđit: refer to something by its aboriginal name; refer to something in native language; refer to something in aboriginal language; refer to something in first nations language; say in native language

iskin: well!

ite: other; another; other thing

itoses: yawn

J Edit

jahalalat: rush; cause to do fast

jahalases: rush; go fast; move fast

jahalatoh: do fast

jahale: quick; fast; fast; quick

jahalepeasat: dry quickly (clothing)

jahalepeaz: dry quickly (clothing)

jahalines: illness progresses quickly

jahalises: fast-speaker

jahartat: finish off fast (in boxing, game or cards)

jaharte: earn quickly; gather quickly; chop quickly

jajekamuses: look healthy

jajito: along the edge; at the edge

jakeđekes: trap lobsters

jakes: lobster

jampohis: sommersalt

japiveđat: wink

japiveđes: winks

jek: jack (in cards); Jack (name)

je lea: even so!; even just; even if

je mo: not even; not quite

jeakevse: mink

jealovevo: rascal

jeansaleves: archangel

jeđaha: sometimes

jeđaheah: rusty

jeđahis: rusty

jeđes: bell

jeđesjis: small bell; sleigh bell

jeđesvat: steeple

jeđevates: sand piper

jeđeves: narrow

jeđo: suddenly

jekahahos: raven

jekajis: irritable; uncomfortable

jekan: city

jekanjis: village; town

jekapan: tide

jekavete: inactive; dull; boring; quiet

jekezetahanas: listen attentively; eavesdrop

jelahami: make snowshoe tracks

jelakepolat: mark (with a saw)

jelakitoh: mark with a saw

jelapahtat: make a mark; scratches

jelapahte: make a mark on; scratches

jelapalat: make scratch marks; scratches

jelapateke: makes scratch marks; scratches

jelapatekes: make scratch marks; scratches

jelapatoh: makes scratch marks

jelase: welcome; come in and sit down

jelatoh: make footprints

jele: injured; hurt

jelohoz: blaze (with knife); blaze by cutting

jelohsat: blaze (with knife); blaze by cutting

jelohtat: blaze (with axe); blaze by hitting

jelohte: blaze (with axe); blaze by hitting

jelze: nick (with knife); nick by cutting

jempeđes: milk (cow); wring out

jempekenat: wring out; milk

jempen: wring out

jenjalat: squeeze; pinch

jenjatoh: squeeze; pinch

jeno: giant

jenpes: sit quietly; sit calmly

jente: quiet

jepahalat: frighten

jepalat: fear; afraid of

jepaleaz: bishop

jepalovejes: phobic; fearful person

jepaloves: fearful

jepases: afraid; scared

jepat: fear; afraid of

jepeskam: horned serpent

jeporkovi: epilepsy

jepujis: brook

jer: also; and

jerđes: mark with a knife; score with a knife

jerpes: leave an impression; leave a mark

jersat: nick with a knife

jertases: marked (from a strike)

jertat: make a mark(by striking)

jertaz: marked (from a strike)

jerte: mark or scar on it (by beating or hitting); leaves an impression; leave a mark

jesapeves: patron saint

jesloveđape: wool; yarn

jesloveđapei: woolen material; woolen material (as in socks)

jeslovevjis: lamb

jeslovevse: sheep

jiđines: raisin

jijemah: smell bad; stink

jijemas: smell bad; stink

jijis: bird

jikatat: hew; dress; trim

jikate: blaze; hew; dress; trim

jikatekes: blaze; hew; dress; trim (wood)

jikiloh: kettle; teakettle

jikotekes: daydream

jikovat: make uneasy; make tense

jikpotahan: rake

jikpotekes: rake

jilomuvahan: rocking chair; cradle

jim: man

jimat: paddle; row

jimes: row; paddle; growl

jimoves: is a man

jimovezme: man chaser; likes the company of men (usually refers to a woman)

jimuđat: growl at

jimuhamises: act like a man

jimut: growl at

jinaheni: clothing iron; iron

jinikes: root (as pig)

jinjiđes: become a young man; enter manhood (post puberty)

jinjis: young man; unmarried man

jipat: eat all; consume all

jiposes: spend until broke

jit: eat all of; finish consuming

jito: perhaps; maybe; unless; hopefully

jizeđat: listen to

jizet: listen

jojes: insect; crawling creature; bug

jojijis: small insect; bug

K Edit

kađaves: robin

kađekes: hunt eels; catch eels

kađeves: profit; gain; win; earn; gain weight

kađevjis: kitten

kađevse: cat

kađovave: thunder

kađovavo: thunder

kahahos: crow

kahalames: stop breathing

kahalamis: out of breath

kahalat: complete; finish; terminate; end

kahaluves: finished working

kahamases: stand up

kahamaz: stands up; becomes erect

kahame: stand

kahames: stand

kahamle: finished burning

kahamles: finished burning

kahan: door

kahapeases: dried up; finished drying up; finished drying out; thoroughly dry

kahapeate: dried up; thoroughly dry

kahapejalat: hang up

kahapejatoh: hang up

kahatekes: finished doing something; finish a task

kahatoh: complete; finish; finish a task; terminate; end

kahavases: go by quickly

kahaz: burn

kaheah: comes to an end; finished; ended

kahijejeat: know all about

kahijitoh: know all about

kahis: exhausted; come to an end; finished; ended

kahisezekekeponah: so many years old

kahisezekekeponas: so many years old

kahiz: often; frequently; many times

kahje: brittle

kahjes: brittle

kahka: wear out (clothing article)

kahkovat: wear out (clothing article)

kahmas: wear out clothes

kahohses: burned through; finished cooking

kahohte: burned through

kahot: exhaust supply; use up

kahpeđo: smelt

kahsat: burn

kahses: burn

kahtaheah: end of trail; end of something linear

kahtahees: the end of (a rope or string); end of something linear

kahtat: finish striking or beating

kahte: burn

kahtezmas: wear out footwear

kajamu: of mixed colors; unpleasant (ugly) color

kajamuses: (ugly) unpleasant color

kalemeves: observe lent

Kalemevom: Lent

kalevor: sleigh

kamlames: breathe

Kanata: Canada

kanatiđiđes: young Canadian female

Kanatiđiđo: Canadian woman

kanatisiz: young Canadian male

Kanatiz: Canadian

kapeten: captain

kar: one quarter (of time, etc.)

karhvasis: sunset

karkođi: hard cookie; hardtack; biscuit

kas: eel

kasalat: wipe off; erase

kasapove: wash away; wash off

kasapoves: wash away; wash off

kasat: wipe

kasatoh: wipe off; erase

kato: but; for instance; what about?; what if?; in spite of

katome: eelskin

kavahtes: gooseberry

kavahteskomose: gooseberry bush

kavat: spruce tree

kavazakalat: turn to opposite direction; turn around

kavazakases: turns around

kavazakatoh: turn it around

kavazakaz: turns around

kavazakekes: flip; turn it over quickly

kavazakezmases: turn self over while in lying down; turn over in bed

kavazakovit: say in reverse; say backwards

kavazapah: reversing tide; reverses

kavazapases: turn around while seated

kavazzntesen: turn over quickly while prone; turn over quickly in bed

kave: porcupine quill

kavei: quill work; made of quills

kaviđo: thorn; thistle

kaz: wipe

kazapnahan: one hundred; hundred (in counting)

kazapnahaneponas: one hundred years old

kazat: police officer

kazateome: molasses

keazapevo: since

keđađat: inform; notify

keđalat: brag about

keđapemat: need for assistance; long for support; desire his/her help

keđapet: seek help from; seek solace from; want for satisfaction; desires

keđases: fend for oneself; help oneself

keđat: brag about

keđatekes: inform; do what is proper or correct

keđatoh: do correctly or properly

keđe: respectful; live according to proper upbringing; certain time; special; certain thing

keđemat: advise; instruct; speak truthfully; speak frankly

keđes: brag

keđeve: full grown; mature

keđevejes: thistle prickle; thistle

Keđevekevekuz: August

keđeven: full-grown; raise; rear

keđevenat: grow; raise; adopt; rear

keđevenin: adopted child

keđeves: full grown; mature; becomes an adult

keđo: to crow; holler; sing; mother; mom

keđo onjanes: pregnant; expect baby

keđohamises: act accordingly; behave appropriately; behave

keđok: warmly dressed

keđokerjes: read correctly; read properly

keđokesen: expected to arrive

keđoluves: work properly

keđomases: learns

keđomis: want to go home; intend to go home

keđomovat: teach; demonstrate; make music for; entertain

keđomoves: make music; play musical instrument

keđopesolat: dress up warmly

Keđor: Creator

keđoses: sleepy

keđosis: drowsy

keđotelovat: purchase correctly; purchase appropriately; shoot accurately; shoot in the right place

keđoter: purchase correctly; purchase appropriately

keđotnonhovanes: want an alcoholic drink

keđovalat: mark; number; alphabetize

keđovat: mark; number; alphabetize

keđovatekes: mark made to indicate a place; blaze

keet: it is known; known

keetapahte: drive in (as nail)

keetekes: intelligent; knowledgeable

keetoh: know about; know; have knowledge of; aware of

kejeat: aware; know about; have knowledge of

kejekeah: corner

kejekovo: recently; short while ago

kejemohpes: sits obstructing the way

kejemohte: is obstructing the way

kejikaz: corner closet; enclosed space in corner of room; corner

kejohekes: lock up

kejohin: bottle cover; lid; plug; cork

kejohisat: sew up; sew shut; sew closed

kejohiz: sew up; seam; sew shut; sew closed

kejohpes: plugged; it is closed; blocked; shut

kejohtat: plug up by pounding; shut by hammering; lock someone in; nail shut; close quickly; shut quickly; shut by pounding, hammering

kejohte: plugged; blocked; closed; plug up by pounding; pound shut; nail shut

kekahamises: ill·mannered

keke: act indecent

kekenamatenkevi: lesson; teaching material; book

kekenamovat: teach

kekenamoves: teach

kekes: almost; soon

kekis: drunk

kekođes: godparent

kekohpes: lie on top and across

kekohte: lie atop; lie on top

kekojeetesen: fall face first

kekolođalat: put arms around shoulder; hug

kekon: have; possess

kekonases: kept (for safekeeping); held (for safekeeping)

