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The Kitonese language is the official language of the Kitonese State (Kuru Kithana), an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It has over 12 million speakers in Kiton and is a minority language in Southeast Asia. The Kitonese language is an isolating language and is a Prakrit, a descendant of Sanskrit, native to Kiton and contains loanwords from Kitonese native languages.


Nouns Edit

Kitonese nouns undergo declension.

kota m. city
singular plural
subject koteh kotah
direct object kotan kotan
indirect object kotei kotoi
ablative (from) kotad kotoi
in, with kotain kotui

Verbs Edit

Present Edit

The verb root gam has present vowel stem gaka-, and yug has present consonant stem yunak/yunk- This is an irregularity inherited from the Sanskrit verb, gaccha-.

gaka-, go
present singular plural
first p. gaka-mi gaka-meh
second p. gaka-si gaka-tha
third p. gaka-ti gaka-nti
yunak/yunk-, control
present singular plural
first p. yunag-mi yung-meh
second p. yunag-i yunk-a-tha
third p. yunak-ti yunk-(a)-nti

Future Edit

A -hi- or -ihi- is added to the root.

gaka-, go
future singular plural
first p. gamihi-mi gamihi-meh
second p. gamihi-si gamihi-tha
third p. gamihi-ti gamihi-nti

Past Edit

-a- is added and the verb has different endings.

gaka-. go
past singular plural
first p. agaka-n agaka-ma
second p. agaka-h agaka-ta
third p. agaka-d agaka-n

gam(i), gaka-

car(i), cara-

yuk-, yunak-

Orthography Edit


Grammar Edit

Kitonese contains certain gerundives and participles.

Past active participle Edit


Vocabulary Edit


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