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Akāsha fem. sent. I
the primary deity of the Ktarh pantheon, "mother-goddess"
Akashēs mech. sent. III
alternative of Akāsha, different aspect: mechanoid divinity, primary deity of the Ktarh pantheon, "creator-god"
etōk fem. ina. III
sin, moral offense



Kti fem. ina. II
generic noun usable as substitute for any Ktarh-related inanimate concept/noun, also a general term for all things Ktarh
Ktisak masc. sent. III
a male Ktarh individual
Ktisōk fem. sent. III
a female Ktarh individual
Ktisūd fem. sent. III
a generic Ktarh individual


ūton v. ipf.
be praised, be celebrated
ā·n masc. ani. III
(poet.) [honourable] person


dītton v. perf.
scream, make a sharp sound
ēton v. impf.
make noises, be noisy, resound; resonate


mākra fem. ina. I
word, phonetic unit


kimi fem. ina. II
house, home
kikīri masc. ina. II
large house, mansion
es'ō masc. ina. I
roof, rooftop


ārasa fem. ani. I
mother, stepmother
ārārasa fem. ani. I
grandmother, step-grandmother
ūme masc. ani. II
father, stepfather
ūmūme·k (ūrūmek) masc. ani. cl III
grandfather, step-grandfather
niri masc. ani. cl II
nikā' fem. ani. I


ī (ī'm-) fem. ina. III
sky, atmosphere
ūrāzh masc. ina. III
wind, breeze
kēkæ fem. ina. I
gust/burst of wind
ōshet masc. ina. III
strong wind
sor masc. ina. cl III


ætusa fem. ina. I
rock, stone; material
okise masc. ina. II
pebble, small rock
nitza fem. ina. I
soil, earth
nitza·k fem. ina. III
variant of <nitza>
nītr·az fem. ina. III
dry soil, cracked/fallow earth


ōka fem. ina. I
court (building/institution)
oktæ fem. ina. I clip.
authority, command, control
oktæton v. ipf.
rule, control, command
oktæaston/oktǣston adj.
commanding, ruling


utǣt masc. ina. III
voice, vocal apparatus, vocal ability, sound produced by voice
izhīraton ipf
to eat, to consume
ūr·ak masc. dead III
kīriton ipf
to drink
okīri masc/fem/mech. ani II
drinker, consumer, that which drinks
nam·az masc/fem. dead III
nād·az masc. dead III


āshūs (āshus) fem. ani/ina/dead clip. III
kir·u masc. ina. III
utrakæ fem. ina. I
pelvis bone
aza fem. ina. I
aka·m (iki·m) masc. ina. III
arm, hand
āsēr fem. ina. III


zarī masc. ina/ani. II
time, passage of time
zarī·k masc. ina. III
small increment of time, little amount of time


nāk conj.
but, yet


-(s)ak masc. sent. III
suffix that derives nouns that denote someone (male) who is a member of an ethnic, political, educational etc. group
-(s)ōk fem. sent. III
feminine equivalent of above
-(s)ūd fem. sent. III
gender-neutral equivalent of above
o- underspecified
prefix that derives agent nouns from verb roots
-ton v. perf/ipf
infinitive suffix, can derive verbs from nouns
-as·ton adj.
suffix that derives adjectives from material nouns
-is·ton adj.
variant of above


idī adv.
marks the comparative
ē' adv.
alternative to above
sis adv.
marks the superlative
ūkdu adv.
marks the equative
de adv.
marks the subpar
dǣde adv.
marks the excessive

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