kekonat: have; possess

kekonaz: held for safekeeping; kept for safekeeping

kekones: spend the night; sleep over

kekopalat: put on top; place atop

kekopases: get on top of

kekopes: sit on top

kekopokoves: stand on the top

kekote: on the top

kekotesen: land on top; jump on top

kekun: hilltop

kekvi: run

kelanzat: believe; obey; follow, as in beliving in something

kelanzođat: believe someone; listen to

kelapah: screw; fasten

kelapahat: screw; fasten

kelapahtat: tack something on; attach with nails; tack on with nails; stitch on or together temporarily

kelapahte: tack something on; attach with nails; tack on with nails; stitch on or together temporarily

kelekes: protect; guard; watch over

kelevevi: your(plural); yours(plural); your(plural); yours(plural)

kelevo: you (plural)

kelivat: protect; keep watch over; hold in safekeeping

kelolat: speak to

keloses: speak; talk

kelot: request; ask for; guard; keep watch over; hold in safekeeping

kelur: good; nice

keluses: good; nice

kelusijijes: very small and somewhat good

kemamat: peek at; spy on; look at surreptitiously

kemapes: peek; look on secretly

kemat: peek at; spy on; look at secretly

kemeneje: extinct; totally wiped-out through death

kemermes: laugh to oneself; laugh secretly

kemeter: win all; break all; destroy all

kemetermat: honor; pay homage; respect

kemetet: honor; pay homage; respect

kemevezetoh: whisper

kemevoves: talk in a low voice; speak or talk in a whisper

kemis: sneak around

kemohseje: all burned

kemohter: all burned

kemumat: steal from

kemunalat: kidnap; steal

kemunat: steal

kemune: steal; cheat

kemunes: steal; cheat

kemuto: somewhat; a bit; sort of; stealthfully sort of

ken: hold

kenalat: decorate; trim (Christmas tree)

kenamasote: education; lesson; knowledge; learning

kenamatem: time of acquiring learning

kenases: dress up

kenat: hold; put aside

kenatejases: strut on; proudly going

kenatoh: decorate

kenđes: walk quietly; tiptoe

kenđohses: snore loudly

keneses: dressed up

keno: we; us(inclusive)

kenolat: dress; cloth

kentelovat: shoot by ambush; ambush

kentemes: cry secretly; cry silently

kentezek: sneak up on

kentezekovat: sneak up on

kepatas: have hoarse voice

kepe: blocked; plugged (of ear or nose)

kepejohvalat: put the lid on; close; block; plug

kepejohvatoh: put the lid on; close; block; plug

Kepek: Quebec

kepevez: dew; morning dew

kepezetahanas: deaf

kepinetohses: sounds nasal; sounds hoarse

kepis: become hoarse

kepises: speak huskily; speak hoarsely

kepohamat: glance at; catch a glimpse

kepohat: glance at; catch a glimpse

kepohtelovat: graze (by shooting)

kepohter: graze (by shooting)

kerke: hold down with body weight; hold closed with body weight

kerkovat: hold down with body weight

kerpelat: tie up

kerper: tie up

kertahanat: hold by a leash; restrain (by leash or rope)

kertahpelat: tie with a rope

kertahper: tie it up with a rope

kertat: put claim; put deposit on; retainer; down payment on

kerte: put claim; deposit; retainer; down payment on

kesahe: steep

kesahes: steep

kesahteas: have diarrhea

kesalat: like; love; prompted; compel to do; motivate; cause; hurt

kesalovejejes: burdock bur; burdock

kesaloves: love

kesartenkevi: act of love

kesase: shine; bright

kesases: shine; shines bright; bright

kesat: like; enjoys; love

kesatases: fixed; repaired; prepared

kesataz: fixed; prepared

kesate: bright

kesatoh: fix; repair; able to; can; capable of

kesazna: catch reach; get a hold of

kesaznat: able to reach; get a hold of

kese: have fun; have good time; fun to be with; enjoyable; winter

keseankamat: stare

keseankat: stare

keseat: creates; made

keseđahjijes: very short

keseđeves: very attractive

keseđines: groan

kesekađeseke: make loud report (as cannon or gun)

kesekah: slides fast

kesekas: slides fast

kesekavases: goes at high speed; move fast

kesekavaz: goes at high speed; move fast

kesekave: loud

kesekaves: talk loud; makes a loud noise with voice; shouts

kesekavet: flow swiftly; swift current

kesekavevoves: speak loudly; speak quickly; speak loudly and quickly

kesekavines: snort; snore loudly

kesekavipes: moving fast; scooting along quickly

kesekavlames: breathe hard and fast

kesekavtah: make loud noise; make loud sound

kesekavtohses: make loud sound with voice

Kesekevekuz: December; winter moon

kesekevi: associated with winter; winter one; associated with winter; winter one

keseko: old man; elderly man

kesekovah: get old

kesekoves: become old; he/she is aging

kesekoviđo: old woman; elderly woman

kesekuđo: old female animal

kesekuhamises: act like an old person

kesekulekas: walk like an old person

kesekuzmu: old animal

kesemah: have strong odor; have strong scent

kesemahazake: very large and round

kesemahazses: very large and round

kesemas: have strong odor

kesemrekinas: very strong

kesente: cry hard; wail

kesentoh: sang

kesepalat: relieve an itch by scratching; scratch

kesepat: painful bite; hurt by biting; hurt by biting hard

kesepatoh: scratch; relives an itch by scratching

kesepeah: itchy

kesepeases: finished drying

kesepeate: finished drying

kesepinkevi: eczema; itchiness

kesepis: itchy

kesepovalat: want very much; covet

kesepovat: wants very much; covet

kesetat: hit hard; beat-up badly

kesetermat: think highly of; especially fond of; extremely fond of; proud; invent

kesetesen: get hurt badly (from a fall or an accident)

kesetet: invent; think highly; fond; really, especially, or extremely fond of; proud; value

kesetoh: finish making

kesezepalat: wash

kesezepapalat: sponge bath; hose down

kesezepaparses: wash slightly and hastily; take sponge bath; cursory bath

kesezepapatoh: wash slightly and hastily

kesezeparses: wash self; take bath

kesezepatekenkevi: object pertaining to washing

kesezepatekes: wash (floors)

kesezepatoh: wash

kesezetađes: wash clothes; do laundry

kesikove: scratchy; causing itchiness(of garment)

kesikoves: scratchy; causing itchiness(of garment)

kesiođovas: very sick

kesisat: sew

kesite: quick scratch; a distracted scratch; scratch with an object

kesitoses: scratch self (like an animal)

kesiz: sew

keskajes: little bit

keskapalat: leave a scratch mark; scratches

keskapatoh: leave a scratch mark; scratches

kesoh: lock in; lock

kesohat: lock up

kesohes: has a strong odor

kesohon: fun time; lots of fun! (interjection)

kesohpes: closed; shut

kesohses: feel the burn badly; get a bad burn; get a painful burn; ready cooked; cooked

kesohte: closed; shut; ready cooked; cooked

ket: frozen over (water); both

ketađes: spiteful

ketahases: muscle ache; sore muscles; sore (of person)

ketahe: muscle ache; sore (of body part)

ketahes: sore (of body part); sore muscle

ketahtoh: throw off from the top

ketajalat: take with bare hands

ketajases: take with bare hands

ketajatoh: take with bare hands

ketalat: take down; unload; remove from; let off

ketanat: hunt; track; chase; seek; spiteful

ketantekes: hunter; gatherer; spiteful person

ketantoh: hunt; strive to obtain; gather; work to earn

ketapah: sink into water; sink into liquid

ketapas: sink

ketapekis: sing

ketapes: dive; go under water

ketapetesen: dive; duck underwater

ketarhalat: take out of

ketarhatoh: take out of

ketarhivalat: take out by scraping; digging out

ketarhivat: dig out

ketases: get down from the top; get out of

ketatoh: take down from the top; unload; remove from the top or inside

ketaz: get off atop; get out of

ketemetesorteje: all killed

ketiđeno: harvester; harvest man

ketines: harvest crops(of roots, tubers, potatoes, carrots, turnips)

Ketkevekuz: November

kevahaz: it is fell by the wind

Kevahsen: It is blown down by the wind

kevajot: long for; yearn for

kevalat: place on the top

kevapan: top of the head

kevases: move slowly

kevatezekovat: sadden by his/her departure

kevatoh: place on the top

kevaz: moves onto the top; move slowly; heat lightning

kevazako: at the top of the falls; Pabineau

keve: is a slowpoke; slow-moving; is a slowpoke; slow-moving

keveah: fall down from upright position; fall over from standing position; topple from standing position

kevesen: lie on the top; hungry

kevezmalat: lay on the top; lay on top of

kevezmatoh: lay on the top; lay on top of

kevi: up above; upstairs

kevipes: run onto the top; run slowly; goes slowly

kevis: falls over from upright position; topple from standing position

kevjeahis: feel chilly; have chills

kevjes: feel cold

kevjinevjes: feel hands cold

kevke: force it(that is upright) down with one's weight

kevkovat: force ...(that is upright) down with one's weight

kevne: otter

kevsat: topple by cutting; fell (by cutting)

kevtahsekes: feel cold feet

kevtat: knock down

kevte: knock down

kevtohalat: circling with; spin around

kevtohases: circle; turn around; go around

kevtohatezekatorteje: chase around in a circle

kevtohatoh: circling with; wave around; spin around

kevtohaz: circle around; goes around

kevtohazakalat: turn around to point in opposite direction; pass around

kevtohazakatoh: turn around to point in opposite direction; pass around

kevtoheah: spin; turns by itself

kevtohizmalat: push around in a circle

kevtohizmatoh: push around in a circle

kevtohopeateje: sit in a circle

kevtohopekalat: swing around

kevtohopekatoh: swing around

kevtohopelat: wrap around

kevtohoper: wrap around; hang around perimiter

kevtohoporteje: sit around in a circle

kevtohuvartorteje: follow one another in a circle

kevtohvases: circle; goes around; turns; spin

kevvo: earthquake

kevze: toppled by the wind; blown over by the wind; blown down; topple by cutting; fell (by cutting)

kez: just a minute!; hold on!; while; during

kez mo: before

kezeđovas: sick; ache; hurt; sore; uncomfortably sore

kezeđoveankankoses: appear sickly

kezeđovetohses: sound sickly

kezekajalat: get ready; prepare

kezekajataz: prepared

kezekajatoh: get ready; prepare

kezekaje: prepared; ready

kezekajis: have patience; measure up to; able

kezekajohoz: lies ready

kezekalat: put to sleep; make disappear

kezekamu: blurred; looks wide; appears wide

kezekamuses: blurred; looks wide

kezekamuvalat: make vanish; make disappear; dissolve

kezekamuvases: disappearing; dissolving; vanishing

kezekamuvatoh: make vanish; make disappear; dissolve

kezekamuvaz: dissolving; disappearing; vanishing

kezekamuveah: fade away; fade out of sight

kezekamuvis: fade away; fade out of sight

kezekapes: sits ready; prepared

kezekapokoves: stand ready

kezekas: lost

kezekases: disappear; become invisible; wide; become wider

kezekate: ready; prepared

kezekatesen: disappear in flash; vanish

kezekatez: disappear in flash; vanish

kezekatoh: make disappear; make wider

kezeke: wide; wide

kezekeahases: has a broad back

kezekejahsen: fly over

kezekejalat: place over; put over

kezekejases: go over; climb over; pass over

kezekejatoh: place over; put over

kezekermat: hold dearly; reluctant to part with

kezekerta: hold dearly; reluctant to part with

kezekirmahanas: have broad shoulders

kezekis: drift off to sleep; pass over in the air

kezekisen: pass over in the air; fly over

kezeko: today

kezekok: heavy

kezekonases: carry(by hand) heavy load

kezekor: heavy

kezekorhe: wide and deep (canoe chair)

kezekotat: catch red-handed; catch by surprise

kezekotezek: just in time; get there on time before it departs; get there on time just before it starts

kezekotezekovat: caught in the act; catch by surprise; catch on time

kezekotezmas: on time (for); just in time

kezekozođat: overhear

kezekozot: overhear

kezenokove: hurt; uncomfortably sore; ache

kezenokoves: ache; hurt; sore

kezep: dull; blunt; not sharp

kezepađenkevi: dryer

kezepahami: end of the world

kezepasases: cured; dried out

kezepasat: dry

kezepasaz: cured; dried out(wood)

kezepases: dry

kezepate: dry

kezepaz: dry

kezepeson: belt

kezepokovalat: lie

kezepuđat: defeat (in game); beat (in game)

kezepuđes: wins; win by overcoming

kezetat: beat-up; finish beating

Kezete: Saturday

kezete: finish playing(instrument); able to play instrument; finish beating; finish hitting

kezetoh: make dull; make it blunt

kezetonepelahan: gallows

kezlases: turn ripe

kezlat: make dull; make blunt

kezlazate: turn ripe

kezle: stink

kezmahalat: shove

kezmahtoh: shove

kezmalat: push; take by shortcut; bring by shortest route

kezmapeves: strange looking; weird looking; unusual looking

kezmarkivalat: make someone see things that are not there; perform magic

kezmarkivas: see things that are not there; see a mirage; see an optical illusion

kezmarkivatekes: do magic tricks; produces illusions

kezmarkivatoh: make someone see things that are not there; do magic

kezmases: take shortcut

kezmatoh: take or bring by shortest route; take it on a shortcut; push

kezmekes: shove; shapely; well·built; well·proportioned

kezmises: speak in odd or unusual way; speak with a heavy accent

kezmnah: before

kezmohjalat: push; push (with vehicle); push (by hand)

kezmohjatoh: push; push (with vehicle); push (by hand)

kezmohjekes: give a quick push; give a quick shove

kezmpeses: strangely dressed; well dressed; fancily dressed

keznapeves: have a tired look

kezne: tired

keznes: tired

keznetohses: tired sounding voice

keznolat: make tired

keznte: shortcut

kezntezek: move by bumping; shove

kezntezekovat: move by bumping

ki: sharp; sharp; house; home

kiatas: have cold; take cold

kiđo: near; close by

kijakomat: closely related to

kijapes: near·sighted

kikađeno: teaser; jokester

kikađevat: use in spite of; use in spite of condition; use forcefully; aggravate; tease; do for spite

kikajalat: force; rape

kikajases: argue

kikajemat: goad; dare; urge on; taunt; reply sarcastically or meanly; answer back

kikajimekemat: send home against their will; send home forcefully

kikajot: use in spite of condition; force self; aggravate

kikankon: pole (for poling boat)

kikas: still; in spite of; yet

kikases: tease

kikasmat: forcefeed; forcefully give food

kikatakanot: exaggerate

kikatanemat: exaggerate about; render worst than is; render better than is

kilevi: your(singular); yours(singular); your(singular); yours(singular)

kilijenat: tickle

kilise: ticklish

kilises: ticklish

kimas: have difficulty; have hard time

kimivat: give a hard time to

kimot: give a hard time

kinojen: proud; prideful; look proud

kipesah: rain

kipesajis: shower; rain slightly

kipesan: rain

kipesanamu: misty; looks like rain; looks like it's going to rain

kipesanamuveah: rain clouds approaching

kipo: eagle

kir: you (singular)

kisat: finished cooking

kises: cooked

kite: cooked

kitohopokovases: turn around while standing; turn about while in standing position

kivajeah: honest; fact; true; so

kiveđađo: muskrat root (cold remedy, mix with liquid or chewed); cold remedy

kiveso: muskrat

kiz: finished cooking; completed action; already happened

kiz sah: long ago; once upon a time

ko: wave

koholivejis: baby chickens; chick

koholives: chicken; hen

kohvalat: grab

kohvatoh: grab

kohvi: what

kohvi nes: what is this?; what is that?

kohvi ta: what about it?; what for?

kohvi ujes: what for?; why?

kokomen: thornberry; hawthorn berry

kokomenahse: hawthornberry bush; thorn apple bush

koler: kerosene; coal oil

kolomat: request; ask for

komveđikahan: hieroglyphics; character used to write Keva

komveđikekes: writes using Keva hieroglyphics; writes using old Keva hieroglyphics

komves: sucker (fish)

konđazake: rocky; rocky texture

konđo: stone; rock

kontes: pebble; small stone; small rock

kopeđekes: trap beaver

kopes: beaver

kopoh: bubbling spring

korđevi: cross

korđevtases: crucifix; crucified

korđevtoses: cross oneself

Korjevtos Đave: Good Friday

korpakes: maggot

korviđi: pork

korviđome: lard; pork fat

korvijis: piglet; young pig

korviz: pig; hog; swine

kosmo: outside; outdoors

kotalat: pour

kotan: town; up the mission

kotanases: go to town; go up mission

kotapivalat: desalinate; desalt (by soaking in several changes of water)

kotapivat: desalinate; desalt by soaking in several changes of water

kotatas: pour for self

kotatezetoh: spill

kotatezmat: spill

kotatoh: pour

kotekes: spill; spill intentionally

kove: wavy (of sea)

kovejeđape: spider web

kovejes: spider; cancer

kovin: marrow bone

kovovo: pine

kukuvez: owl; screech owl

L Edit

la: club (in cards)

lađo: playing card

lahan: wound; gash; cut

lahpelahan: drape; wooden hoop support around inside of wigwam

lahpesote: apron

lahson: sheet

lajijahan: glove

laka: cellar; basement; underground food storage

lakitahan: file; filing tool

lakor: cord of wood

lalanza: barn

lalem: cream

lalemamu: cream colored

lalemamuses: cream colored

lalisin: satin; silk

lamahan: dipper; ladle

lame: underneath; under; inside

lamekevi: slip

lamen: so; therefore; thus

lamit: palm (of hand)

lamokovom: interior of the house

lamovesmnahse: serviceberry bush; billberry; shadbush (juneberry)

lampoh: bottom of lake; bottom of river

lanhamu: underground

lanhavan: undershirt

lanso: twenty·five cents

lapae: tub

laparđi: holy water

lapatin: holy water sprinkler

lapavjijeđi: tin

lapekođes: have smallpox

lapekos: smallpox; smallpox mark

lapelaz: flax seed

lapelez: yard (of measurement)

lapevo: rooster

lapez: finally; eventually

lapolosan: prison; jail

lapor: bowl

lapote: spy glass; telescope

lapotir: binoculars

lapover: frying pan

laputahan: snare

laputahanekalat: set snare

laputahanekes: set snares

lapuvan: three masted sailing ship

lasis: plate

laso: soup

lasopejis: savory; summer savory

latahson: bucket; pail; chamber pot

latahsonalah: equivalent to pail; pail full

latan: blacksmith

latolavo: bull

lavoh: butcher knife; bread knife; hunting knife

lavohsat: cut with knife

lavohtat: strikes with knife

lavohte: strike with knife

lazakokotem: card playing time; card playing place

lazakolavo: plank; board

lazakovavo: snowshoe

lazakuvahan: card game

lazakuves: plays a card game

leđahan: weaving; knitting

Leđi: Jew

leđo: strawberry; red raspberry; berry

leeave: originate from; belongs there; from there

leeaves: originate from; belongs there; from there

lekepelahan: window shade; blind; curtain

lento: deer

lepi: foot (in measurement); feet (in measurement); twelve inches

lezhen: clothes trunk; coffin; casket

lipeneken: basket

lipetenape: ash strip (for weaving baskets); splint (for basket making)

lisote: language

lođahan: word; news

lođatin: spit; saliva

lohnemas: have bad breath

lohontis: gull; seagull

lohoves: star; dormer

lohten: trap

lohtenekalat: to trap; set trap for

lohtenekes: trap; set traps

Lohvezetahan: (basket) hoop

lokovahan: task; work; job; jobs

lokovahanatekes: bothersome; nuisance

lokovahanes: bothersome; troublesome

lokoveđođo: worker; female worker

lokoveno: worker; laborer

lokoves: fortunate; lucky

loz: log

loznin: bannock; dough; biscuit

lozokapeves: fib; tell lies; tell tall tales

luđeđevases: perform duties of prospective daughter·in·law; become a prospective daughter·in·law; become a daughter·in·law

luđeđeves: is a daughter·in·law

luđovevases: becomes a son·in·law

lumahan: gossip; rumor; hear-say

lumahanekes: spread rumors; spread gossip; spread hear-say

lusen: fire poker; furnace poker

luveto: female mammal

luzjis: youngster; young boy; kid

M Edit

mađamu: blackish; darkish

mađamuses: blackish; darkish

mađapetesen: glance

mađatar: eat a little; snack; eat marginally

mađe: lives simply; unsophisticated; make do; live marginally; black; black; white birch tree; white birch bark

mađeđi: porcupine meat

mađeseman: pin cherry

mađesemanahse: pin cherry tree; cherry tree

mađesemose: birch genus

mađez: young birch tree; porcupine

mađiđas: have a black beard

mađijas: black·bottomed

mađineses: dark complexioned; dark tanned

mađohses: darkened from fire; dark tanned

mađohte: dark tanned; darkened by fire

mađokvalat: keep in time with; follow

mađokvat: keep in time with; follow

mađoluves: do odd or simple jobs; handyperson

mađomas: frugal; manages with minimum resources

mađomemajes: lives simply; lives marginally

mađopat: eat scraps; eat a bit of

mađot: eat a bit of; eat leftovers of

mađotemovat: trim hair

mađotezekevi: head cheese

mahađat: loan; lend; let somebody borrow

mahađi: temporary replacement; temporary replacement

mahah: big and round (cylindrical); big (in girth)

mahakve: big waves; heavy seas

mahalat: enlarge

mahamekevases: go by land

mahamekevo: land; ground

mahan: pipe (for smoking)

mahanas: outwitted; baffled by situation

mahaniđah: loaded to brim; overloaded

mahapas: big headed

maharhivas: have large eyes

mahatoh: enlarge

mahazake: large and globular; large and round; plump; bulbous; rotund

mahazateas: have a big and round belly; plump; corpulent; rotund

mahazses: large and round; plump; bulbous; corpulent; rotund

mahezeke: wide; broad; expansive; wide; broad; expansive

mahezhonas: have a big nose

mahijas: have big buttocks

mahinas: have big nostrils

mahitnas: have big hands

mahitoles: have a big boat

mahohonekatas: have big legs (in girth); have thick legs

mahohses: big (in girth); big and round (cylindrical)

mahoitnas: have big arms (in girth); have thick arms

mahsetas: have big feet

mahtonas: have big mouth

majases: leave; move; go

majeahalat: scold

majoheah: wobble

majohis: wobble

makasan: store

makitahan: saw

makos: dress

makotah: wear a dress

makvases: bow down; bow

makveđat: bow to; nod to

makvetoh: bow to; nod to

mala: at home; where I'm from

malapes: see poorly; bad eyesight; failing vision

malases: not doing well (health); progressing slowly

malatar: eat little; eat poorly; eat inadequately

Male: Virgin Mary

male: lazy

maleat: bother; handle; mess around with

maleđi: mountain maple; soft maple

malekatas: weak legs or feet; fragile-legged; feeble-legged; frail-legged

malekevas: equal or equivalent to barrel

malekevo: keg; barrel

malekivat: play with; amuse

malekot: play with; amuse

malihvansa: hazelnut

malihvansamose: hazelnut bush; hazelnut tree

malimat: mock; tease

malive: grow at a slow pace; weak growth; feeble growth

malives: grow at a slow pace; stunted growth; undersized growth; feeble growth; marry

malivote: marriage

malokonas: have weak back

malos: sailor

mamonisah: snow heavily

mamonisalat: love very much; like very much

mamonlah: rain heavily

man: mocassin

manakes: fight; struggle

manakevahan: fight; struggle; battle

manakeveno: fighter; warrior

manat: fight or struggle against; mountain

manteje: fight

mantem: war; battle

mapoz: pocket

marđalat: get blood on

marđatoh: get blood on

marđe: bloody

marđeah: bleed

marđeđes: young

marđes: youngster; young person; bloody

marđis: bleed

marđo: blood

marhomat: eat

marhot: eat

marjas: stagger slowly

marpaleves: doctor

marpaleviđo: woman doctor; female doctor

marteđi: hammer

martevsat: cause to bleed by cutting

martevte: cause to bleed by striking

martevtez: bleed as a result of a fall

martevtezetoh: causes to bleed by a fall

martevtezmat: cause to bleed by a fall

martevze: cause to bleed by cutting

masahases: takes advantage of the situation

masahtekes: instigate

mat: fight or struggle against

matahatoh: pull on to make sound (as bell)

matahtat: pluck (as string); tug (a string); pull (a string); jerk (a string)

matahte: pluck; tug (a string); pull (a string); jerk (a string)

matamases: walk towards the road; heading towards the road

matamasontekes: wades through snow towards the road

matat: spank; beat

mate: beat; spank; thrash

mateđi: hammer

matelovat: shoot at

mater: shooting at

matesen: shaking

matez: shake

matoheah: sway

matohis: sway

matoz: tomato

mavanter: piled together

mavataje: share expense; chip in

maveateje: gather; swarm (as bees)

maveome: formal gathering; formal meeting

mavesetesen: contract; cringe; fall in heap; crumple from a fall; shrink from

mavesetez: contract; cringe; crumple together

mavesetezek: crumple with feet; kicks it together

mavesetezekovat: crumple; crumple with feet; kicks it together

mavetaje: gather together; hold meeting

mavevortađahan: joyful time; joyful occasion

mavevortases: become ecstatic; very happy or pleased

mavi: tobacco

mavije: gather together; congregate

mavilor: very good

maviluses: very good

mavineso: hunchback

mavkame: corpulent; fattest

mavkames: corpulent; fattest

mavkemat: include in the count

mavkerjes: calculate; figure; add (in mathematics)

mavket: include in the count; add (in mathematics)

mavluvalat: include in the repairs; include in the work

mavluvat: include in the repairs; include in the work

mavo peli: very new; very new

mavo peses: packaged with; inside with; included

mavo pete: included in; included

mavo venje: very bad

mavo venjes: very bad; worse

mavolaje: gather up

mavotases: gather; collect

mavotohor: gather up; collect

mavpes: bunched together; included

mavpeses: bundled

mavpete: bundled up; tied together

mavsalat: build a fire in the stove or furnace

mavsatas: make fire inside; start and maintain a fire in a stove; heat source

mavsatekes: make a fire (in stove or furnace); build a fire (in stove or furnace)

mavte: collect; save; gather together; included; bunched together

mazakerkes: estrange; separated (in marriage)

mazakermat: hate; loath; detest

mazakerta: hate; loath; detest

mazholaje: store(pl); put away(pl)

mazhotases: put things away; store; save up; accumulate

mazhotat: quickly hide

mazhote: quickly hide; temporarily hide; put away quickly or temporarily; save temporarily (slang)

mazhotohro: store (plural); put away (in bulk); put away (plural)

mazhvalat: put away; store; save

mazhvatases: jailed; put away (in mental institution); put away; store

mazhvatoh: put away; store; save

me: still; yet; more; anyway

me a: more again; still again; some again

me eska: a little more; a bit more; some more!

me kohvi: anything else?; still what

me pa: anyhow; anyway

Me tale: How is he/she?

me ven: anyone else

meađave: midday; noon; middle of day

meave: in middle; between

meavipah: middle of night

međahaz: make a fluttering sound; make a flapping sound

međahsen: makes a fluttering sound; makes a flapping sound

međajis: baby; child

međalat: revive

međamu: looks bad

međat: doubt; disbelieve

međatar: makes a sound when eating

međatoh: makes a sound in handling it

međavesen: wobbly; unbalanced; tipsy

međavez: wobbly; unbalanced; tipsy

međe: difficult; hard to do; makes a sound by stirring or bustling about

međekat: need; need the services

međekes: need; has use for; could use; require

međeketoh: need; has use for; could use; require

međekezek: bad weather

međelovas: heard sounding off in anger; heard bellowing (as moose)

međemah: taste bad; bad odor

međemas: taste bad; bad odor

međemes: heard laughing

međen: heard talking

međentoh: heard singing

međevalat: scrape off; pry off (with hands or tool); rub off

međevat: scrape off; pry off (with hands or tool)

međeves: grow off; strip off bark (birch)

međez: ringworm

međohamises: hard to get along with; have bad disposition

međohsen: heard snoring

međosat: reheat

međotahanas: crave

međoves: heard talking

međovit: repeat (what is said); mention again

međoz: reheat

mejahas: vein

mejekamuses: have dirty appearance; look dirty

mejekapeves: have dirty face

mejes nevse: one more time

mejiđi: food

mejikomes: wear dirty clothes

mekađalat: make a big fuss over

mekases: overact; make a big fuss; over react

mekatas: barefooted

mekatekes: overdo; do more than expected; show off

mekaz: overactive

meke: snobbish; stuck up; haughty; inconsiderate

mekepaje: eat plenty of; eat in abundance

meket: eat plenty of; eat in abundance; eat plenty of; eat in abundance

meketaje: acquire plenty of; gather plenty; pick plenty; win plenty

mekete: acquire plenty of; gather plenty; pick plenty; win plenty

meketer: acquire plenty of; gather plenty; pick plenty; win plenty

meketermat: think highly of; overly fond of

meketerses: conceited; have high opinion of self

meketet: think highly of; very fond of

meketetases: highly praised; honored; highly regarded (dmm 02-08-14); prized

meketetaz: highly praised; honored; highly regarded; prized

mekohomves: dogwood; Red osier dogwood

mekos: snob; snobbish person; vain person; stuck up person

mekoses: overcharges for labour; overcharges for service; charge a high price for labour

mekote: expensive

mekotekes: plane (in carpentry)

mekotes: expensive

mekotezek: bump into; run into

mekotezekovat: bump into; run into; run over

mekovalat: satisfied with

mekovatoh: satisfied with

mekozođat: overhear

mekozot: overhear

mekvas: hatless; bareheaded

mekve: stiff; stiff

melađahan: toy

melađalat: plays with; toy with

melađat: plays with; toy with

melamu: multi-colored; different colors; variety of colors; many colors; many kinds of things; many sorts of things

melamuses: multi-colored; different colors; variety of colors; many colors; many different kinds; many different sorts

melaseponas: ten years old

melaseponhe: ten years

melaser: ten dollars

melases: play

melasezekah: ten times

meleposes: squirm

meleses: rich

meletases: imagine many things; think about various things

melijetesen: wiggle about; dance wildly

meliznhvas: hard to please; fussy

melođes: bake variety of pastry; make desserts; make sweets

melohoz: cook in different ways

melohsat: cook in different ways

melovejoho: seriously!; honestly!

melovese: have different names

meloveses: have different names

melovit: call by different names; have different names

melovitat: name-calling; call by many names; have many names

melze: whittle it; carve in different ways; cut in different ways

memađahan: life; living

memađeno: human being; person

memaje: alive

memajes: alive

memalat: grease; anoint

mematoh: grease; anoint

memavatahan: used for greasing; greaser (for pan)

meme: oily; greasy; greasy

memekez: butterfly

memi: oil; grease

memuvalat: hide; conceal

memuvases: hide

memuvatoh: hide; conceal

memvahanemose: oak tree

memvas: wear perfume, lotion or oil

men: pick up; choose

menahađalat: do carefully and correctly

menahađatoh: do carefully and correctly

menahanah: weak

menahanas: weak

menahivalat: pry off; scrape off

menahivat: pry off; scrape off

menaje: gather; pick up

menajejes: frail; fragile; delicate

menakives: pull out weeds; pull up vegetables

menalat: remove; take off

menapah: unscrew

menapahat: unscrew

menat: pick up; gather; choose; select

menataho: harvest (garden)

menatoh: remove; take off; pluck

menavjes: sensitive to cold; cold-blooded

menazate: chip off the protuberance

mene: bear fruit

meneko: island

menenalat: rip off; tear off (or out)

menenatoh: rip off; rip out; tear off; tear out

menes: bears fruit; berry; fruit; nut

menikalat: pull off; peel off; pry off

menikatoh: pull off; peel off; pry off

menjases: get up from lying position; rise from lying position

menjazses: dome shaped; half round

menjenohamat: look at up and down or from head to toe

menke: bare; bare

menpat: bite off

menre: gather; pick up

mensepokoves: now standing from a lying position

mentat: beat out(in a game); knock off; remove by striking

mente: knock off; remove by striking; bite off

menze: cut off

merhameke: uneven; hilly (of ground or floor)

merkahanapas: bald (headed)

merkajes: have strong grip

merkalat: harden

merkapekez: tough and stringy

merkases: harden; solidify

merkatoh: harden; stiffen; strenghten; build or make strong

merkaz: harden; solidify

merke: hard; hard

merkeahases: muscular; tough

merkekes: solidly built

merketas: courageous; brave

merkinah: strong

merkinas: strong

merkitahanas: have strong neck

merkoses: have all kinds of dreams

merluves: do different kinds of work

merpeket: flow in many directions

mersat: carve different ways; whittle; cut in many ways or directions

mertohses: makes different sounds with voice

mervejases: mixed emotions; apprehensive about the future; imagine many possibilities

mervezekas: nightmare; frightened (from nightmare)

mesahanitat: knock down; collaspes as a result of a punch

mesajetat: fumble; unable to catch

mesajete: fumble; unable to catch

mesakvalat: place against

mesakvatoh: place against

mesakvezmatoh: lay up against

mesakvizmalat: push up against

mesalat: swallow; miss making a connection with; miss appointment; miss rendez·vous

mesatames: swallow

mesatoh: miss making a connection with; miss appointment; miss rendez·vous; swallow; swallow slowly

meseapoh: stir

meseapohat: stir

meseapohtat: stir fast with an instrument

meseapohte: stir (with an instrument)

meseat: infect; influence; affect

meseđos: small rag

meseđovi: incapable of running

mesekes: swallow quickly; cook; camp cook

mesemat: report on; tell on

mesenos: rag

mesimis: incapable of walking

mesiseah: get raggedy

mesisis: dressed raggedly; get raggedy

meskis: undergo rigor mortis; get stiff

met: doubt; disbelieve

metahajalat: take in bare hands

metahajases: take in bare hands

metahajatoh: take in bare hands

metahajes: holds in bare hands

metahajetat: grab in bare hands

metahasen: lay on bare surface

metahate: on bare surface

mete: aspen; poplar

metetekes: knocking; pounding

metevjimes: heard growling (as dog)

metevtemes: heard crying

metiz: tree

meto: beside; aside; on the side of

metoheah: go down to; come down to; descend in elevation

metohis: descend in elevation; go down to; come down to

metohvalat: bring down to; take to lower land; take to lower elevation

metohvatoh: bring down to; take to lower elevation; take to lower land

metohvevses: move to lower land; move down to

metokonah: stormy

mevae: middle

mevalat: make red

mevamu: reddish

mevamuses: reddish

mevasalat: attach; stick on; glue on

mevasatoh: attach; stick on; glue on

mevatahan: rouge; blushing powder

mevatas: put on a rouge

mevatetesen: flash red

mevatetez: flash red

mevatoh: make red

mevazake: red and round

mevazapes: attached

mevazate: attached

mevazses: red and round

meve: red; red

mevejes: beet

mevesahases: turn red; blush

mevesahses: ruddy complexion; red faced; red cheeked

meveses: pick berries

mevleakovi: dinner (noon meal); lunch time meal; noon meal

mezek: in prime

mezeke: sorry; regret an act

mezeker: big

mezeki: big

mezekijijes: somewhat big

mezen: receive; get; catch

mezenat: catch; receive; get possession

mezenatoh: mend; patch; repair

mezenisat: patch; mend; sew

mezeniz: patch; mend; sew

mezepat: tasted; tasted by eating; savored

mezepohe: flooded

mezet: taste

mezetezek: miss; miss a connection; arrive too late for

mezetezekovat: arrive late and miss someone entirely; miss meeting someone because of timing

mezetezmas: miss a connection; miss; arrive too late for

mezeto: oakum

mezeton: ace of spades

mezhanalat: lay down; put down

mezhanases: go down to the ground or floor

mezhanatoh: lay down; put down

mezhanepes: crouching position

mezhanis: collapse

mezhanitelovat: take down by a shot

mezholes: pierced (by nail or sliver)

miđahan: meal

mijan: excrement; feces

mijanokovom: bathroom; outhouse; washroom

mijes: eat

mijis: turtle; tortoise

min: axe

minat: axe handle

mirkiđeno: strong person

mivalat: thankful for; grateful

mivat: thankful for; grateful

mivejemahan: table fork

mivetermat: remember; call to mind

mivetet: remember; call to mind

mo: oyster

mo nem: not too much; not very good; not impressive

mođat: lick

mođatames: lick

mođavekes: cut logs; cut beams

mođavo: log; beam

mođes: miss; lonesome

mođi: handkerchief; kerchief

mohopah: wine

mohpe: bloated; swollen

mohpes: bloated; swollen

mohva: no

mohva kohvi: nothing; not anything; none

mohva ven: nobody; no one

molen: mill; machine

molenjis: sewing machine

molomves: groundhog; woodchuck

monđevat: persuade; persistent persuasion; coax

monmo: oyster

monsapes: look persistently

monsas: persistent

monsot: persistent in doing

monte: bag; sack

montes: little sack; small bag

morhat: dig out; shovel something

morhes: dig; shovel

mosekalat: strip; clean out; undress; remove

mosekases: undress; remove clothing

mosekatoh: clear; strip

mosekazses: smooth and round

moseke: bare; empty; clear; bare; empty; clear

mosekez: sky

mosekolat: undress; untrim

mositases: clear by cutting; clear by chopping off

mositaz: clear by cutting; clear by chopping off

mositekes: cutting underbrush; clear brush or thicket by cutting

mospes: mink

mot: do not; don't

mota: because

movin: bear

movines: bear cub

movinevhamises: temperament of a bear

movinome: bear grease; bear oil

mozokazapes: protrude; stick out

mozokazate: protrude; stick out

mozokipes: run out to an open area

muđo: piece

mujekahan: lumbering; forestry

mujekes: cut lumber

mujikan: wooden house

mujis: pup; puppy; young dog; small stick

munez: thief

mupote: chair

mus: dog; stick; wood; piece of lumber; pile of lumber

muses: small piece; a bit

musmen: raspberry

mutat: beat with a stick

mute: beat with a stick

N Edit

na nas: that's all; the end

na ta: first; first of all; the beginning

na tođo: at that time; then

na toh: it shall be so; it is said (that); all right; O.K.

nađah: know how to swim

nađahalat: skillful in handling; competent in doing

nađahatoh: skillful in handling; competent in doing

nađas: fifth; fifth person; five·card

nađatateje: share evenly

nađatoh: halve; divide in half

nađaveđovatekes: good cook; excellent cook; know how to cook

nađe: self sufficient; know how to get by; know one's way around; worldly wise; clever

nađen: someone

nađenalat: tear in half

nađenatoh: tear in half

nađene: torn in half; torn in half

nađentoh: know how to sing; good singer

nađenzokumas: know how to answer back

nađi: fifth one; fifth one

nađođes: know how to cook; good or excellent cook

nađohoz: slice in half

nađohsat: slice in half; cut in half

nahalat: remove from water

nahapelat: rope in from water; reel or rope to shore; reel in from water

nahapelaves: pull out of water by rope or fish line; remove from water

nahaper: rope in from water; reel in from water; remove from water by rope

nahapis: remove net from water

nahases: get out of water

nahatoh: remove from water

nahta: abandon; leave behind

nahte: stop abruptly; bring to a halt; interrupt

najeilajes: go to get ready; start to pack; go get prepared; go to get dressed

najekas: strong desire; yearn for

najekatekes: go hunting for eels

najeneeamat: go to look in on; go to take a brief look; go to glimpse at

najenpas: go get some sleep

najeputahnes: bat; nocturnal flying mammal

najeteamovekes: go moose hunting

najevzkes: go fishing

najiđevas: go to defecate

najijahan: glove

najikot: to attend service; to attend church

najiloloves: ask permission to marry daughter

najis: nit; parsitic insect egg; young parsitic insect

najitantekes: goes to hunt

nakemat: send for; place an order

naket: send for; place an order

naketekes: place an order; send for

nakohom: ice skate

nakuseđe: sunny

nakuseđi: clock; watch

nakuses: sun

nalakes: energetic; swift; eager

nan: five (in counting)

nanah: fives (in cards); fives (in sizes); fives (in pairs or more)

nanamalat: rock (baby); swing

nanamatoh: rock; swing

nanameahavi: rocking chair; swing

nanamis: rock; swing

nanamoheah: sway; rock from side to side

nanamohis: sway; rock from side to side

nanan: food (baby talk)

nankon: fine·tooth comb

nankoses: comb hair with fine·tooth comb

nanmevo: immediately; right away

nanra: five inanimate objects

nas: all

nas kohvi: something; everything

nas tame: everywhere

nas ven: everybody

nasahonkivas: fit handle in or on (axe or hammer)

nasahonkivat: fit handle in or on (axe or hammer)

nasalat: put on; don

nasapah: screw on; attach by screwing on

nasapahtesen: entangle; get caught on

nasapahtez: entangle; get caught on

nasapotahan: earring

nasatoh: put on; don

nasekes: quickly put on; quickly fasten

nasohvatahan: ring

nat: mountain

natađes: know how to beg

nataersotekes: have good judgement; good advisor

natahamalat: bring ashore

natahamases: go ashore

natahamatoh: bring ashore

natahan: decoration

natahanto: at the shore; at the riverbank

nataluves: know how to work; good worker

natamanakes: know how to fight; good fighter

natamas: good at whatever they do; capable person; handy; handyman; jack of all trades

natame: somewhere; someplace

natankovas: go shopping

natankuses: go peddling; go selling

natatohtes: know how to bake; good or excellent baker

natelovat: go to buy; go to purchase

nater: over there; there; go to purchase; go to buy

natezek: go after; chase; try to catch

natezekovat: go after; chase

nazak: wear

nazakohtat: split lengthwise (with heavy blow)

nazakohte: split lengthwise (by stiking); split in half (by-striking)

nazakohtekes: splitting wood; splitting (by striking with a tool)

nazakohvatoh: split (by hand); divide (by hand)

nazakovat: wear

nazan: shoe

nazapes: attached; be a member

nazataholat: hitch up (horse)

nazate: attached; enmeshed

nazatezetoh: hook; jig; catch by hook

nazatezmat: hook; jig

nazlođat: repeat after; copy

ne: far; soon; shortly in time

ne vetakoteje: distant relatives or relations

neđat: know; recognize

neđazato: evergreen needle

neđeađoves: know how to tell stories

neđetohtes: know how to cook

neđomađat: interpret; translate for

neđomarđute: interpretation; translation

neđomarsevze: interprete; translate

nekapivalat: make blind (with light)

nekavo: all time; always

nekazakin: log (before being cut into specified lengths)

nekes: those

nekizmalat: push all along the way

nekizmatoh: push all along the way

nela: those; that

nem: he; she; him; her

nemeat: see

nemetekes: see; have eyesight

nemetoh: see

nemevi: his; hers; its; his; hers; its

nemezek: get; fetch

nemezekovat: get; fetch

nemove: damp; damp

nemovo: they; them

nemovovi: theirs; theirs; theirs; theirs

nen: know of; recognize

nenahases: hurry

nenahe: in a hurry; in a rush

nenahetet: anxious for; eager for; in a hurry for

nenahjijes: light (in weight)

nenahjis: light (in weight)

nentesen: tremble; quiver; shake; shiver

nentez: tremble; shake; shiver

nep: dead

nepahta: stingy

nepajijes: take nap

nepalat: put to sleep

nepapivas: blind

nepas: sleep; asleep

nepat: kill

nepatas: slaughter own livestock; slaughterer; butcher

nepatekes: murder

nepatoh: earn; make a killing at something; kill something

nepe: sensitive; temperamental; touchy; easily offended; easily agitated

nepelat: cure; heal

nepet: cure; heal

nepetekes: healer; curer

nesapohvas: lap (up)

nesekatezmovat: trip

neseket: drop

nesezekah: thirty (in counting)

nesopes: triplet

netakalat: embarrass

netakases: get embarrassed; ashamed; acting shy

netake: bashful; shy

netakohonalat: shame

netapes: critical; faultfinding; nosey

netatađahan: wisdom

netatases: wise; quick thinker

nezeđapokoves: speak truthfully; speak wisely; speak intelligently

nezeđe: wise; sensible; of sound mind

nezeđes: become wiser; become knowledgeable [right and wrong]; mature; grow into maturity; regain consciousness

nezeđetases: recollect; recall; remember; become aware

nezeđotesen: come back to one's senses

nezepatar: eat while otherwise occupied

nezepatejemat: drag along while occupied with something else

nezepatejetoh: drag along while occupied with something else

nezepes: baby·sit; house·sit

nezet: understand

neznat: bring along; take along

nezne: bring along; take along

niamat: look in on briefly; check on briefly; call upon (for visit)

niamle: appear as or in blaze; fire becomes apparent

niamuvalat: cause to appear; make to appear

niamuvatoh: make to appear; cause to appear

niapokovases: step into view; step out from behind somewhere in full view

niasenekes: appear shining (as sun); shining through (the clouds); come into view with a light source

niases: appear; show up

niat: look at briefly; check on briefly

niaz: appear; show up

O Edit

ohote: dear; friend; affection term between spouses

ohvah: arrive; land; dock

okno: sweat

omnohon: yellow birch

ompohon: bed

onkome: ice; icecube

onkomijah: wear horseshoes

onkomijolat: shoe (horse); fit with horseshoes

onkomin: icicle

onkomine: icy (in patches)

onkomis: horseshoe

ontokonođoves: behave a certain way when a storm is approaching

ontokonohso: storm

oplotahan: law

opnolevas: member of government; government employee

opnor: government

orđođavo: statue

orđođo: native woman; aboriginal woman; first nations woman

orđotesen: dance native style; dance aboriginal style; dance first nations style

orkođahan: ladder; stairs; steps

orkovahan: job; work; task

orkovahanalat: bother; trouble

orlotahan: fence

orlotahanat: fence post

orlovine: seven; seven (in counting)

orlovine tesezekah: seventy

ormoveđađo: piece of coal; coal

ormoves: mosquito; boil; carbuncle

orno: native; aboriginal; first nations person

Orno Ađomam: Native mass; Native language mass

orno sahamavo: native chief; aboriginal chief; first nations chief

ozho: leach

ozholođo: lead, gunshot; lead, wheel balancers; sinkers

ozholuzokojis: small lead pellet; beebee

Ozhorđekuz: May

ozhorđikan: toadstool; mushroom

ozhorsa: frog

ozkote: urine

ozmokovalavo: spruce gum

oznokokovom: hospital

oznokovahan: sickness; illness; virus

oznokovas: male westerner

oznokoviđo: female westerner

oztohon: fir tree; balsam tree; palm frond (used on Palm Sunday)

oztohonahse: fir tree; balsam tree

oztohonamu: fir color; dark green

oztohonamuses: fir·color; dark green

oztohonekes: search for fir trees

P Edit

pahtezme: wolf

Pakevom: Easter

pekesen: arrive; get there

piđi: distribution; welfare

pinevhvan: goods for sharing; goods for distribution; goods for relief; relief; welfare

poh: spring water; a spring of water

S Edit

sađevalat: exchange

sađevamuvalat: change color

sađevamuvatoh: change color

sađevases: change

sađevatoh: exchange

sađevaz: change

sađevenkevi: torchlight

sađeves: hunt with light (at night); hunt with torchlight (at night); fish with light or torchlight (at night); exchange; swap

sađevik: changes the writing

sađevikat: changes the writing

sađevises: change language

sađevit: change name of

sađevitat: change the name of

sah: long ago

sahađetesen: slip and fall

sahaleah: sprout

sahalis: sprout

sahalope: hair ribbon; ribbon

sahamađo: lady; female chief; gentlewoman; woman of high rank

sahamas: young gentleman

sahamaves: boss; chief; supervisor

sahamavo: gentleman; chief; man of high rank; big shot

sahamukoves: chew (gum)

sahaneah: falling level of the snow due to melting/thaw; falling level

sahanhapes: lie on the floor or ground; sit on the floor or ground

sahanhate: lie on the floor or ground; sit on the floor or ground

sahate: needle

sahateđah: sensation of pins and needles; having lost the feeling of; numb; sleeping (of limb)

sahavi: old; old

sahavikan: old house; old camp

sahpe: wet; wet

sahpeah: get wet; get damp

sahpejah: damp; boggy

sahpekun: tear·drop

sahpekunis: shed tears; forms tears; become tearful

sahpijas: have a wet bottom

sahpis: get moist

sahpisah: wet snow

salavapo: salty water; salt water; salted water

salavatas: add salt

salave: salty; salty

salavi: salt

saleđatekes: give charity

saleđeves: collecting for charity

samalat: touch

samamat: get a glimpse of

samat: get a glimpse of

samatoh: touch

samohvaneah: becomes watery

samohvanis: becomes watery

sanhavan: water

sanhavanapovah: watery; diluted with water

sanhavanoh: water pitcher; water container

sankeđes: trim slowly; plow slowly

sankevalat: go slowly with; do gently

sankevases: go slow; cruise along; saunter along

sankevatoh: go slow with; do gently

sankevaz: go slow; cruise along; saunter along

sankeve anketases: think slowly

sankevetermat: trust

sankevetet: trust

sankevises: talk slowly

sankevo: slowly; calmly; carefully; gently

sankevovoves: talk softly; talk slowly

santat: tap; touch slightly

sante: tap; touch slightly

santezek: graze; brush against

santezekovat: graze; brush against

sapahatat: stab

sapahe: a hole through (as tunnel); pass through (as tunnel)

sapalat: save (from mishap); get through

sapan: paste; mush; batter

saparhatat: stab; pierce

saparhate: pierce or pierce through; stab or stab through; jab or jab through

Sapatez: John the Baptiste

sapatoh: save (from mishap); get through

sapavses: survive

sapeve: holy; blessed

Sapeve Đevovi: Holy Thursday

Sapeve Kezete: Holy Saturday

sapeves: saintly; holy; blessed

sapin: awl

sapon: contrary person(slang); hair

sapono: tomorrow

sapotahat: last or stay through; endure

sapotarhat: dig through

sapotases: pass through; go through

sapotavses: recover (from illness or an injury); live through (survive)

sapotaz: pass through; go through

sapotazakeah: penetrate through; poke out of

sapotazakis: penetrate through

sapotetat: pierce through by a blow; cut or knock through

sapotete: pierce through by a blow; cut or knock through

sapotetelovat: penetrate or pierce through (with bullet or arrow or compressed air water)

sapoteter: penetrate or pierce through (with bullet or arrow or compressed air/water)

sapotetezek: kick through; run through

sapotetezekovat: kick through; run through

sar: shawl

sasa: jellyfish

satahjen: chill through

satat: sting

sate: sting

sazakato: flying squirrel

sazhalez: scallop

sazhapes: flat

sazhasetas: flatfooted

sazhate: flat

sazhatesen: fall flat on belly; belly flop

sazhato: flying squirrel

sazhavejijes: small pot (for cooking)

sazhaves: pot (for cooking)

sazhe: flat; smooth; flat; smooth

sazheejes: crab louse

sazhekatas: flat-footed

sazhinas: pug-nosed

sazrjis: saucer

se: elsewhere

seavalat: keeps on going with; continue with

seavases: keep on going; continue

seavatoh: keep on going; continue with

seavaz: keep on going; continuing

seđahatah: chime

seđahaten: bell clapper

seđahin: chime; bell

seđalat: holler; scream at

seđe: lively; smart; active; hard worker; ambitious

seđes: holler; scream; shout; back to senses (after drinking)

seđevalat: spread around by hand; spread around with tool(rake)

seđevat: spread around by hand; spread around with tool(rake)

seđi: blaze (of fire); firey blaze

sekalas: spawn; to produce or deposit (eggs) as fishes or frogs do

sekalavo: spawn; (eggs) deposited from fishes or frogs

sekes: urinate

sekevas: rise (sun or moon)

sekevekes: have illegitimate child or children; beget illegitimate child or children

sekevi: illegitimate child; bastard

sekin: sail

sekon: last spring

sekonejis: spring·born animal

sekonis: orphaned animal

sekono: next spring

sekopahten: buttermilk

sekova: widower

sekovahzten: straw

sekovajis: young widower

sekovalat: empty out

sekovapatin: rinse (water)

sekovatoh: empty out

sekove: empty; empty

sekpelat: tie tightly

sekper: tie tightly

sekuđes: young widow

sekuđo: widow

sekvevi: sweetener

sekvo: sweet; sweet

sen: past winter

senalat: pack down (to make more room)

senatoh: pack down (make more room); compact it (jnw)

senekes: gulps down the remaining beverage

seno: next winter; forthcoming winter

sentezetoh: drinks it in one gulp; pack down or compact soemthing inside a container

sentezmat: empty a glass or bottle by drinking the remaining beverage; packs down or compacts something inside a container (barrel/basket) by pounding or dropping

sepajes: hold in concealment in the hand

sepelekalat: spread out

sepelekatoh: spread out

sepes: stretch; stretch and yawn

sepetahan: hide·stretcher

sepezetahanosote: safety pin

sepi: this morning

sepijalat: grasp; grip

sepijatoh: grip; grasp

sepipah: supple; flexible

sepipas: supple; flexible

sepivases: close eyes

sepives: have eyes closed

sepo: river

seporkomes: hold under arm; clutch under arm

seposalat: bring to point; seal

seposatoh: bring to point; seal

seposepelat: close by tying with rope or string

seposeper: close by tying with rope or string

seposepes: closed up; tied shut

seposete: closed up; tied shut

seposisat: sew closed gap of pointed(animate) article; seam; darn

seposiz: sew closed gap of pointed article (as sock or mitt); seam; darn

sepotahan: metal file; sharpener

sepovijen: hide or conceal in hand

sepovijenat: hide or conceal in hand

sepsahalat: stick into; penetrate into; pierce into

sepujis: brook

sesaki: barefooted

sesalat: spread out

sesarđovepes: have messy hair

sesases: wander

sesatoh: mess up; disarray; spread

sesaz: spread

sese: bird; waterfowl

seseahavi: birdshot; birdshot shell

Sesokole: Jesus Christ

sesopaluves: slide; slip

sesope: slippery; slippery (due to weather)

Sesoz: Jesus

set: shore; beach

setalat: put aside; set aside

setam: in rear or stern (of boat)

setases: moves aside

setaso: squid

setatoh: put aside

setaz: moves aside

setetahan: someone cherished or valued; someone precious; something cherished or valued; something precious

sevađat: tired of listening to someone; tired of listening to repetition; tired of hearing someone

sevlokovi: rhubarb

sevmis: tired of walking

sevnohivat: straighten it out by hand; straighten it out by hand with a tool; straighten out by combing

sevre: sour; sour

sevtahalat: tow

sevtahatahan: barge; raft

sevtahatoh: tow

sevteas: have stomachache

sezeđađes: third one

sezeko: mud

sezekovapo: muddy water

sezekove: muddy

sezepases: restless; fidgety; squirm

sezepe: noisy; noisy

sezepemat: continuously bother or disturb by talking; nag

sezepenah: noisy

sezepenohses: noisy; snore loudly

sezepetah: continuous noise

sezepetermat: worry about

sezepetet: worry about; preoccupied with; on one's mind

sezepetohses: talk noisily; babble on; loud sound(s) made with the voice

sezepevoves: blab on; chatter on

sezepiateje: involved in relationship; having an affair; fooling around with each other

sezepivat: molest; bother with hands

sezepomat: often mentions someone who is away; often mentions someone who is absent

sezepot: mention often; talk about alot; talk about frequently; bother it; tampering with; meddle in

sezepotekes: molest; unfaithful in marriage; unfaithful with a married person; cheat (in love); act the playboy/girl; cheater(in love); playboy/girl

sezlavalat: fry

sezlavatahan: fry bread; pancake (fried cake)

sezlavatekenkevi: frying pan

sezlavatoh: fry

sezmohon: sugar; maple sugar

sezmohonapo: maple sap; sugar water (for babies); maple syrup

sezmohonemah: tastes sweet; tastes like sugar; smells like sugar; sweet

sezmohones: sugar ant; honey ant

sezmohonoh: sugar bowl

siđalat: tired of hearing him/her; tired of hearing repetition

siđoves: killed (by accident); killed by getting hit with something; killed by something falling; died; killed

sien: dry goods; clothing material; cloth fabric

sienjis: piece of material

sikalat: slowly

sikatoh: do it slowly

sike: slow-moving; slowpoke

Sikevekuz: March

sikises: speaks slowly

sikovat: make uncomfortable; irritate; bother; uneasy

sikove: irritate; irritates my skin; feels irritating

Sikovekuz: March

sikver: about or toward spring

sikvo: springtime

silate: shark

simalat: make point (in knitting)

simatoh: make point (in knitting)

simikes: join together (make point)

sin: stocking; sock; bail water (from boat)

sinđat: baptize; use first time

sinekes: bails water (from boat)

sinti: baptize; use first time

sioheah: cave in; collapse

siohis: falls apart; cave in; collapse

sis: three (in counting)

sisin: awl

sisote: ankle length sock

sitahalat: stretch

sitahan: stretching; holding a steady tension

sitahanat: stretch; holding a steady tension

sitahases: stretches

sitahatoh: stretch

sitahaz: stretches

sitahesen: lying stretched out

sitaholat: stretch out

sitat: strike dead

sitelovat: shoot dead

sitesen: killed (in accident); killed by falling

siton: blabbermouth

sizeđas: third one; trey (in cards)

Sizeđi: Wednesday; third one

sizetah: pair or more of treys (in cards)

sođevem: fasting; time of fasting; fast day

sođeves: fast

soheah: go to higher ground or level; go up (in altitude); go up to the woods

sohis: go to higher ground or level; go up (in altitude); go up to the woods

sohomus: minnow; gudgeon; sardine

sohomvevse: grasshopper; job hopper

sohotemes: vomit

sohotemon: vomit

sohpat: chew

sohpes: close by; sit close to

sohtames: chew

sohte: close by; close to

sohtekes: chew (as cud); masticate

sohto: chew

sohvalat: take to higher ground or level; take him/her/it up to the woods; take up (in altitude)

sohvas: eclipse

sohvatoh: take to higher ground or level; taking it up to the woods; take up (in altitude)

sokolekah: rotten

sokolekas: rotten

sokormah: taste or smell rotten; taste or smell sour

sokormas: taste or smell rotten; taste or smell sour

solivi: money; silver

solivies: daddy longlegs (spider)

solomvo: goose; wild goose

sornarjis: bulletin; newspaper; periodical; journal

sozopanin: detergent; hand soap

T Edit

ta: first; west

tah: up; above; overhead

tahale: grouchy

tahamat: hit; jab; punch

tahamohezmases: lie down crossways or across

tahamohizmalat: push across

tahamohizmatoh: push across

tahamohpes: positioned crosswise or athwart

tahamohte: lie crosswise or athwart

tahater: currant

tahavajalat: sadden

tahavaje: sad; feel depressed

tahavan: grilse; young salmon; young salmon after its first return from the sea

tahta: hit; jab; punch

tahtaloh: salamander

tajeke: healthy

takalalat: anger; irritate; annoy

takalijis: domestic gosling; young domestic goose

takalis: domestic goose; domestic duck; feel anger

talamu: what color?; what kind?

talavte: what is the cost?

talavtes: what is the cost?

taloveke: what is it used for?; what is its purpose?

talovekes: what is it used for?; what is its purpose?

tame: where?

tan: when; where; ocean

tan kohvi: something; what it is; that which; whatever

tan lenhase: as soon as

tan likeje: as long as

tan pa teken: any one; either one

tan tez: every time; each time

tan tođo: when; whenever; at that time

tan ven: whomever; somebody

tantekeveno: hunter

tape: bow

tapeajeskape: fiddle string; violin string

tapeajis: fiddle; violin

tapeajiskes: fiddler; violinist

tapeajistekes: fiddle; play the fiddle

tapekeahan: song

tapo: two; two (in counting)

tapokonah: two days

taposeje: two of them

tapovair: two dollars

tapovajenkevi: tool or object requiring use of both hands

tapoveponas: two years old

tapoveponhe: two years

tapovezekah: twenty (in counting)

tapovezekahar: twenty things; twenty (inanimates)

tapovezekahevas: twentieth one

tapovezekeseje: twenty persons; twenty (animates)

tapovipah: two nights

tapovohseje: two of something (cylindrical in shape)

tapovovas: second one; deuce(playing cards)

Tapovovi: Tuesday; second one

tapunaje: have two; hold two

tapur: two of them; two things

tar kez: how come?; why?

tarma: of course!; absolutely!

taseponas: how old?

tases: how much?; how many?

tasipah: how many nights?

tasokones: on what date; what is the date?

tasonat: has how much (many) of?; has what quantity?

tata: daddy! (baby talk)

tatan: potato

tatanes: potato bug

tatas: father!; dad

tatoje: how old?

taz: how much?; some

taz ajis: what time is it?

tazjijes: portion; bit

tazjis: little portion; little bit

te: ceiling; top

team: moose

teamovape: moose thong; moose leather strap; moose leather lash

teamoven: moosehide

teamovi: moose meat

teamovises: moose·call

teamume: moose fat or tallow

teamus: calf moose

teamuves: hunt moose

teđat: owe

teđes: owe; in debt

teđizekonas: rumble (inside stomach)

teđoker: same size as; as big as him/her/it; approximate size

teđoki: same size as; as big as this/that; approximate size

tehat: married

tekalat: cool off

tekatoh: cool off

teke: cold; cold (of weather); night

tekekatas: have cold feet

tekekezek: chilly day

tekeles: small amount or number; not very much

tekenin: last summer

tekepo: last winter

tekepon: last year

tekes: cold

tekesalat: separate from; set aside

tekesapono: day after tomorrow

tekese: loner; loner

tekesetoh: make separately; build individually

tekevelave: night before last

tekezepes: sits apart (from others)

tekezete: set apart (from others); seperate

tekezetoh: cool

tekezmes: swim

tekitnas: have cold hands

tekivenos: drunkard

tekivote: drunkenness

tekonseđi: calendar

tekonses: moon; month

tekove: be a hinderance; in way

tekoves: be a hinderance; in way

telađat: thinks hears someone; thinks hears someone say; hear sound like (him/her/it)

telah: have such circumference

telakepolat: saw

telakitoh: saw in a certain manner

telakomat: related to someone as such; thus related to someone; related to someone in this way

telakoteje: related as such to each other; thus related to each other; related to each other in this way

telalat: do in such a way; he/she does it (something) to him/her

telarkivases: see mirage; see imaginary thing

telarses: at fault (to self); cause own misfortune

telases: behave or act in such manner

telatoh: do in such a way

telavte: worth so much; cost

telavtes: worth so much; cost

telazake: big and round or oval shaped

telazate: pointed in such a way

telazses: so big and round or oval shaped

tele: be in such a way; be that way; pregnant; shaped like; dressed as such

teleah: true; happens

teleat: make as such; make so; make that way

telekes: shaped like; dressed as such

telemah: have such smell; tastes as such

telemas: have such smell; tastes as such

telemat: tell; he/she tells him/her

teletoh: make as such; make in such a way

telezetahađases: hears things that are not there; thinks one hears something

teliah: seems as such

telikihat: stay such length of time

telisok: weigh such an amount; so heavy

telisokor: weigh such amount

telivat: treat so; treat as such

teloheah: chilly evening

telohoz: cook in such a way; cook thus

telohsases: cooked in such a way; cooked thus

telohsat: cook in such a way; cook thus

telohsaz: cooked in such a way; cooked thus

telohses: have such circumference; size of circumference

telomat: promise

telot: treat so; treat as such; perceive that; seems that; find that

teloveke: for specific use; use as; use for

telovekes: for specific use; used for

teloves: says

telovese: named

teloveses: named

telovit: call by such name

telovitat: call by such name

telze: cut in such a way; cut this way

telzemas: hear tell; hearsay; hear news of something

telzet: hear thus; hear something like; hear sound that sounds like

temahjotoh: tuck in flaps (in basket making)

temakepolat: saw down; cut by sawing

temakitoh: saw down; cut by sawing

temalat: break in two

temalovalat: break off at tail or rear end

temalovatoh: break off at tail or rear end

temaloveetezmat: break off at tail end (by slamming)

temalovekes: snap off at tail

temases: breaks off

tematoh: break slowly in two by hand; break off a piece; break in two

temavinas: hunchback; have a broken back

temazsat: cut into segments or chunks

temazza: cut into segments or chunks

teme: deep

temekatas: have foot or leg cut off

temekes: snap in two; snap off

temenalat: tear or rip

temenatoh: tear or rip

temene: ripped; torn; ripped

temepeas: fifty cents; half a dollar

temezekepekes: snap off at neck

temitnas: have hand or arm cut off

tempat: bite off

temve: headless; headless

temvepat: bite head off; bite top off

temvetat: chop off the head; chop off the top

temvete: chop off the head; chop off the top

temvez: cut the head off; cut the top off

ten: reach; able to reach

tenat: reach; able to reach

tene: catch up with; catch up to

teneah: sweat

tensahaz: partition; wall; partitioned

tensat: cut; slice; sever (by knife)

tentat: chop in two; chop off; cut off

tente: chop in two; chop off

tentesen: breaks in two

tentez: breaks in two

tentezekovat: break by kicking or stomping

tentezetoh: break in two; fracture

tentezmat: break in two; fracture

tenze: cut; slice; sever (by knife)

tepah: weigh; cold (of liquid)

tepahamalat: stands straight

tepahamatoh: stand straight

tepahame: stand straight up

tepahames: stand straight up

tepahan: vehicle; sleigh; toboggan; sled

tepahapokovalat: stands straight

tepahapokove: stands straight

tepahapokoves: standing straight

tepahat: weigh

tepahaz: cut straight; slice straight

tepahe: straight in shape; straight

tepahekes: straight in shape; straight

tepahin: scale

tepahopes: sit straight

tepahpes: set straight

tepahsat: cut straight

tepahte: straight

tepalat: put on board; put on top

tepases: get on; get aboard

tepatoh: put aboard; put it on something

tepavo: near; handy

tepavte: worth price

tepavtes: worth price

tepeah: enough; sufficient; adequate

tepeđatas: add pepper to one's food

tepeđi: pepper

tepelat: hoist aboard; haul or rope on board

tepenez: bedbug

teper: hoist aboard; haul or rope aboard

tepes: aboard; on or in vehicle

tepiketoh: distribute

tepinah: strong enough

tepinas: strong enough

tepis: enough; sufficient; adequate

teporsa: goat

tepotases: load up; pile on; put in

terhamises: act thus; act in such manner

terjis: young goat; kid

terluve: works in such a way

terluves: do such work; works in such a way

termnahanah: so weak

termnahanas: so weak

terpetah: is such length

terpetohses: is such height; is such length

tersa: goat

tersat: cut; cut in such a way

terta: eat in such a way; gnaw on

tertah: sound like; sound so

tertases: think so

tertat: hit in such a way; cut or chop

terte: cut or chop; hits

tertermat: think about as such

tertet: think about as such

tertohses: sound like; sound so

tes: here

tesekezek: every day; daily

tesepo: every winter

teseponas: so many years old

tesepovah: go by a horse

tesepovjis: young horse; foal; portable work bench (in carpentry); sawhorse

tesepovkomahan: horse whip

tesepovman: oats

tesepovo: horse

tesihvah: every fall; every autumn

tesipah: every night

teson: have so much or so many

tesonat: have so many or so much

tesonemi: so many kinds

tesonemises: so many kinds

tetahases: rush; hurry

tetahe: hurry; rush

tetahetermat: anxious for; eager for

tetahetet: anxious for; eager for; in a hurry for

tetapo: so happens

tetapovalat: treat correctly or appropriately; treat right; do right by; satisfy

tetapovatekes: do what is right; do right way

tetapovatoh: do right way; do correctly

tetapoviđatoh: take right or proper way

tetapovisat: sew right way or correctly

tetapoviz: sew the right way or correctly

tetapuhamises: act accordingly; behave properly

tetapusat: slice or cut right way or correctly

tetapuz: slice or cut right way or correctly

tete: aboard; on or in vehicle; on something (table)

tetepohjalat: put arm around waist of

tetezek: kick

tetezekeves: kick; complain; object

tetezekovat: kick

tetijalat: roll; roll over

tetijatoh: roll; roll over

tetijis: roll; tumble

tetiz: bluejay

tetojentake: so bashful; so shy

tevje: have hole; have hole

tevmalives: marry out; marry someone from outside of the community

tevpokovases: step out or outside; step outside for fresh air

tevpokoves: stand outside door; step outside for fresh air

tez: every time; every; so much; westwind

Tezne: South

teznokovas: southerner; male southerner

teznokoviđo: female southerner

titile: great horned owl

titloh: teakettle

tođah: go up (stairs); mount (stairs)

tođapekes: crawl up

tođas: go up (stairs); mount (stairs); swim up stream

tođo: at that time

tođođovi: run up; run upstairs

tođokemat: send up

tođoket: send up

tođopelat: hoist

tođopelave: hoist

tođopelaves: hoist

tođoper: hoist

tođotezekovat: chase up; chase upstairs

tohanhajas: paired up (in stud poker)

tohmemajeje: co·habit; live together

toho: so

toho na: is that so?; in fact

tohođo: and then

toholuveje: work together; work in tandem; work in pairs

tohonases: live common·law

tohopahjijes: short and string shaped; short (in length)

tohopahjis: short and string shaped; short (in length)

tohosenke: sleep together; lay together

tohozjijes: short and round

tohozoke: short and round (globular)

tohozokekatas: short·legged

tohozses: short and round (globular)

tohvahjijes: short; short of something

tohveke: together; stay together

tokone: hollow; hollow; empty headed

toner: legendary strong man with supernatural powers

tope: frosted (as tree branch)

torkovi: cannon

U Edit

umluđo: smoke

urmuđopah: neap tide; dog tide

urmujis: puppy; pup; young dog

urmujismes: have pups

urmus: dog

uzhamoves: born; come into world

uzkur: school

uzkutaham: educated athlete; amateur

V Edit

van: gravel; soil; ashes from cremation

vanoh: ash bin

vatines: heron; crane

velovases: search

velovat: looks for; search for

vemo: loon

ver: search

verte: nice and warm

vet: canoe

vetađevet: frown; scowl

vezekejeđes: bring to life; born

vijis: son; sonny

vinah: go by canoe

vises: jump (reference to fish)

viz: son; boy; little brother

Z Edit

zankatinatahan: raft (of logs)

zonhohon: foolishness; silly; pointless

zonhovii: foolish thing; useless object; worthless object

zonto: right away; immediately

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